More than 100 photos of Designed kitchens 2021

Ideas and photos of designed kitchens that will be an inspiration for your home.
The kitchen is one of the most important and inspiring areas of your house. You need to choose the design of this place carefully. You need to have enough time to design it and have good taste. Hence, the kitchen will become the centerpiece of any home, where the familiar, intimate and social atmospheres are clearly united.

Image Scavolini

We will show you the design kitchens of different brands, so you can see how the colors blend in, what kind of furniture has been chosen depending on the style of the house or where it is located. You can see how there are some materials that reflect the light and other materials that play with the lights in order to create an intimate space. You can also be surprised with the furniture that barely has door handles, those that show curved or very straight lines, volumes or minimalist furniture.

Image: Gunni & amp; Trentino

In addition, one of the important aspects of these designs is that the kitchen stops being an isolated place in order to become part of the dining rooms and lounges. The best option is, as you will see in the photographs, to have a large and transparent space, where one can get carried away by the decoration and create dreamy spaces. For those who can’t do this, it is always possible to choose more limited designs, taking into account the available space but keeping all the beauty in it.

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Small kitchens

Charateristics of a designed kitchen

Today’s kitchens are all about design and at the same time, they have to be functional. They have to be made out of materials that are easy to clean, doors and drawers have to be straight or smooth, which means there shouldn’t be any mouldings or anything standing out. This is so the dust or grease doesn’t stay there.

These designs have color and size as the main protagonists. For instance, we can choose a designed kitchen with vibrant colors, such as pink, lime green, burgundy, red and black or blue shades. Also vanilla or white shades are still a good call.

Image Scavolini

Kitchens are an exponents of fashion. They have to be eclectic, combining modern designs and shades with more classic objects.

Designed kitchens: Kitchen flooring

The floors are from the floating platform in different finishes of wood. Honey shades, ash shades, oak in lighter shades or in brown, which will convey a cozy and yet modern look. The floor of the kitchen and living room can actually be the same. There is no diversity in the soils, this is why a greater sense of spaciousness is created.

The ceramic floors are also beautiful. We can choose, for instance, a ceramic with mirror glare, which reflects the light and is easy to clean. They take the smooth ones in shades of gray, black, chocolate shades. The appliances in aluminum shades give an avant-garde appearance to the kitchen.

Designed kitchens Gunni & Trentino

Image: Gunni & amp; Trentino

This firm has more than 40 years of experience regarding the designed kitchens field, where we can find models inspired by classic, rustic and modern kitchens.

We wanted to evaluate this kitchen as a classic, elegant and dreamlike aspect that shows this furniture with its stained glass, the island in the middle and a soft lighting reflected on the floor. It is an inspiring kitchen, where you feel not only like cooking but also spending time there and coming up with a creation and, in particular, sharing your delicious creations with others.

Image: Gunni & amp; Trentino

You can also find much more modern designs in which the lines are straight and the colors are more uniform or monochromatic. We have chosen this design because it leaves a little of the line, being able to see how the different shades of gray combine with the black shade and the effect of wood.

Then, if you take a look at the following photos, you will see some of the kitchen designs we have chosen from this firm:

Schmidt kitchens

This firm presents a great variety of designs and colors that will catch your eye instantly. You will find classic models and designs but, the ones that will definitely be a sucess are the modern designs that bet on the joviality of color in the kitchen, because this kind of kitchen has a fun and attractive space where you can enjoy family moments.

Image: schmidt

As you can see, they are very simple designs that take full advantage of the available space of the room, which also favors the feeling of spaciousness and luminosity.

In the photo gallery that we show you below, you will be able to continue discovering other Schmidt designs:

Scavolini designed kitchens

The line Scavolini presents a multitude of well-thought designs, with different materials (steel, glass, laminate, slate …) and in different colors, which can turn these kitchens into a great opportunity to create something unique.

Image Scavolini

We have just chosen some designed kitchens to show you up next. That way you will be able to see more designs on their website, if you like.

Dismuco designed kitchens

Dismuco also offers a wide variety of modern designs, with different finishes and colors so that you can find just the one that best suits your house and is precisely what you are looking for.

Image: Dismuco

The perfect kitchen is one that has a lot of space, luminosity, and that conveys the desire to create new dishes and share them. You will see how there are kitchens, like those presented in this image, which shows how the living room is integrated inside it, or independent but spacious kitchens.

In the photo we will see up next you can take a look at another designs of this firm:

Banni designed kitchens

This firm shows us designed kitchens with varied styles, where space is one of the most important aspects if we want to enjoy the kitchen. You will find three key shades although, as always, you already know that you can customize it according to your tastes.

Then you can see more designs of this firm of high quality designed kitchens. Just click on the first image in order to see the others:

Leicht designed kitchens

Leicht has a wide variety of designs, where you can find kitchens in monothematic colors or furniture that combines several colors in order to achieve something completely unique.

Everything depends on your taste and the space that you have available to create your own kitchen. You can see the following photo with one of the latest designs:

More than 100 photos of designed kitchens

If you are not a specific firm but want to see photos that can inspire you, we recommend you to take a look at this photo gallery of designed kitchen where you can find all kinds of kitchens, colors, shapes and different spaces:

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