Bedroom decoration for children | 2020 Trends

We bring you the latest trends in bedroom decoration for children, so you can’t miss out on them!


Do you want to surprise your children with a new bedroom? In the market you can find modern, fun and very original designs that also comprise a unique play space for children, such as a car bed, a princess room or a tree-house bedroom.


Bedrooms decoration for children 2020

A bedroom for children a place to play, learn and dream. The kids become familiar with their surroundings, their room is like their little world. If your children like cars, or sports, princesses or animals, you should always take into account their opinion, because it is important.


In the photo you have a bedroom inspired by racing. Red Ferrari next to the black and white squares of the car races. The bed mimics a car, with bedding and curtains set. Desk and chair in red. You can put pictures of characters like Walt Disney Cars on the walls.


On the other hand if you do not have the budget to choose a furniture like the one we see here, but you really want a theme for the little one’s room, you can always choose similar colors for both furniture and walls  and why not, hang some picture or car vinyl. You can actually be inspired by the example on the photo above, where you can see how it would actually look buying furniture in red and painting the wall in white, with the odd streak in the black.

Bedroom decoration for children 2020 by themes


In photo number two we continue with the theme for children’s bedrooms. In this case, imitate a castle in which your lovely kids will feel like real princes and princesses of a fairy tale. To create the perfect atmosphere, the column is covered with lightweight concrete that imitates the stones of a castle, but without being hard at all, to prevent any accidents that might occur.

In the room where we see the armor is the child’s bedroom with a bunk bed with slide.

The next room we see is the girl’s bedroom with a bed with curtains and full of cushions. The beds have built-in lighting so the kids can read without problems.

The truth is that it is a challenge to get this kind of decoration like. Even more so when it comes to a shared room. It is a matter of choosing a theme that is common to both kids and that we can develop for each one of them.


In photo number 3, we can see a house-tree bedroom. Kids will love this bedroom. Bright green moss on the bedding with bunk beds in coffee and ivory. On the wall a nice decorative mural of a tree. The bedroom has two beds, storage space and also a secret place to meet with your friends.

In this example we see clearly what we have been recommended since the beginning: use colors to achieve the desired effect with respect to the theme, since they have used brown, green and white to represent nature and have also helped with vinyl.

In the photo 4. An Indian-style children’s bedroom. In this child-style decoration, the intense orange color predominates on the walls next to turquoise blue and traffic blue. The bed is made of forged iron in copper color and the blinds and bed linen in colored stripes of the range of oranges.

This bedroom is really striking although I think that the intensity of the color orange makes the space look smaller. Perhaps it would have been a better option to choose to pain one wall in orange and the rest in a lighter orange color or even to have chosen a slightly softer shade such as beige, or cream and then make an orange stripe.

Photo number 5. A princess story. Any girl would feel like she is living one inside this room painted in pink and ivory. Grid bed in French style furniture. Desk, chest of drawers, bedside table and chair all in wood finished in ivory. Romantic style lamp.

In a way, it is an”old”, outdated decoration for some children today, but for mothers (and parents) who like the “vintage” style for any bedroom, they should definitely choose something like this for the children’s room.

The color is key in this bedroom since even the bedspread and cushions are strawberry-colored, and the wall is painted in a pink coral color. Why is it that almost all girls love pink?

Bedroom decoration for children 2020: Colors


In photo 6, a youthful bedroom with lots of color. Quilt in patchwork, turquoise walls and wooden bed. A guitar and surf posters contrast with the intense color of the wall. This type of room is ideal for children in pre-adolescent phase as well as being very simple to get.


In photo 7,you can check out a girls’ bedroom in strawberry and green, fashionable colors. Berth in pale pink, carpet with retro drawings in fuchsia. The wall in a lime green. The mixture of opposite colors makes this bedroom suitable for a girl but also for a teenager.


In photo 8, you can see a child’s bedroom in pale blue and white. Wooden furniture in white with details in pictures, and a carpet also with pictures. A rocking chair, a trunk with white squares that highlight the blue color of the wall. Another style quite appropriate for teenage bedroom decorations.

Dominant color in the bedroom

Use a color that dominates the bedroom. My advice is to use different textures on the wall, on the materials and on the floor so that the children’s room is not so boring.


For example, in the photograph above we can see that they use the blue color mixing it with the wallpaper next to the plastic paint, dividing them by a wooden molding. In addition, in this bedroom, you can see that several upholstery cushions have been used to cover or dress the bed and on the floor a fluffy carpet has been placed, perfect for children’s games.

Comfortable children’s bedroom


For this type of bedroom you should study the distribution well. My advice if you want the kid to sleep better is to place the bed where the ceiling is lower. Thus, the central part of the room will be free so the children can study or play.


Place the bed under the window to gain space

Place the beds under the windows if you have these windows with sliding opening in the children’s bedroom. This will not be any obstacle to distribute the beds, even in shared dormitories. For example, take a look at the following photo.


In this way the room will gain a lot of space to create a playground or study area. You must make sure that the windows are watertight so that there is no leakage of water or air during the fall and winter.

Bedrooms with furniture appropriate to the age and height of children


For small bedrooms, we always recommend removing the nightstand. Placing a large chest of drawers in its place to help expand the storage area, whether it is for clothes or toys. As you can see in the following image.


In this bedroom, the closet that we see next to the bed is perfect because it has a small door and some not very tall drawers if we take into account the height and age of our child, not being too heavy. Another example:


Children’s bedrooms 2018: Beds

Extendable beds for bedroom decoration

The years go by and the children grow at a great speed. Why not choose extendable beds to decorate the children’s room? I leave an example of how this type of beds would look in a bedroom.


Beds and mattresses are adapted to the height and ages of children. Do you like it?

Modular bunk bed to decorate children’s bedroom


The beds can be placed in the shape of a train and in the lower space we can place any furniture such as a wardrobe, a desk, … In the photograph above we can see the litter on the wall, with a lighter wood shade in the beds.


The space does not convey an overwhelming sensation since with this type of beds we can leave the rest of the bedroom much more empty and comfortable.

Decorate children’s room with a trundle bed


The trundle beds are very versatile. With them you will save so much space in the bedroom of the child and you will have an extra bed for when you come visits: friends of children or relatives. Also this type of bed can be transformed into a sofa during the day if you put pillows, cushions or dolls. A good idea!

Children’s bedrooms 2020 with natural wood furniture

The natural wood in the bedrooms provide warmth. A wooden bed, for example, with a grain that is beautiful, never goes out of style.


You can cover the floor with a terracotta colored carpet to provide a much warmer air.

Tips to find the right bedroom: what they need to rest better

Anyway, first of all we should also be clear that children should feel comfortable in their rooms, so it is very important that we find a decoration that we like and that will also allowing them to rest and do their homework without distracting them. Let’s see some of the tips that we must take into account:



It is important that the rooms have color, as this helps the children to be in a better mood and find themselves in their room. Anyway, we must avoid those colors that can make them rest badly at night and is that some children are more affected by colors than others.

Therefore, if you paint the room in a bright green or an electric blue, you can see that your child does not adapt and does not rest well. In this case, or if you already know that your child is very sensitive to colors, you will have to choose fr more classic colors or pastel shades.

The furniture

To talk about the furniture and accessories of the children’s rooms, we are going to make two distinctions of the most important things: babies and children.


In the first case it is necessary that we have proper furniture to be able to dress the baby and a closet and drawers for all your things. As it will not be the child who is going to dress alone, we can choose them according to our measurements, but if we want the room to be usable for when it is bigger, we will look for furniture in which the child, when he has about 5 or 7 years, can access alone.

At this age, we should also think about the plastic table and some chairs so that the child can play, paint and do his homework if he already takes them from school. We should also think about some plastic crates and cubes in which to save your games.


On the other hand, if the child is already bigger, we will have to change the drawers and the cubes, maybe a puff for when his friends come and we will have to change the children’s table for a big wooden table and a suitable chair, since the hours of study will definitely increase. In this sense, we must look for a chair that is suitable and that can maintain a good position for our back. Also, we need a table that is high enough and that goes well with the chair so the child can be comfortable in it.

If, on the other hand, we have a space at home such as a study room, where we can have all the children’s books, tables, chairs, etc., we can leave the room with only the furniture necessary for the rest and let the Studies are carried out in the other room. A room with a lot of space is ideal to feel much more comfortable and relaxed in it.



In addition, we must also look for accessories, such as cushions, lights, etc., according to the design of the furniture as well as the use we want to give the room, either just to rest or to rest and study, etc,

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