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While celebrating a christening, we can choose a centerpiece that has a decorative function. So, if you have to celebrate a christening and you want your guests to be surprised with their table decoration keep reading this article. Here we are about to show you the best decorations and many original ideas regarding christening centerpieces.

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    1. Traditional centerpieces for a christening

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    Traditional centerpieces for a christening


    If you want your centerpiece to be the most traditional one, there is nothing better than choosing some white candles that are always related to the purity of the act of the baptism. You can place candles of different sizes and without any detail, or you can choose to decorate them a little bit as we see in the photo we show you above. You can add the candles tiny balls that are placed in the shape of a cross and that will also surround the candles. Everything that has to do with religion and aspects of the celebration usually are quite popular and is perhaps the best choice while decising on a particular centerpiece.

    Table-to-christening centers-centro-con-vela-cruz

    We always suggest you to do things yourself. However, for instance, you can choose to buy candles like the one you see above, which has a cross that is really nice. We place them as a centerpiece with its relevant candle and it doesn’t just function as a decorative element. We can also offer the candle as a gift for our guests.


    Another choice you have for a christening centerpiece is the following: a centerpiece that is made from motifs that have to do with the baby. We can also choose some traditional ideas, such as the centerpiece we see above, in which flowers are the main decorative element, but where it also appears a small picture of the baby.


    A christening is a religious ceremony, so its liturgy may also be present among the proposals that we now select for more traditional centerpieces. The symbol of a cross, wrapped in flowers, may be the perfect choice for a christening that wants to be a traditional ceremony.

    Table-to-christening centers-con-globo-con-cruz

    Within the religious theme for your christening table centers we can include ideas that are a little bit more original or, in fact, not so traditional. A white or blue balloon, tied to a cross that also has a more current design, can be a great idea as a centerpiece.

    Original centerpieces for a christening


    Aside from traditional table centerpieces for christenings, which we will almost always end up buying in specialized companies, we can now talk about those original centerpieces that we can do ourselves. We just need our wit. If you do not have a big budget but want to have a nice centerpiece for your baby’s christening you can always choose to buy flowerpots that are all the same (or you can paint them so they have the same color) and we can put a small stick wrapped in tape or shiny paper. Then, with more paper you can create a ball that we can glue on top of the stick and that we wrap with rolled tape.

    Center table-christening.chocolates

    If you prefer to buy the centerpiece for a baptism, but also want it to be original, it will be easy to find for sure in companies that dedicate their activity to the making centerpieces like the one we see in this photo.

    For instance, a centerpiece in which they have chosen chocolates and candies with cross shapes that include the date and name of the baptized baby. A good idea is to order one (small size) for each guest and leave them in the middle of the table so they can take them home as a souvenir when the celebration ends.

    Table-to-christening centers-con-mariposas-y-flores

    Another good idea for your christening centerpiece is to choose a colored theme, as you see in the photo above with the color pink, and then place several vases (of different sizes) and many elements that can represent innocence. For example, you can place candies in the shape of a flower, or to make figures with a little bit of EVA rubber or foami, such as butterflies. These figures can be glued to wooden sticks (such as those used for meat skewers).


    We very much like flowers, in particular, as a key decorative element for a centerpiece. In fact, this allow us to bet on them every single time as it is difficult for flowers to be unsuitable for a centerpiece. For a celebration such as a christening you can choose a few fresh flowers (like roses and daisies) and place them in a simple vase. You will not need the centerpiece to be too flashy or too big. That way you will get a simple and very appropriate decoration.


    Regardless of religious reasons and if we do our own centerpiece or not, a beautiful and original centerpiece for the christening could be a centerpiece that has the classic colors that are always linked to children and girls: pink and blue, and that has details that are relevant for this celebration. For example, you can choose a centerpiece with elements that imitate branches and also have birds perched on each and every single of them as we see in the image above.

    Picture gallery of christening centerpieces

    Along with the ideas that we have shared with you for christening centerpieces, we now leave these beautiful photos that we hope can inspire you.

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