First Communion centerpieces 2021

After having shown you the best Christening centerpieces, we want to give you some ideas that we hope can be useful if you want to decorate the tables for the first communion celebration. These centerpieces can have a classic, traditional, religious and also modern design. There are several styles and designs we can choose from, that’s why we will be showing you up next a wide range of centerpieces. Here at, we will be showing several centerpieces for the first communion Spring Summer 2021 collection.

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Centerpieces for the first communion Spring Summer 2021 collection

Same as with every other kind of gathering, the tables have to be decorated, because that’s where the guests gather around to chat and eat, that’s where people meet. We already know how important this is, thus, we now want to show you how to decorate the centerpieces for the first communion Spring Summer 2021 collection.

According to the colors of the tablecloths, lace, napkins, cutlery, glasses, dishes… We will have to choose the table centerpieces and accessories. It is always best to always try to keep some balance in the decoration. It’s also very important to know if it is a boy or a girl communion because depending on that we will choose one color or another. Here we show you.

Girls first communion centerpieces Spring Summer 2021 collection

When it comes to the first communion of a girl, the colors are usually light and feminine such as pastel, pink, coral, gold, white, orange … You can also combine different colors, according to this we will have to choose the centerpieces taking into account if the type of centerpiece has religious motives, an ornament… Let’s see the possibilities.

The vintage style is very fashionable, either with candles, flowers, cages with the name of the girl… Also being a celebration for children you can choose centerpieces made for children with either balloons or boats filled with colorful candy to make the tables draw their attention, as the ones we show in the following image.

In the next gallery you will find all the first communion centerpieces for girls so that you have all the ideas to make this day unforgettable for your daughter.

Boy first communion centerpieces Spring Summer 2021 collection

For the first communion of a boy the colors are much more classic. In general, you would choose the color blue and green as main colors for the decoration. Although, it is also very common for these colors to be combined with white and gold. Having said that, just like in the first communion of a girl, we will have to think what kind of centerpiece we want.

The frequent centerpieces are the religious type, which means putting the typical things in the centerpieces: candles. Currently the most used lately are balloons and sources full of trinkets so that the little ones can take them whenever they want.

Which of the centerpieces for the boys first communion do you like best? We leave a few more examples so that you can choose your favorite one.

Classic centerpieces for first communion Spring Summer 2021 collection


Centerpieces for a first communion can have different styles. Among the classic or traditional can not fail the eye-catching vases that have flowers inside. In this image we not only have a vase with white flowers, which is placed in the center, but on the sides have we have placed other table centerpieces, filled with ornament balls of different sizes.


A very appropriate centerpiece for a first communion would be a centerpiece in which there is some detail that has to do with religion. In general, the most elaborate specialized florists are those who have a cross as a decorative element and with several flowers.


There are also table centerpieces for a first communion that can be used for other celebrations such as a wedding. Table centerpieces like these with fabric flowers in a white color and a light beige, which is quite elegant.

Modern centerpieces for the first communion Spring Summer 2021


We can also choose a modern option of centerpieces for a first communion and, within these, we can include those centerpieces that are recycled.
You take some paint cans, which are fine and clean, and then line with paper (or, as in the photo, filled with candy ), plus a photo of the child celebrating the communion next to the date and its name.


Modern and first communion centerpieces can also be integrated into the celebration menu. Choose to place a vase as a centerpiece and instead of having flowers, have candies or sweets so that the guests can help themselves. It will probably be emptied in a short time (it is better if you have more to fill).


And also among the table centerpieces for a first communion that have a modern design, we can find those that have religious elements, such as crosses made of caramel.

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