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Here you will find the best photos and ideas for original Christmas decorations, both for your house and your office. All the decorations we will be mentioning will definitely convey the typical Christmas atmosphere at your house: charm, joy and happiness.

We don’t want you to miss out on anything. That’s why we are going to show you the Christmas decorations you can use, starting with the front door, continuing with the windows, the bedrooms and finishing outside your house. You can choose between crowns, flowers and centerpieces, garlands, candles and lights. For those people that want to get into the Christmas spirit in the workplace, we have added a section with the best ideas to decorate the office for Christmas. Let’s get started!

Christmas decoration

Christmas Decoration 2020

Before you start to take a look at the Christmas decorations we will be suggesting and the room photos and tips we will be sharing with you, we have to tell you that the best thing you can do is to take into account last year’s Christmas decoration in order to avoid spending money. Although in the end we never decorate the house in the same way, being aware of what we have from last year helps us to organize the decorating process better. With part of the things we have and acquiring some we don’t we can innovate. Or we can create new decorations with things from last year, without spending hardly any money, and, in doing so, achieve a different Christmas decoration. You’ll be surprised to know what you can create just using your imagination!

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Christmas decorations for your house

Christmas decoration for the homeLet’s start suggesting Christmas decorations for your house. First of all, you must take into account there are very different areas in the house. Anyone that knows something about decoration also knows the lighting, colors and elements that you choose are very important.Decoration-christmas-rooms-photos-entrance-lights

So in the next gallery of images you will find different types of home decor based on different styles, tastes, colors and other factors that can influence when it comes to the decoration of our house.

Christmas front doors decorations

When decorating a house, we should start by thinking about decorating the front door, since its the first thing people see before going inside our house. The typical orament is the crown, but in this section we are going to see the latest trends regarding Christmas front door decorations.


We can find many types of crowns, with different shapes, colors and sizes. Each door has a color and, depending on which one is it, it is only logical to choose a color that combines and creates a harmony. But there is also a more original and imaginative type of decoration.

Christmas decoration-for-doors-crowns-balls-and-gifts

We are talking about using our imagination to decorate our front door. For instance, we can place very large red ribbons as if the door were a gift, we can hang garlands as if it were a Christmas tree, or even paint the door imitating a chimney full of gifts. The sky is the limit!


Now we leave here this gallery full of images of different doors. That way you can find all the ideas to decorate the front door of your house this Christmas. Which one do you like the most?

Christmas decorations for windows

Windows can also be decorated in many ways and it does not have to be very expensive to decorate. We can place decorations both on the outside and inside the windows.


The lighting, as we’ve mentioned earlier, is truly important. That’s why a candle is one of the elements that is mostly used in interior decoration. Candles can create a charming and cozy place. The crowns are also frequently used for the windows.


We should point out that people usually decorate the window frame with spheres of colors, garlands, hanging ornaments in different colors, crafts…

Christmas decoration for windows

In the next gallery we share with you all the ideas that you might find useful if you want to decorate the windows this Christmas with crowns, candles, crafts, colors… Click on the gallery if you want to get inspired.

Outdoor Christmas decoration

Do you want to make your neighborhood, town or place where you live fun and full of live? The best way to do this, taking advantage of the fact that it’s Christmas time, is to decorate even outside of our house: our garden, windows, doors, the facade… All we really need is a little bit of imagination and a strong desire to celebrate Christmas.

Christmas decoration-exterior-Pope-Noel

If you are tired of the typical garlands and crowns, you’ve come to the right place because we bring you the most original, funny and beautiful ornaments so you can surprise your neighbors and guests.


Many of them are easy to do and, thus, you will not have to spend any money. Crafts are becoming more and more popular, because everything that has been handcrafted has something special. What better than having these handcrafted ornaments at this special time of the year.

Christmas decoration-exterior-trncos-papa-noel

If you like these outdoor ornaments click on the gallery below to keep learning more about ornaments and ideas in different styles and colors.

Vintage Christmas Decoration

Do you want to decorate the house with a vintage style for Christmas? With small ornaments we can achieve it. Besides, you will end up with an orginal and cozy house that conveys a different vibe.


We will use everything we have at home to decorate. Not only means that we’ve decided to use again but we can also achieve an elegant ornament by making small modifications.

Christmas decoration-vintage-stars

We can decorate the tree with vintage elements: candles, angels, stars, garlands… But don’t forget about all the Victorian style accessories and elements.

Christmas decoration-vintage-tree

If you want to see more examples of houses decorated with the vintage style, click on the next photo gallery, which is full of ideas. It’s a must!

Christmas decoration crafts | Christmas decoration for children

Christmas is a charming time full of imagination and happiness, that’s why we suggest you do the decoration yourself. You only have to buy the materials and… What better way to spend some time with your children! You and the little ones can work together and create something together.

Christmas decorations-crafts

In this section we are going to show you the best Christmas decorations for you to do with or without your children. As there are many types of crafts and materials, we will be talking about you the main ones but also the most beautiful and striking ones. If you pay attention this Christmas your house will be the most beautiful. Learn about them all!


Christmas decoration or recycling with recycled material

Christmas also means consumption, money and expenses. For those concerned about the environment and the planet we have the best solution: now you can decorate the house with recycled materials, but also very beautiful, Christmasy and elegant.

Christmas decoration-recycling

These days you will surely be using many plastic cups due to your many guests staying home. Well, don’t throw them away because you can create a funny snowman with them. Take a look at the following image.

Christmas Decoration-Recycling-Snowman

Do you like coffee and have a coffee maker? We will use the capsules because they are perfect when it comes to decorating the Christmas tree. We can put the tree lights inside the capsules and, as a result, we will have a beautiful, original tree, which is full of colors and joy.


If you want to see more examples and ways in which you can decorate your Christmas house, we leave you this gallery with the best ideas for this special holiday.

Christmas decoration in foamy or Eva foam

The EVA foam or foamy is becoming more and more popular. This plastic material is essential to the decorating process because it is easy to mold and make crafts with it.

Christmas decoration-in-foami-sled

If you feel like doing crafts at Christmas to decorate the tree, the windows, the table… In short, if you want to decorate the house, this is the plastic material you should be using because it is easy to handle, mold, cut, fold, paint…

Christmas decoration-in-foami-reno

We suggest you decorate the house with your children and with the EVA foam, because you can make many figures being safe and knowing that the children won’t get hurt.

Christmas decoration-in-foami-pocket

If you want to see more figures and decorations for Christmas that can be made with foamy or EVA foam, click on the following gallery to find the best ideas.

Christmas decorations with plastic bottles

We continue with more crafts we can do in the most warm and beautiful time of the year. Now we will be focusing on decorating with plastic bottles.

Christmas decorations with plastic bottles

The crafts with plastic bottles are one of the most original for this Christmas: we can decorate the Christmas tree, centerpieces, windows…


The trick to get all this decoration right is to have imagination and be creative. With these two things we will get the best Christmas decoration ever.


If you’ve find these images useful, we now leave here this gallery with some ideas to decorate your house with plastic bottles that we highly recommend.

Christmas decoration with pineapples

Surely you are tired of the typical house decorations, so in this section we will see what we can do with pineapples.

Christmas decoration with pineapples

A dry pineapple decoration is an idea that you have to take into account because it is a natural element that we can paint and mold to create a Christmas environment.

Christmas decorations-with-pinas-reno

We can do everything, crowns, Christmas trees made from pinapples, reindeer, snowmen…


You might be interested in discovering more crafts in order to decorate your house with pineapples. If so, take a look at the next gallery.

Christmas balloon decorations

Here are the best ideas for decorating the house with balloons. How can we do it? With the following Christmas decorations with balloons of different shapes and colors you will discover what you can do.

Christmas decoration-with-balloons

With balloons we can make every Christmas decoration possible, starting with a Santa Claus, angels, snowmen, Christmas trees…

Christmas decorations-with-balloons-crown

How do you want to decorate the house? The first thing you have to think about is the colors and then the shape and what kind of ornament you want. It is very simple to make ornaments with balloons, you just need patience and imagination and the rest will come along.


Did you like these balloon ornaments? If you want to see more here we share with you you this gallery, which is full of ideas.

Christmas office decorations

One of the places we do not feel like going to when it’s Christmas is the office, because it means working, stress… That’s why it’s very important for it to be a cozy place, where we feel comfortable and in a good mood. A Christmas decoration can make us feel like going to the office with less effort.

Christmas-office decoration

While decorating an office, we must take into account that it is not our house. For this reason, we recommend a much more classic decoration for the workplace.

Christmas decoration-office-window

You can put some garland, a small Christmas tree with balls to decorate it, candles …

Christmas-decoration-office-Christmas tree-big

You have more ideas in the following photo gallery for decorating the office for Christmas.

Christmas decoration store windows

Every store or business has a style when it comes to selling different products. However, when it’s Christmas time people need good decorations to draw the attention of the buyers. That’s why we are going to show you the best window displays so that you can be inspired and start decorating your store.

Boutique display window

Depending on the size of your showcase we can experiment more or less with the decoration, the key is to draw attention so people down the street stop to take a look and want to go inside the store to see all the products.


You can paint the glass showcase with messages, Christmas elements… Or you can directly display the products you want to sell so the potential buyers can see everything the minute they look.

Christmas decorations-showcases

Which showcase catches your eye? Here you can see more showcases decorated for Christmas so that you can choose the best one for your business.

If you want to know more about Christmas decorations


Christmas decorations can be the most traditional of all or if you prefer you can choose ideas that are original (such as those that include Christmas decorations with recycled elements) or those that follow trends and that can come from catalogs of stores like IKEA, Leroy Merlin or Zara Home, among others.

We are going to give you a series of very useful tips to keep in mind when it comes to decorating your house at Christmas. For example, if you want your house to convey a Christmasy feeling, there is no need to decorate the whole house. Which means you can decorate your house as you like, with simplicity or with the number of Christmas elements you prefer.

Christmas decoration-rooms-fotos-tonos-beige

You have a wide range of possibilities, from which you can choose one, several, or all of them!

This is what you can do:

  • Decorate the entrance or hall of the house with a Christmas motif.
  • Decorate the living room or living room.
  • Put some details in the door of the rooms you have in your house: the baby room, the children’s room, your very own room, the kitchen, the living room… You can either hang a little bit of mistletoe with a Christmas ball, like the one we see in the picture.


The final touch you will need for your Christmas decorations

If you like to decorate the house for Christmas but you simply don’t have the time, here we will show you some practical and cheap ideas in order to have a beautiful Christmas decoration. If you have children they can help you, so decorating the house will be like a game for them.


Surely in the box where you usually keep all the Christmas decorations there are a lot of things that you can use. If it’s not the case and you do not know what you need, here we will unfold what is essential when it comes to good Christmas decorations:

Christmas wreaths and lights

In the Leroy Merlin Christmas Catalog we find a series of valuable elements that we can use to decorate the different parts of the rooms. We now leave a gallery of images with garlands and lights that we hope you like. Choose the style that best suits you!

Ornaments for the Christmas tree

You can’t forget the Christmas tree ornaments. We can put almost anything in a tree. Actually, there are a lot of trends that are tremendously cool and imaginative and will make you feel as if anything could happen home during the holidays. The choice is yours, only yours.

Christmas candles

Another decorative element that can not be forgotten at parties is a candle, beacuse it creates a warm Christmas atmosphere. Candles come prepared for the occasion with winter and Christmasy motifs and in red and silver colors.

Christmas dolls

Christmas dolls are the ones that will convey that sense of candor at home. In addition, your children will love them and will definitely want to play with them at all times. Let them use their imagination this holiday season! You’ll see how happy the holidays can go by between snowmen, foxes, reindeers and Santa Claus.

Other Christmas decorative ideas

Scottish plaids decorate your home during Christmas time, in shades of reds, greens, golds, oranges. It is a very simple decoration and it is beautiful. You can decorate with red, green, gold, silver, plaid gift ribbons. In order to do this, you just add Christmas balls that you have or Christmas dolls of past years. These ribbons can be found in haberdashery or stationery. There are made of cloth or paper.

Christmas decoration-2014-ideas

You can combine dolls or balls with red, green, white plaid ribbons. Make plaid bows and with a silk thread hangs balls from past years or dolls. In the tree, lamps. On the door handles.

There are many ideas for Christmas decorations out there, and while we can start with the suggestions of brands such as Ikea, who uses Christmas colors and decorations that follow the latest trends, such as, for instance, choosing white ornaments in gold. However, we can also choose a decoration that is much more “natural”.

For example, a good idea would be to do Christmas decorations with pine cones, pine branches, pretty leaves of trees plus some tricks. This would be an ecological and cheap decoration that is spectacular.

If you choose them for your bedroom you can place them on any furniture next to Christmas ornaments, such as balls or dolls, which are quite valuable. Hanging from the doors, from lamps, or as you see in the picture below, inside a vase. With pine leaves and leaves of yellow trees that you might have near by. Mix sheets painted gold with pine leaves, and green garlands (imitating pine). If you have stairs you can put them along the railing, because they create a beautiful effect. If you also have Christmas lights you can put them around, which is even better.

You can put the pine leaves in the front door of your house but also, on top of a mirror, along with some golden leaf, in the receiver golden pineapples and a Christmas plant or flower of easter. Your house will smell like pine, which is truly valuable since you will be doing this without spending any money.

In many places you can get pineapples that fall from the trees, if you can collect all the pineapples you can find (of different sizes). Try to get pine branches, pruning trees usually leave pine branches, if you can get some, beacuse it would be perfect. However, if you don’t, there are stores that sell imitations of pine branches.

Christmas decorations-2013-rooms-photos-jarron-pineapples

Buy a golden or silver spray, and in a ventilated place, and put under paper of newspaper, paints with the spray the pineapples and leaves in gold (or silver if you prefer). You let them dry out. The small pineapples it’s usefulwhen it comes to putting it in the tree (you put some wire to hook it, they sell it in any hardware store) or you can use it to make a centerpiece like the one that we have seen above.

You can also decorate your home with Christmas or Christmas cards. You can use the ones of past years or new ones and you can hang them through a string. This is the typical hemp rope that you can find at a very affordable price in any forge. Then you can hang them making a garland or the same rope, caught by tweezers. You can put the Christmas cards around the doors, fixing them with transparent adhesive paper too, or put it on the bar of the curtains as a garland. There are a lot of options.

Christmas decorations-2013-rooms-photos

You can choose to hang Christmas cards on a tree, so that it is of a Christmas style but also minimalist. Another option is to make a “collage” with them and hang them on the front door. It’s all about using your imagination and letting yourself go and let out the style you have inside. Be creative!

Click on the gallery to see other Christmas decoration options.

Christmas decoration video

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