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HALLOWEEN ORNAMENTS: Here we will show you photos and ideas on how to do some original Halloween decorations around the house this 2021. We can do a cheap Halloween interior decoration around the house quite easily, plus children can easily do it too. We can put ornaments anywhere, such as doors, tables…

If this Halloween 2021 you want to turn your house into haunted house or you want to throw a proper Halloween party, pay attention to what we are about to tell you. You won’t have to spend a lot of money or go to every store trying to find peculiar materials or be extremely good at crafts. It will be enough with balloons and or papel colors.

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Decoración Halloween 2021 | Halloween ornaments

October 31th we celebrate Halloween, which actually means “the eve of All Saint’s Day”. This celebration was part of the tradition of the Celtic culture and, thanks to the USA influence, now it’s also celebrated in Spain. Pumpkins, bats, vampires, witches, zombies and a whole wold of fantasy and terror appears on Halloween. We can even “decor” our own house with very special ornaments. Here at espaciohogar.com we share with you the best ideas ever when it comes to Halloween decoration. This year your house will surely be the most terrifying one! So we better get started!


Creepy Halloween party decorations

Halloween decorations-ornaments-creepy-halloween-party

Wreath Ornaments


Bats cardboard ornaments


Black ornaments


Metal cobwebs


Small flags


Gray spider web

Decoration-halloween-bowl-gray telartana-halloween

Painted Bottles


Plastic Bottles with different faces


Painted glass pots and candles


Cardboard owls in black


Mannequin head


Popcorn box with wax pumpkin


Black pumpkin that looks like a black tarantula

Halloween decoration-pumpkin-painted-tarantula-black

Pumpkin/owl with small pumpkins


Pumpkins with vegetable eyes


Cropped pumpkin


Pumpkin decorated with eyes and mouths

Halloween decorations-pumpkins-decorated-eyes-mouths



Egg cartons with bloodshot eyes


Ghost Boats

Halloween Decoration-How-To-Make-Ghost

Cardboard pumpkins

Halloween decorations-like-pumpkins-carton

Thread spider

Halloween decorations-how-to-make-thread

Wall Murals


Door decorated for Halloween

Halloween decoration-deco-original-door-halloween

Black glitter to decorate


Halloween party with trinkets

Halloween decorations-original-halloween-decorations

Original Halloween Crafts


See-through sand-faced lanterns


Halloween flamingos in the bones


Gray cobwebs


Halloween ornaments for window

Halloween decorations-halloween-decorations

Lamps decorations: teeth radiorographies


Halloween crafts for the table


Halloween crafts plates and glasses

Halloween decorations

Funny Halloween pumpkin

Halloween decorations-crafts-pumpkins

Halloween table decoration with sweets

Halloween decoration-table-candy-halloween

Halloween monster drawing


Illuminated Halloween Pumpkin

Halloween decoration-orange-halloween

Wire tarantulas designs

Halloween decorations-original-designs-tarantulas-wire

Halloween pumpkin designs

Halloween decorations-original-designs-pumpkins-halloween

Decoration food for Halloween

Halloween decorations-original-candy-halloween-party

Cakes and sweets decoration


Halloween brooms


Decorating the room in Halloween

Halloween decoration-salon-party-halloween

Black cat in the garden


Halloween hat


Halloween animal faces

Halloween decorations-glasses-faces-animals

Halloween Doors Decoration

For those of you who like to decorate your house on Halloween we are going to give you even more ideas to do so. We should start with the doors as it is the first impression we will make. Sometimes having the decorated door is enough: we don’t necessarily have to have something else decorated.

Halloween decorations

Let’s show you that with some objects that we can buy or do ourselves we will achieve our goal, which is to have a terrifying door. Keep reading and you will discover the best ideas if you want to decorate your door.


If the door is black you can choose to put imitating eyes, onlookers monsters, pumpkins, a hanging skeleton, bats… All these elements are quite easy to acquire. But if the door is painted on another color those decorations can look good as well and you can also add crowns or other elements.


In the following photo gallery you can see the different types of doors decorations for Halloween and have all the ideas in order to have the most terrifying house this year.

Halloween table decoration

To decorate the table on Halloween and surprise your friends and family you must have some of the ideas that we suggest present in order to make it a fun and original night and your guests are truly scared.

Halloween table decoration

You do not need elaborate or expensive decoration items. You can create the right atmosphere at dinner just with candles. The most frequently used colors are black, orange and white.

Decoration-table-halloween-candlesThe tablecloth, napkins, tableware, table ornaments and lighting are of great importance. One of the best options is to place on the lamps white and transparent fabrics to make it look like there are ghosts. For you to see all the examples to decorate the table for Halloween we leave this gallery with the best ideas for the most terrifying night of the year.

Interior decorating for Halloweeen

In order to host a great Halloween party, we can decorate our house with small details and decorations that will create that mysterious atmosphere and will scare your guests as soon as they get home. With the following ideas you will be the owner of the most scary house ever.


You can not forget the pumpkins, doesn’t matter if they are plastic or real pumpkins. To create a good atmospehere we recommend you put light on the pumpkins. They will look good anywhere in the house and you can add other elements. Halloween balloons are perfect for this holiday.

Halloween decorations-house-for-stairs

The table should be decorated with either elements such as tablecloths, napkins and tableware. The children will be the ones that enjoy the most this night, that’s why it is essential to decorate the areas they are in. That’s why we show you in the next photogallery all the ideas to decorate the house on Halloween.

Decorate pumpkins for Halloween

Surely you have thought about decorating pumpkins for Halloween many times but you do not know how. The tools you need are: a marker or pencil to define the contours, a heavy spoon to empty the pumpkin, gloves and cutting tools like the famous “Carving Sets”.


Once you have the relevant tools, it only takes a little imagination, patience and skill. We are going to teach you some pumpkin designs so that you can choose the ones that you like.


For those that are true fans of movies we will also teach you pumpkins decorated with the most important characters of the cinema that you like.


It’s a fun way to spend some time with the little ones in the house and a fun and original way of decorating the house. Click on the next gallery and discover the most terrifying pumpkin ideas with the characters from your favorite movies.

So here are the Halloween decoration photos for 2021. Here are a few tips on how to decorate your home for this Halloween 2021.

More photos and decoration tips for Halloween 2021

Halloween Decoration 2015

Halloween decoration

Halloween Decoration 2015

Decorating your home for Halloween can be a fun activity if you have kids, beacuse they can help you. In many stores you can find endless Halloween decorations, at very cheap prices. Using your imagination you can make fun and terrifying decorations. The many materials you have at home and others you may have to buy are easy and cheap to get.

Halloween Decoration 2015

Halloween is a holiday that comes to us from the United States, and it is currently celebrated almost everywhere in the world. If you celebrate Halloween you will know that decorating the house properly is absolutely necessary. If you want your house to be the most scary one this 2019, we will suggest some ideas that, without a doubt, will make your house “terrifying” and are also traditional, such as putting all kinds of pumpkins and decorative elements in orange, which is one of the main tones.

Halloween decoration-2105-centro-de-mesa-calabazas

Even if you do not know much about these types of celebrations, the truth is that Halloween is a good time not only to decorate the home in a terrifying way but also to bet on the colors and elements of autumn. Therefore, a good centerpiece with candles and pumpkins, like the one you see in this photo, can be a great asset to decorate your house without too much ornamentation. You can paint the pumpkins white and also add a candle holder as nice as this one, which reminds us of the leafless autumn trees.

Halloween decoration-2105-botes-decorados

Everything that can be jars or glass jars can also be useful if we want to decorate the house properly on Halloween. Therefore, you can bet on decorating the empty glass jars with paint, orange, with bands and eyes or simply put a candle inside.

Halloween decoration-2105-candelabros

The candlesticks and chandeliers you have at home can also be customized for Halloween, as in all decoration shops and toy stores you will find items such as plastic spiders, cobwebs, small skulls. Everything to decorate properly and in detail your house in the same way that you do in Halloween.

Halloween decoration-2105-fantasmas-en-un-cuadro

The truth is that we can find many ideas on the Internet and most of them are simple and easy to do. Look at these pictures with these ghosts. Just use a photo frame to glue or paint a white ghost in the glass and then put it in a shelf that you have decorated for the occasion, or put it over the fireplace for the occasion. Now that we’ve already seen easy and quick ideas for the Halloween decoration 2021, if you want we can focus more on other aspects that we can explain in more detail and that we are sure you will love.

A terrifying house with Halloween sheets 2021

Halloween decoration-sabanas-blancas

White sheets are and will always be a good choice in horror decorations or decorations for Halloween as we can place them on the furniture or hang them from the walls.

For this decoration is better if we have white old sheets for this decoration so we can place them on some furniture as if there were ghosts. Tulles can also go on furniture, or hanging from a door. As you can see this is a simple idea that will allow you to decorate part of the house for Halloween in the blink of an eye.

Halloween decoration-sabanas-blancas-globos-jardin

If you have a garden, a good idea would be to hang the sheets and to cover a balloon with them. We can paint a face with black paint in the balloon. This way you can have a decoration as terrifying as the one we see in this photo. The key will be to rip the sheets a little so that the ghosts look much more realistic and, thus, terrifying.

The black fabrics can also be helpful when it comes to covering some table or low furniture. Above it you can place homemade pumpkins or those that are sold at stores. Hanging on the doorknob, add a plastic glove that you have previously painted with black or red bitumen, as if it were an evil being.

Figures in the windows for Halloween 2021

Halloween Decoration 2015-figuras-en-la-pantalla

In the windows you can draw bats, spiders, pumpkins… You can draw them in a cardboard, cut them and stick them to the windows. Every window that is facing outside or the safe street will monopolize all the glances of those that come across the zombies that we see above. If you place with artificial snow in your windows during Christmas why not doing something similar in Halloween?

Figures in the windows for Halloween 2015

In fact, you can use a snow spray (like Christmas) to draw bats, spiders or whatever you like, but first you should make a template in a cardboard. All this is very easy to get and with it you will have practically made all the Halloween decorations possible.

Figures in the windows for Halloween 2015

However, here is another idea: grab a piece of tissue paper or a thin black fabric that you can trim as you see in the photo and do something similar to a window frame. Then you can place a candle and some figures, like a black bird. You will see how with a few elements and in a simple way, your windows will be ready for Halloween in the blink of an eye.

Black colors will make everything look scarier. Nevertheless, you can add other colors such as strips in white or colored pumpkins. You can see how a nice combination of colors is made and try it.

Cellophane paper and curtains for Halloween 2021

Halloween Decoration 2015-papel-celofan

You can fix some cellophanepaper or green or red patent leather on a wall and cut it like red blood or zombie green. Also you can put it on the curtains or on the sofa.

It is also a material that you can place on any piece of furniture, windows with a bit of adhesive tape and forming drips and giving it a form of a gout. Best of all, this kind of decoration can be done with your children.

Halloween decoration-calabaza-celofan-caramelos

The cellophane paper we could use to decorate a pumpkin as beautiful as this that we see in the photo. A pumpkin wrapped in cellophane and stuffed with candy so that your guests can take it as a detail or to distribute sweets among children.

Funny and cheap garlands for Halloween 2021

Halloween decoration-2014-guirnaldas-de-halloween-divertidas-y-baratas

Ghosts garlands. A cardboard cuts strips of 10 cm and folds them on itself. Draw the figure of a ghost and cut it on the folded cardboard, you will get a wreath of ghosts. Decorate the eyes and mouth with black marker.

Halloween decorations

Garland pumpkins. We have to follow the same procedure but with orange cardboard, you draw a pumpkin and cut on the strip of folded paper. Then decorate with black marker, the pumpkins.
Garlands of spiders Halloween. Fat black wool. Cardboard or black patent paper strips 7 cm, fold over itself. Cut out a circle, once you have the circles beat them behind with zeal “spider legs” cutting black wool 3 legs on each side of the circle.

Mobile Halloween figures 2021

Moving Figures of Halloween 2015

Cut out black cardboard spiders, and bats, cardboard orange pumpkins, cardboard purple witch caps, and white cardboard ghosts. Cut the figures and then with a pen make the face of the pumpkins, paint the eyes of the spider, decorate to your liking.

You need a piece of hard cardboard where you will stick the figures with a thread. You can use a rectangle about 10 cm by 20 cm long, with two pieces of hardboard glued together to make a base.

Halloween decoration-murcielagos.colgantes

We should make a small hole and cut the different figures. It uses threads of different sizes so that the figures are at different heights. We can hang and put the threads with American tape or tape. You already have Halloween figurines to put in any hanging place which will give your house a fun look and you can also make them with your kids at home. Surely they have a lot of fun.

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