More than 20 photos of luxurious gardens with a swimming pool

Having a garden with a swimming pool is already a luxury, but the truth is that depending on the style and other decorative ideas that you might have, we can create a much more charming and spectacular result. We will show you throughout this article more than 35 photos of gardens with a luxurious swimming pool.

Gardens with a swimming pool

A garden with a swimming pool is usually quite a spectacular sight. So, if you are thinking of getting one or decorating your garden by placing a pool in it, you should know that there is more than one thing you can do.

In fact, we can find ideas that will allow you to decorate your garden and pool while doing so in a very personal and charming manner. All this will make the garden a real luxury.

There are ideas that sometimes require a high budget. Truth be told, is that allow us to say that our garden looks very luxurious combining the charm of plants. The functionality of a swimming pool is key. There are other decorative elements that we want to show you through the following photos.

A garden with a pool and laminate floors

One of the first photos that we will be showing you in order to achieve luxurious gardens with swimming pools will be to choose a floor that is laminated like the one you have above.

This type of floor is perfect to place around the pool as it provides the most elegant style, in addition to the presence of those shrubs around, without leaving any spaces.

A garden with a pool and a lawn

In addition to the laminate floors around our pool, we can choose the lawn. Since we have a garden, it will be good to make sure the lawn blends with our pool.

In this way, we can place some tiles or stones to make a path that leads to the pool, while the whole thing is surrounded by an elegant and careful lawn. Plus, we can decorate it with all kinds of plants, shrubs and flowers.

Garden with a swimming pool and terrace

On the other hand, having a garden and having a swimming pool means that we have the possibility of having a terrace as well.

Thus, in order to achieve luxury and style, we can introduce different types of chairs or bouncers that will help us decorate our garden with a swimming pool in a thorough way and, by the way, this will allow us to take more advantage of the extra space that we have.

Garden with pool and trees

Another element that will add a certain sense of luxury and charm to our garden with swimming pool will be the trees. If you have the right soil to plant them, do not hesitate to do so. Trees are a safe bet.

You do not have to plant many trees and they shouldn’t be too close to the pool either. That way you can lay in the grass, enjoy the fact of having a pool and realize that the trees are the reason for this luxurious style.

You can definitely choose to place a pool if you already have a garden with a nice style. Do not forget the trees!

That way, you can choose to place a large tree, like the one you see in the image above, right before stepping into the pool. You might think this idea is too complicated but quite the opposite, since it was born of the layout or the garden style that we already have.

Garden with luxurious pool on a roof

We know that having a garden with a pool is considered a luxury, but what if our house is in a building? Well, we want to show you this other picture in the hopes you can find inspiration.

In the image above you can spot a roof of a house or building that doesn’t just have a nice garden and an orchard but also a modern transparent pool with sun loungers. A luxury that seems unreachable.

Florida style pool garden

When we look for ideas or inspiration to decorate the garden, we can come across many options or ideas. For instance, we can look for a Florida decorative style, clearly influenced by the fifties or the retro style.

Our pool may be smaller or larger but the garden can’t lack items, such as large trees, palm trees and shrubs that stand out. Same goes to the color we are going to choosewe can’t forget the color pink is an essential one that should be present.

Garden with a pool and a fence

On the other hand, if you want to “frame” your pool, that is, dividing the pool area and the garden area, you have the option of placing a fence.

Not only will you be able to separate the different areas or spaces with a fence, but you can also get a rustic style, which can always add some charm to the atmosphere. What do you think of this photo of a spectacular garden?

Garden with a pool in two rooms

In fact, owning a garden with a swimming pool actually allows us to either choose the option of integrating the garden and the pool, as we have seen so far, or either separating the two, as we have shown you in the previous section regarding fences.

Look at the photo above. This can be another way to have a garden with swimming pool although both areas are divided by placing a terrace in the middle.

The back garden has a lot of lawn and large trees, while the pool is surrounded by a special floor, although there are still trees nearby.

In this other image we can actually see the separation of spaces, although with a much more modern design and for a garden that is somewhat smaller than the previous one.

That way, we can enjoy the garden area with its plants of all kinds and then have an asphalted floor to enjoy the pool more.

More than 20 photos of luxurious gardens with a swimming pool

We have already seen some great ideas and photos of gardens with a swimming pool that are quite luxurious. Nevertheless, we have many other options that we want to show you below. Click on the following photo gallery.

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