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An extractor hood has become one of the latest trends regarding kitchen design. Plus, it reduces the fat, the kitchen smoke and the odours in the kitchen atmosphere. Here at espaciohogar.com we will tell you all about extractor hoods, their design and tecnology for the kitchen.


The extractor hoods are kitchen appliances that help us cook and clean easily. Thanks to extractor hoods the area where we cook can be less greasy, avoid the odor, smoke, water vapor, among others.

Island extractor hood

Modern kitchens designs integrate island furniture in the middle or in one side of the kitchen. The island hood is created so we can use this kind of kitchen furniture, that is, island furniture.

These islands have become more popular over the last few years if we compare them to wall hoods. There are several designs with different powers but the vast majority of them have a very good extration average capacity.

These island extractors include

Dome hood

Extractor pipe

Ventilation fan

Grease and odor filters

Depending on the designs of extractor hoods we will see different cutting-edge technologies being incorporated to the design.

Digital ignition system

Sound absorption system

Extractor speed check

Ventilation systems with filter separators

Air flow guidance system

Remote control

Thermal sensors

Protection in case of overheating

Warning filter cleaning

Frequently used options

The design you can see in the first photo is a doom with a zebra pattern from the supplier of the Murano brand, the Italian company known as Falmec. These designs are made with tempered glass and have different finishes and are made with the highest stainless steel (AISI 304) quality. It has a powerful four speed fan.

The design you can see in the photo 2 is the Loft design, made of stainless steel FaSteel,(AISI 304). It has a perimeter suction system, four speed aspiration levels. Electronic panel, lighting control and many other options.

In photo number 3 the Acqualina island hood design combines the brightness of the stainless steel (AISI 304), with the tempered glass. This will result in a state-of-the-art design, which will be quite an elegant choice. Other features: electronic monitoring, panel lighting system. This appliance has a silent running mode and many other options.


In photo number 4 we can see an island hood of the supplier Pando, with an oval stainless steel design (AISI 304) with a stainless steel filter, remote (optional), and an Easy Cleaning System.

In photo number 5 we can see an island hood in stainless steel and AISI 430, with an enhancer in red. It has a stainless filter, automatic detection regarding blocked filters, remote control (optional), Multi led 7 W, electronic adjustable button and Last Time.

  • bell-extractor-of-island-172543

In photo number 6 we see an original design in the shape of the wings of a seagull. Glass panels open so there is a higher efficiency and whenever they are no longer necessary they close. There is a monitored panel that opens up with the push of a button; a fresh air mode 24 hours; a stainless steel AISI 304; a multilayer mesh filter;  4 fan speed levels; 4 LED lights and a silent running mode.

In photos 7 and 8 we can check two different designs for stailess steel island hood from the supplier Pando.


extractor hood-wall-172550 bell-extractor-of-island-172553

In photo number 10, we can appreciate another spectacular design for the brand Murano from the Italian company known as Falmec. This is the New York in stainless steel AISI 304 design,  and tempered glass panels in an urban design that emulates the skyscrapers of de New York. It’s not just a island hood but it’s also a fashion element in the kitchen. This island hood has the best technical features as well as the best design.

Halogen lights , 4 speed fan, electronic panel , stay ON, perimeter suction system Filter ™. Warning electronic filter cleaning.

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