Children’s bedroom paint shade

When we talk about Children’s bedrooms, we could definitely be thinking of the furniture. Maybe we want a bedroom with a decoration theme, and even have elements that make it look like a “fairy tale” bedroom. However, there is something we can’t cast aside: the colors of the bedroom. Colors are important because they can make the child feel at ease in their room and, above all, we can have a cozy bedroom and, at the same time, a spacious room. Up next we will be talking about different possibilities regarding children’s bedroom paint shade, what colors are the most popular this season, what color we should choose for the furniture, etc.


Children’s bedroom paint shade. How to choose it?


When the time comes to decorate a children’s room, the fear of making mistakes can wear us down and ideas that were very clear in our heads before, now seem to fade away. We will help you choose the right colors, they will be perfect for the room and we will also lend you a hand regarding what type of furniture to choose, etc.

If you want us to give you some tips, we would like to start off by sayinf that the first thing you should bear in mind is that it has to be a practical room, not for us, but for your kid. The room has to be according to the age of your child, because they will be the ones who use it every day. So the first premise should be a room that suits your child needs perfectly.

On the other hand, it is time to teach our children some co-habitation rules such as picking up their toys when they finish playing or keeping their pajamas in a certain place. These rules are very important for the correct development of our child. The problem comes when the little ones have no way of reaching those drawers.

Therefore, it is important that both the drawers and the bed should be within the kid’s reach, so these activities are easy and comfortable.

Before giving you some ideas, or before even seeing what trends are currently popular, we want to point out that, when choosing colors for our children’s bedroom, you have learn to choose the perfect color for a room. Why? Because it will ultimately be the gaming space and the place where kids can study.

It is not too complicated to choose the right colors when we have to paint or decorate a children’s room, if we take into account these factors that we summarize up next.

Natural light in a children’s bedroom

Little natural light is a real problem when decorating any room, but even more so when it comes to a children’s room. Thus, it will be very important to know how to choose the right colors, not only for our walls but also for furniture or fabrics.

Light colors are those that traditionally make the spaces look wider. The reason is that light colors do not absorb light, but reflect it so any light that hits a clear wall, will almost double its luminosity.

White ceilings will give a greater sense of height. Thus, a children’s room painted white or in a light color will be a great success, if it does not have much natural light. As for the furniture, it would also be smart to choose light colors, pastel colors or even a wooden color. An intense color can blend in with decorative objects such as cushions or carpets.

Any children’s bedroom should have as much natural light as possible. This will not only save energy, but it will also make the bedroom a place that invites you to spend time inside. A place that children do not want to leave.

If we have a room with natural light, we can choose neutral colors, or the white color, we will see how everything looks much brighter and with it, that we can count on a bedroom that also seems more spacious.


A children’s room has to be a multifunctional, that is, a versatile place. Most of the time a kid uses the room to either sleep, play or study. When decorating a children’s room we will try to create different separated areas and with the appropriate furniture, according to the function they are going to develop.

On the other hand, pay attention and be careful regarding the square meters you have. If you have a small bedroom it is quite obvious you shouldn’t choose a strong color for the room or a faded color since the only thing you will be geting out of it is a smaller looking bedroom. If you have a large bedroom, you can risky it a little bit more but ultimately the choice of color should always take into account the space we have.


The furniture that will be part of a children’s bedroom must meet quality standards in terms of strength and durability. We all know that children never stop, jump on the beds, pull the drawers, etc. The furniture should therefore be easy to clean and withstand a greatest number of accidents without it being damaged.

The furniture of a children’s bedroom is usually a bed, a wardrobe, a table and little more. However, these pieces of furniture can be painted in very different ways (as we will see later). Moreover, the furniture can even have specific shapes such as a bed that immitates a car or a boat.

You must take into account all these things and, before choosing the color with which you are going to paint or decorate, you should consider whether or not it blends in with the furniture.

Trends and taste

Also do not forget trends and what you can achieve with them, which basically is that the bedroom is fashionable. In addition to that, you should also bear in mind the taste or opinion of your own children. Moreover when they are already grown up and even teenagers.

Your child may ask you for a dark or fafed color, or one that is too “extravagant”, but considering what we have previously explained, you should evaluate if it blends in with the bedroom. If that’s not the case, it is better to talk and find a middle ground that allows you to have a bedroom in a certain way and a child or teenager that feels at ease in their own space.

Now, let’s see what paint shades are currently trendy for children’s bedrooms, both for walls and curtains, as well as for furniture.

Children’s bedroom paint shades | Trends for walls and curtains

Using not only the walls but also the curtains to introduce textures and color is a great idea to decorate a children’s room. Perhaps the simplest way to change a décor is to change the fabrics, the sheets, bedspread and curtains. Just by changing these three elements we can really make a difference.


White is, as we’ve already stated in previous occasions, the best color that we can bet on when it comes to choosing a paint shade for a children’s bedroom. Moreover, the color white has also become a trend. It fills everything with light, makes it look more spacious and the best thing is that it then blends perfectly with furniture of the same shade, even with furniture of other colors.

White curtains will also be a good choice, although if you choose white walls and do not want a bedroom which might appear to be “too cold”, you can try to choose some curtains in a neutral shade such as beige, a light gray or brown.


On the other hand neutral shades are trendy this year, and they are also used for walls and when white is chosen for furniture or curtains, perhaps a wall in a loose brown color or a soft beige (or also called “ivory”) may be a great idea, as we see in the image above. Moreover, it is not necessary to paint all the walls in this color, with only one of them will be more than enough.


Another trend color is the ocher, and the colors in reddish so that you can try to see how they are in a children’s bedroom. In the image we show, you have proof that they are a great option, so do not hesitate to bet on this color, even for furniture.

The most used color for children’s bedrooms is the color gray. The reason why would be that it is a color that can be used to neutralize other colors. For instance, with gray walls, we can afford to introduce colorful and fun furniture.

For this season, and while we are on the subject of colors for children’s bedrooms, we would like to highlight a new element that is increasingly breaking into our homes: wallpaper. It is a new element that can now be scrubbed without a problem.

It is a new way of introducing color in the walls with fun and original designs, as we can see in the previous image.

One option that will undoubtedly delight your kids is that they can paint on the walls and that Mom does will not be angry because of it. Boosting the creativity of the child in its early stages is very important, but having a whole wall to be able to perform our math exercises or be able to design the most beautiful dresses in the world, is priceless.

The paintings slate is a solution that is becoming more and more popular over the last few years, in children’s bedrooms. It is easy to clean, as the old slates, or as they were then called, waxed.

Children’s bedroom paint shades| Furniture Trends

The Scandinavian trend is being increasingly introduced in our homes: furniture with simple lines with practically untreated woods where the color white is the main protagonist.

Perhaps we are struck by its minimalist style, it is very simple furniture, free of ornaments like recharged shooters or moldings that stand out and that can become dangerous in a child’s bedroom . The main colors are white and natural wood, usually in a ligh shade.

Scandinavian or Nordic-style furniture takes into account the space, which means any corner or free space of the room can to used for storage and there will always be a Scandinavian furniture that will fit anywhere.

Perhaps we can venture to go a step further, because in addition to the color red, which in the image above is combined with white and lilac, we have to add the design of the furniture, full of hearts and sinuous shapes. The ideal bedroom for a hopeless dreamer.


Speaking of furniture, we have to mention blue as a trendy color, but nothing to bet on for a “gaudy” or navy blue. It is better to choose furniture in a blue sky, which you can combine  in addition with a more light color for the walls.


Another color that is trendy for children’s bedroom furniture is the color green. This is a color that allows us to also choose other tones for the walls, such as white, or a somehow more striking green. They carry a lot, as we see above, furniture that in addition to the green have a wooden natural color, whose combination enhances the modern style of the whole.


If you choose “bright” colors you are in luck because some furniture firms are now betting on yellow ranges od colors for furniture, like this cabinet that we see above and that is certainly flashy and also looks very well in combination with the green color of the wall.

Without putting our faith in clichés regarding pink and the idea that this color is for girls, there is no doubt that in this room the girls are the ones who rule. A pink color that is very daring and combining two shades of pink that create a contrast, although not appreciated well, both the floor and the walls are white, except the area of the attic that simulate a beautiful starry sky.

Undoubtedly a children’s room, brimming with joy and dynamism, has to combine colors of different ranges such as green and purple. Although it might seem a little bit crazy, as we can see the result is incredible. This is a bedroom decorated by a small person with a lot of personality, who knows what they wants and has shaped it with color.

The relationship of the different colors is directly linked to the closet, where we can see flowers of different sizes, and use both colors to create the transition, while the other elements are used to reinforce the colors and the white color of the furniture actually makes everything blend in.

Photos of children’s bedroom paint shades

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