Christmas stars

We have seen some of the best ideas for Christmas decorations and we will have also shown you our suggestions regarding Christmas baubles, but now here at we would like to talk about stars ornaments. We want to show you how there are also trends and options that can allow you to change the Christmas decoration of the present year. These stars can be placed at the top of the tree, or be used as a another light ornament, Christmas ornaments in the shape of a star, or stars in different colors. This star is one of the most popular symbols when it comes to Christmas decorations, so let’s discover through this post now the best Christmas stars.Christmas-stars-2015

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If your are really good with crafts, you will see in this article how to create Christmas stars in a very simple way, with sensational results.

For example, in this picture you can see how to make stars with wooden sticks, which you can find anywhere near the ground. Then, if you want to give it a more special touch, all you have to do is use colored thread to decorate it or a gift ribbon.


Lamps shaped like paper stars became fashionable a few years ago and still remain one of the best choices that you can get for your house throughout the year.

At Christmas, we have much more in mind this option and you actually make yourself your very own paper star with Christmas designs and colors. On the internet you can find the template to do it.


For those who like eight-pointed stars that are also three-dimensional, look at these designs you can easily customize at home. The style they bring to the wall is unique.


If you make small stars with the designs mentioned above, you can also hang them from the tree by making a small hole in the upper corner and passing a thread. It is truly easy and you can customize what you already have by using colors, phrases or shapes.


As we have mentioned in other articles that a related to Christmas here at, the colors of Christmas are usually gold, silver, red and green. Therefore, if you want to get a typical decoration you can choose any of these shades, as the decorations you see in the photo, which are a good combination.


These designs have always had a certain charm and it is becoming even easier to find these ornaments in decoration shops. These stars are made with wood and you can find them hand made, which can become a sensational gift for these holidays, or an industrial star.


When it comes to the ornament we are talking about, decoration stars, we want to highlight two things. On the one hand, one of the trends is to place several stars together forming one big ornament and, on the other hand, look at how these stars try to imitate the snow effect.


If you want your star to shine more than any other, you just have to surround it with a wreath of Christmas lights, as you can see in the photograph.


Have you thought about making wishing stars? You can make a star out of the material that you want, paint it with a slate effect and write wishes or names in each and every one of them.


Stars made with beads are also an excellent choice for Christmas. You can buy them or decorate them yourself by buying the beads that are sold to make bracelets.


There are stars that you can use throughout the year, such as those shown in the photograph, which are no longer a mere decorative object but the essence of the house.


If you like brightness and color, look at this mobile of bright stars that are going to be the best thing for any room.

Christmas-decorated stars

And yes, as you can see, stars can also be in the middle of a Christmas wreath. Not only the pine, the holly or the typical dolls can be an essential element, but also the stars that guide.


For those people that have lost furniture at home or have found some old boards, do not miss out on the opportunity to give them a new life and create a star with them.


The stars made with cloth are not difficult to create, although it’s a  laborious task but the result ends up being exceptional. You can create these garlands of stars with different patterns and colors.


Stars can decorate absolutely everything. These glass jars are being used as a decorative centerpiece but could also be in the kitchen and give a Christmas look to the food.


See through materials such as plastics or glass are an excellent choice to create stars like the ones you see above, which allow light to go through them and bring that color into the room.


Again we find a star made of wood that you can do at home if you are patient enough. The result is truly exceptional.


If you want to make a personalized gift, in the craft stores or dollar stores, you may find these stars but not lacquered. A great option would be to buy them, paint them the way you like and maybe add a Christmas message.


A starfish is also beautiful, but they are also very beautiful under the sea.


Take a look at these peculiar stars, with the glass they have at each vertex. You can place them in multiple ways and continue to enjoy something extraordinary.


What is it the one thing that should never be missing in a Christmas tree? You are right, the stars are. Never forget them, just choose a design you like.

Christmas-golden-and-black stars

The stars do not have to be monothematic, just choose the designs and the combinations you like in order to get some striking and unforgettable stars.


If you have chosen a Christmas decoration that reminds you of the snow, do not forget to include some white stars with a partly see through ribbons that will remind us of the ice.


The stars that you believe can be both inside and outside the house, illuminating and giving life to the bare trees in winter.


Have you noticed how you can change a sober and dark decoration by placing a simple pastel star over the fireplace?


Those people that love without limits the stars, don’t miss out on the opportunity to create a Christmas wreath just made of stars of different sizes and shapes.


Many choose to put the typical garlands in your Christmas decorations. Have you considered placing a garland of typical colored stars such as silver or gold?


Stars are also an exceptional choice for room decoration, because you don’t have to decorate just the living room. You can actually choose to bring the Christmas spirit to each corner of the house.


Imagine, design and create. What your hands can create is endless, you just have to be willing to do it.


One of the places where we can also put the stars are in the windows, to decorate the rooms and bring that Christmas spirit that can both impress us and can make us fall in love.


Have you thought about preparing your gifts and storing them in boxes in the shapes of stars? It can be an incredible choice, to give the gift that’s inside and the one that outside.


If you have doubts when it comes to illuminating or not illuminating your star, we encourage you to decide in favour of illuminating it. Let yourself be surprised by the amazing results of doing so.


Stars do not always have the same measures and have an absolutely perfect design, sometimes they have the longest bases and we find figures as lovely as the ones you can see above.


Never forget to place a star at the top of the Christmas tree!


The stars that have been aged, or given such effect with the paint, are really cool. You can try to do this at home and you will see that the color doesn’t matter as much as that final touch.


You have a lot of types of stars to choose from, be creative and give another life to the materials you have at home. This star we are seeing can also be created with colored pencils and we can achieve a unique result.


Make your own combinations of stars and use stars of different sizes in the same set. If you also choose carved stars, like this one, the beauty will double.


Creating dimensionality and volume in a star can be done in multiple ways. So what do you think of this possibility of overlapping stars?

Christmas stars-pope-noel

Fabric stars in which you can knit a name, a letter. In short, something that makes them unique.


Stars can be made with children, so if you have kids at home there is nothing better than sharing a good time and having fun together creating something.


The stars of so many peaks are always believed to be beautiful and, if they are also illuminated inside, the beauty triples.


We can see these stars at various homes and decoration stores all the time, which means it’s a safe bet for every moment of the year. Depending on the material that has used to make the star, you can redecorate it however you like.


This star could be perfect as a headboard for your room, or a kid’s or adult’s room, which gives a dreamy and romantic atmosphere.


As you can see in the photo, decorating and personalizing stars is the key to success. Sometimes, with very few materials and very cheap ones we can get something unique, like this rosemary star.

Christmas stars-branches-tree

The truth is that these stars have reminded us more of Halloween rather than Christmas, but this is always a matter of our particular taste.Christmas-retro-stars

Again, we return to see the lamps with a paper star shape that we mentioned before. As you can see, the designs are very varied and you can buy them or make them at home.


This combination of stars hanging with polar flakes seems sensational, because we get an area of the house beautifully decorated.

Christmas stars


The star is one of the most popular Christmas symbols. It comes from the Bible, where it is announced that the star guided the Three Kings on their journey to find baby Jesus. The Christmas star today is a symbol of peace and hope that we can not only place in the Nativity but also be used to crown the trees.

In decoration, geometrical shapes are very popular among designers, lamps, paintings, ashtrays and all kinds of objects that are decorated with stars, not only at Christmas but throughout the year. As for Christmas, do we know that they hang from trees, but they can also be placed in other areas of the house, for example, on a shelf or on a wall? They are quite a representative symbol that it truly doesn’t matter where you place them. Wherever they are, we know they will mean that we are in the Christmas season.

We can find stars of all kinds, whether large and in gold as it is tradition, others that are colored in red, or silver that seem to be trending. We want you to find the perfect star for your decoration and for that reason we will be sharing with you different suggestions regarding hanging, but also for crowning the tree. Let’s start!

Christmas Stars to crown the Christmas tree


The stars to crown the Christmas tree are a classic. The classic ones are the ones in gold but you have them in different colors and finishes since these stars have been renewed thoroughly over the years.


For example, you better choose stars like the ones you see in the picture. These stars are from Leroy Merlin and the two that appear, do in two of the colors we have already said that were trendy, red and gold. Those colors will be perfect to crown your Christmas tree thanks to that aspiral they have at the base.


In the same way, we can also place a star in silver as it combines with any type of decoration. Your tree can look even greater if you add to the color green a snowy effect.


The stars that are white actually are our favorite this Christmas. Because white decorations are really popular and because, in addition to that, these are perfect to combine with the green color of a good Christmas tree, no matter if it’s natural or artificial.

Star ornaments for the Christmas tree

We have already seen how to place the best star on the top of this year’s Christmas, but also how to use them as ornaments. We now show you some stars that are elegant and certainly not out of fashion. It is the case of the ornament you see in the image above: a beautiful and rare star ornament with amber pebbles and surrounded by gold bias.  

2095small 0132small

The Christmas ornaments with a star shape can be in the colors we’ve already mentioned above, or others, such as blue. As for the shapes, you see that you can either choose the traditional star of five tips or, if you prefer, you can choose some other design that doesn’t follow the traditional style.


The same tree decorations can be used to decorate your Christmas table centerpiece. For instance, you can use the red star you see in the picture above. You can put the red star in a centerpiece, next to some gold or white candles. The results are spectacular!


And if you are looking for new ideas, we can share with you decorations or hanging ornaments in the shape of a star but also ornaments that have details like this design you see above and that you can find in Zara Home. This is a nice ornament for the tree that has a gold shade and that you can complete with small bells.


You can also choose silver ornaments or hanging ornaments in silver. They are perfect for white or snowy trees as they currently are one of the latest trends. In the photo above, we see a traditional design of a five-pointed star in silver. We can find this ornament in Leroy Merlin.


These other star designs are also very original. They are made out of wood, in white and in red and with drawings of small snowflakes. Aren’t they just lovely? These are definitely a modern star design for Christmas that can actually fully renew your tree. You also have them in Leroy Merlin.

Lights and other Christmas Star Ornaments

Along with the stars that crown the tree and the ones that hang from the tree, we also have other types of ornaments that we can place anywhere in the house and that have the shape of a star. The lights are also essential, of courrse, at Christmas time. In the photo above we can see an illuminated star that we can find in Leroy Merlin.

We also have to mention the lights in the shape of Christmas stars that you can find with LED light. They hardly consume electricity, they last a lot and they can also be used to decorate. You have them so you can hang them from the windows, the railing of the staircase or any place you want to stand out and draw attention to your house.
On the other hand, we have ornaments such as this beautiful star, in Zara Home. This store allows us to hang this year a crown with this rare shape. Avoid the traditional round wreaths for a change and place in your door this beautiful star, which will surely give you luck and bring a more current style to your holiday decorations.


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