Baby shower centerpieces

The centerpieces are a decorative element that can be placed in any type of celebration, even those that are childlish or that are related to babies or a celebration before the baby arrives. We want to show you some suggestions that will allow you to have beautiful and original table centerpieces for a baby shower and that are even suitable for later use. If you continue reading you will understand what we mean by all this and you will surely note down incredible ideas for the celebration of your baby shower.

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Centerpieces for a baby shower:


A baby shower is a reunion or celebration that usually takes place before the baby comes and in which family and friends usually buy gifts for the newborn and give them to the parents. Actually, this reunion is usually meant to be for mothers, since most of these parties are celebrated only among women. These parties have to have everything decorated with things related to the baby. Moreover if we talk about the centerpieces that not only have flowers but also other elements, which can be some of the most original ones.


It is well-known that baby shower centerpieces have become a very necessary element. Therefore, there are many companies that have specialized in its elaboration since there are numerous suggestions that are very original and out of the box, in comparison to the “typical” centerpiece with flowers or candles that it’s always our last resort.

If you have a little bit of patience and you come up with a centerpiece by yourself or you can make baby shower centerpieces that are as beautiful as the ones you can see in these pictures that we show you. It is a matter of thinking about things or elements related to the newborn baby and, from here, it consists on elaborating a centerpiece, or several centerpieces, that have that element.


We believe that everything that could be considered as a child or baby related element or color, will be the most appropriate when developing a centerpiece for a baby shower.

As we have already stated before, the possibilities for this type of celebration decorations can be endless, and as shown by this table centerpiece you have above, which has been crafted from cupcakes. First we have to elaborate the cupcakes, which we will later on have decorated with a bib and then we will stick the cupcakes one by one to a balloon of porexpan that is held on a flowerpot which has also been decorated? Ain’t it perfect?


Here you have another original idea for a nice baby shower centerpiece. Although it might seem laborious, it isn’t that hard. The only thing you need are three boxes of different sizes that you can paint in a color that has to do with the gender of the baby (pink for girls and blue for boys). They have to be glued so that a tower can be made with them (or you can leave them loose and fill them with candy or some other surprise for the future mother). You can place the last box and leave it open. Put some foam or aluminum foil inside and also the doll of a baby. See? It’s not that complicated!


With a few candies and stork dolls we can also make a baby shower centerpiece that is decorative and beautiful. You can take a large vase and fill it up with candy or ball gum (try to combine different colors). Then you put a bow with the baby’s name or the baby’s gender and to finish your “work of art” you place the storks. If you see that you do not find storks try to place some flowers, you will see how beautiful the whole thing looks.


And if you want a very original idea but also something that is very easy to make, there is nothing like buying a yellow plastic duck, white foam or porexpan balls and put everything in an oval shaped vase. Try to put balls of different sizes and make the doll stand on top as if it were floating on them. You’ll see how everyone applauds such a fun idea.


From the ideas we have given you, we can make a nice baby shower centerpiece and you can see that they are made from elements that in fact will not be too hard to find.

For example you can also use towels to get a baby shower centerpiece like the one we see in the image above. Place the towels rolled up so that you can create three floors as if it were a cake. Use a tie to keep them together and you already have a spectacular and very original centerpiece.

A baby shower centerpiece with diapers


And as we said at the beginning of this entry, baby shower centerpieces can be made from elements that we will need after we have our newborn at home.

Centerpieces in which diapers and different baby elements are the main ornaments are becoming more popular.

You can make a centerpiece like the one in the picture above in which the diapers wrap around the center in which bottles, flowers, a rattle and a little more but that is ideal and at the same time is most practical.

If you want to see how to make a centerpiece with diapers you can see the video that we leave below in which the steps you have to follow are very well explained.

Video on how to make a baby shower centerpiece with diapers

Photo gallery of baby shower centerpieces:

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