Angel baubles for the Christmas tree

Angels are one of the most frequent symbols and decorative elements in Christmas time. Today we will be showing you how to make angel ornaments for your Christmas tree and some photos we hope can inspire you.


How to make angel baubles for Christmas?

Christmas balls

In order to make these angel baubles to decorate the Christmas tree you will need to be good with crafts, moreover if we want to create the shape of the little angels.

Truth be told, it’s not too hard to make them if you have the required materials, like we will be explaining up next.

As for the colors you can choose them, but to guide you we should say that you will need white porcelain (for clothing), skin (for the head, hands and feet) and something brown, yellow or black (for the hair).

Materials you will be needing

  • Christmas baubles (you can buy them at any store)
  • Cold porcelain
  • Glue for cold porcelain
  • Chopsticks
  • Golden paper
  • Universal glue

Steps you should follow

Before we begin, there are a few recommendations we’d like to share. On the one hand, you should start by placing the angel on top of the bauble so that it looks like the angel is leaning on the bauble. On the other hand, once the angel is already dry, you can glue it with universal glue to the bauble.


  1. The body of the angel is a white porcelain cone. You can also make the arms with two nude white wraps and then glue them to the torso with glue for cold porcelain.
  2. The feet and hands actually are paper balls in a nude color that you can shape with a chopstick if you want to make the fingers.
  3. We can make the head with a nude sphere that we shall nail to the rest of the body with a chopstick. That way the head will stay put. You can then make brown, black or yellow rolls in order to create the hair of the angel.
  4. Afterwards, you can paint the angel’s nose, eyes and mouth with acrylic paint or with a fine fiber-tip, which is non-transferable.
  5. In order to make the angel’s wings you can cut pieces of golden paper and then glue the pieces to the body. Once you are done, you have to wait until everything is dry before hanging it in the tree.
  6. You can place one or two angels per bauble, it usually depends on what you like better. You should take into account that, if the angels are too heavy, it might end up being complicated to place the baubles on the tree.

Angel Ornaments for the Christmas Tree

In addition to creating and personalizing your own Christmas balls with beautiful angels made by you, you can also create angels that you can hang directly from the tree, avoiding the passage of angels to the balls or choose combinations of colors that give harmony.

One of the materials that are causing a great sensation is the fimo, which is very flexible and can be molded easily, paint it and get very cool angels. You also have the option to make them with clay and, for those who have children at home, is a fun task to share with family.


Just so you can picture how to work with a material such a fimo, here we leave a video that will show you step by step how to create an angel in the shape of a pen and transform it so it becomes a Christmas ornament.

Who knows, this can even end up being one of our Christmas traditions and we can start creating different figures and Christmas for all the holidays of the year.

Angels for the Christmas tree made out of popsicle sticks

Make-angels-for-christmas-tree-angels-with-ice-cream sticks

We can honestly state at this point that there are other ways of decorating our Christmas tree with beautiful angel decorations, leaving the already mentioned baubles aside and recommendations made so far.

How can we do this? Well, up next we will be sharing with you another way of making Christmas angels with popsicle sticks.

How to make angels for the Christmas tree with popsicle sticks

Make-angels-for-the-tree-of-christmas-angels-with-sticks-of-ice cream-steps

Notice that in the picture above you have a step by step in detail. You will see how easy it can be to make these angels and then hang them on the Christmas tree.


1-The first thing you should do is get some popsicles sticks. Put three popsicle sticks together with a little bit of adhesive tape. 

2-Then get another two popsicle sticks and place them on the base we’ve already made slightly crossed so we can start making the shape and body of our angel.

3-Now get another two popsicle sticks and cut them in half. Once you’ve done that, you can glue them to the two popsicle sticks that together make the shape of a cross. That way we will be creating the arms of our angel.

4-Turn the base you’ve created around and between the two popsicle sticks out of the first three we’ve already placed, you shall measure so you can properly cut a cardboard that will later on become the neck and head of the angel.

5-Cut the shape of the head and leave a little bit of cardboard, which will be part of the neck. You can glue this piece to the back of the base that we made with chopsticks and, thus, we will make sure that it sticks out (steps 6 and 7).

8-Glue some double sided tape over the back and cut a cardboard that has the shape of wings. You can also use a little bit of wall paper, but above all do not let the paper be bent or creased.

9-From upfront, your angel would be ready at this point. The only thing left for us to do would be to paint and decorate the angel the way you like. And do not forget to draw a face for our little angel.

Moreover, we can add a little bit of wire so we can make the crown of the angel, or we can even use it to hang the ornament on the tree with a little bit of blond (same as the one used for the tray of cakes) so it can become a fully decorated angel.

Angels made out of cold porcelain for the Christmas tree


Another type of angel we can hang on the Christmas tree could be the one you can see above and that you can make with cold porcelain.

The one thing we have to do is mold the cold porcelain so we can create the shape of the body of an angel, without having to paint the face of the angel.

We can draw various details and, thus, we will end up with a beautiful angel to hang on the tree.

Painted angels


You also have the following choice: you can paint it so it’s not completely white. If you feel like it and you are handy with crafts, you can always create a bigger angel, paint it in detail and dress it. In order to have more information, we leave the following video on how to make an angel with cold porcelain:

Photo gallery

And now, so you can feel inspired, we leave you the following gallery with many more ideas:

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