Chocolate centerpieces for a baby-shower

The baby shower centerpieces can vary a lot, even though the theme for this kind of event usually is a baby-related theme or something related to babies or newborn babies. This shouldn’t be surprising, since the centerpieces are elaborated for a party that actually celebrates the arrival of the baby, which is a very exciting thing. We want to give you some ideas regarding centerpieces, in particular, we’ve chosen chocolates as our first choice when making centerpieces. If you want to discover the best baby shower chocolate centerpieces, keep reading this article.


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Baby shower chocolate centerpieces
Center table eggs

  • Baby shower centerpieces usually have baby related elements. Therefore, for our idea of creating a centerpiece with chocolates, we can choose to create a centerpiece like the one we can see in the picture above. We can make this centerpiece with a piece of chocolate that looks like a fountain and, surrounding the fountain, we can place tiny chocolate eggs that symbolize the birth of the “chick”, in this case the child that is coming.


  • Another idea would be to choose chocolates or wrapped candy which can also be used as a centerpiece We can create a pyramid with them, like the one we ca see in the picture above.
  • The wrapped candy can be in different colors and brands. You can use them to create different levels that will shape the multicolor pyramid that will be just perfect for a baby shower celebration.


  • We can also choose to bet on a chocolate centerpiece if it comes from a company that specializes in the making process of this kind of centerpieces. You can buy, for instance, a centerpiece in the shape of a heart that you can later on give as a gift to the future mum. The centerpiece we see in the picture above has been made with white chocolate and inside there are different types of chocolates.

Making a centerpiece with chocolates

Chocolate dessert center

  • If we take for example the first idea we’ve seen for a baby shower centerpieces with chocolates and with chocolate eggs, we can get inspired to create our own centerpiece that can not only be cheap but also easy to make.
  • For instance, take a look at the image above and the centerpiece in which we have placed different chocolates inside a swan figure. Moreover, we can decorate it with other details, even though we don’t have to place these elements if we don’t want to.
  • The swan figure represents the mother, which we believe it to be a great choice. However, we can choose a different figure that represents either a baby or a mother with her child, place it on top of a flat base and surround everything with chocolates.

Chocolate centerpieces photo gallery

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