Flower centerpieces: things you should know and useful tips

We’ve already talked about a similar kind of centerpieces in the centerpieces with flowers article and we’ve already enumerated the wide range of styles and the variety of this sort of centerpiece. Now we would like to talk about how to choose flower centerpieces and which flowers are the most indicated for each event or celebration. We will usually base on the kind of situation when it comes to deciding which flower is the best choice for an event. Here at espaciohogar.com, we would like to share with you some tips regarding flower centerpieces.

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How to choose the perfect flower centerpiece

Large table-top

  • Flower centerpieces can be perfect for every occasion. However, we can choose the style and color of the centerpiece. Our choosing will definitely depend on whether they are for a wedding (for those people that usually like to place white bouquets in a centerpiece) or for a romantic date (we can choose a center that is smaller and with flowers of the same size).
  • The bigger the celebration, the bigger the centerpiece is. In fact, if we are throwing a big party at our place with many guests and we have a table full of food so they can have a bite, we can choose a flower centerpiece like the one we see in the picture above. This will result in a great centerpiece that we will have decorated with all kinds of flowers in different colors, which will definitely catch someone’s eye.


  • On the other hand, there are those who prefer large celebrations with small centerpieces that can be placed next to each other along the table as we see in this other photo.


  • In fact, for those celebrations in which the gests have to dine in little groups in different tables, (like weddings, baptisms and communions) it is better to choose these small centerpiecces so we can place one in each and every table.


  • We can also choose ideas like the one we see above, because the tiny flower motives in the centerpieces can give us a clue so we can figure out which kind of celebration is taking place. The centerpiece could be, in this particular occasion, for either a very romantic date or Valentine’s Day.

Flowers for every centerpiece


  • Regardless of the type of centerpiece with flowers we choose, or its size, we need to know which flowers are the most suitable for each celebration. Depending on the season of the year we are in, we can place on our table one kind of flower or another.

White flowers-wedding

  • White flowers, such as jasmine, orchids, white roses or daisies, may be the best choice as a centerpiece for an important occasion such as a communion, a christening or a wedding.


  • Tulips are also the perfect flower for big celebrations, in particular, for weddings. They bloom in spring, thus, we can take the opportunity to place them in the center of the table for our banquet, so that our centerpieces end up being as spectacular as the centerpieces we see in the image above.


  • Roses are flowers that we frequently use as a centerpiece. They are perfect for every occasion and, in particular, as a centerpiece for a romantic evening, or celebrating Mother’s Day, for example.


  • We can state that for Christmas centerpieces the best thing we can do is to choose the Easter flower, which that is not usually missing in any house during the winter.

Video on how to decorate with flowers

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