Original ideas for children’s centerpieces

We’ve already mentioned the centerpieces for children’s parties, but still we want to keep sharing ideas and show some of our suggestions that won’t just be original but also easy to make, so we can do them by ourselves (with our kids) at home. Do you want to take a look at fun and original centerpieces for kids? Keep reading if you want to learn how to do it.

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Original ideas for children centerpieces

Center-children's table-sponge bob

  • The dolls and TV characters can be a good combination when it comes to making a centerpiece for children. You can buy these centerpieces from a specialized company or try to make them by yourself. We can find centerpieces as original as these ones where Sponge Bob is the protagonist.
  • You just need some vases, yellow paper cut in strips, and then a cardboard flowers in a round shape and with different photos of the characters of this cartoon TV series. Do you think it’s complicated to make one of these? We can assure you it is not and you can be certain these will be perfect for your next kid’s party or celebration.


  • The small wind mills are another decorative element that might work if we are thinking of making centerpieces for kids.
  • We just need to find three or four wind mills and put them in a vessel that can either be a vase or a can. After that everything will stay put if we fill the vessel with pebbles, candy, sweets or any other tiny decoration element.


  • Also among the children centerpieces we can choose options that do not have anything to do with the decoration that’s made out of candy, lollipops or wind mill. You just have to find a fish tank or a vessel that’s similar to one. You fill it with water and with paint and you paint in the exterior a fish or another sea character.
  • You will end up with a children’s centerpiece like the one we see in the picture above, inspired by one of the characters of the Dr Seuss stories.

Making a children’s centerpiece


  • After having seen some original suggestions regarding children’s centerpieces, we would like to propose you do a centerpiece like the one in this picture. It might seem complicated but you can always make one of these with the help of your children and, thus, make their birthday special with a centerpiece for the little ones of the house.
  • In order to do this children’s centerpiece you will need a can (it can be any can but if the more tall the can is the better, because you have to take into account the size of the pencils), a little bit of florist foam or polystyrene foam, two boxes of pencils, scissors, glue, colored papers and why not, the lollipop or candy that we will be placing inside.
  • Take the can, remove the label so that it is completely smooth and put strips of glue from top to bottom. We also put glue in each pencil so that they can wrap all the can.
  • Then, once it has dried, we take a piece of florist foam and place it inside the can. That way we will be able to nail in it the sticks of the lollipops or the bought sweets. Cut strips of colored paper and also place it inside until it protrudes.
  • Last but not least, take a card and make a round medal like the one we see above with the Apple and stick it in the middle of the pencils.

Video on how to make a children’s centerpiece

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