Flower centerpieces

We would like to keep sharing with you the best decoration related ideas regarding centerpieces. We can fin a centerpiece for every occasion and very different styles. However, the centerpieces with flowers seem to be the most popular choice among everyone. In fact, they can be easily made. Centerpieces with flowers tend to be perfect for every celebration. We can find flower centerpieces at a wedding, a birthday party, a communion, a romantic date or even a baby shower. Here at espaciohogar.com we want to show you some of the best ideas for flower centerpieces, and, above all, we can also show you how to make one.Flower centerpieces

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Flower centerpieces

Center-high table

  • Floral centerpieces are perhaps the best choice when regarding big celebrations with a lot of guests. It can either be for a wedding, a communion, a banquet or a reception. Among the different ideas that we can find for current floral centerpieces, those that are considerably high truly stand out.
  • This type of centerpiece seems essential on those great celebrations we’ve already mentioned and, in fact, only need a tall eye-catching vase so that a bouquet of roses can become a truly spectacular thing.


  • Another type of floral centerpieces are those where we can add flowers but also other very typical elements when it comes to centerpieces, such as candles.
  • Flowers and candles always look great as a centerpiece. For years, people have chosen a centerpiece, like the one you see in the image above, for their houses.
  • Just with several modern vases, some stones at the bottom, an eye-catching flower, and a floating candle you can create a wonderful centerpiece for a truly special date. All in two minutes time.

Table-flowers-lemons centers

  • Also for the flower centerpieces we can find very original ideas, which actually implies us choosing any other element to fill our vase, aside from flowers.
  • While we have already mentioned candles, it is also very fashionable to use fruits or nuts that we can combine with flowers.
  • For spring, for example, a nice centerpiece can be created by placing some lemons that we’ve previously cut in half in a vase and then some flowers. These flowers have to be of any kind although it is always better to choose the flowers depending on their color. The idea is that the color of the flowers should match with already chosen fruit. In the picture we can see above the combination between white flowers and yellow lemons is simpy spectacular.

Center-table-flowers-varied Center-table-flowers-oranges

  • We can also make a flower centerpiece where the flowers are secondary element but also are what enhances the sense of fashion of the whole centerpiece.
  • In this photo we can see, for example, a nice centerpiece where the main decorative element that has been selected is various oranges. However, if there weren’t the few flowers, like you can see in the picture, placed next to the green base, the centerpiece would not be so strikingly beautiful.

How to make a centerpiece with flowers


  • On the other hand, putting aside the ideas that we have given you for floral centerpieces, we have to say that these types of centerpieces tend to be quite easy to make.
  • If you want to have a nice, simple an original centerpiece that also has flowers, you can find inspiration through the one we show you in the photo above. You can actually make this in just a few minutes.
  • In order to do so, you will only need two glass jars that you have and no longer use. Clean them well so that there are no remaining labels or food.
  • Fill them halfway with water and then place different flowers or, same as in this case, centerpieces in which the flowers are white and this color is the main element. It is always better to place a lot of them so it looks leafy).
  • Last but not least, you can add a ribbon you like which will allow you to put together the two vases. That way, you will have created a wonderful centerpiece that can also be the perfect decoration style for summer. You can either put it at your table in the terrace or in the garden.

Flower centerpieces photo gallery

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