How to make centerpieces

After having given you some ideas and suggestions regarding centerpieces, the first thing we have to take into account would be the type of celebration or party we want to throw. By doing so, we are able to choose, for instance, between centerpieces for children’s parties or wedding centerpieces. Having said that, we would like to show you some tips and steps you should follow if you want to make centerpieces that are easy to make and cheap, but also original. We help you do so through this article! Here at we will explain up next how to make centerpieces.

Center table flowers

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Flowers and candles are the most frequent elements when we are about to make centerpieces, thus, we will be taking both of these elements into account while explaining these two centerpieces up next. However, as a “plus“, you should know that these kinds of centerpieces are truly original and, moreover, making them won’t be too expensive.

How to make an original flower centerpiece



  • Read cardboard
  • Pencil and scissors
  • Dry tree branches (they have to be thin)
  • Vase

How to make a centerpiece step by step:


  • Firstly, we have to find a piece of red cardboard and draw a spiral, like you can see in the picture above. Then you can grab the scissors and start cutting the cardboard slowly and without it breaking, so the spiral can end up being the base of our flower.


  • Once you have the spiral finished, you should start rolling it (same as in the photo on the left) and, little by little, you will be building the shape of a rose out of cardboard that we will be using for our centerpiece. Be careful and always roll the spiral starting from the outside.Center-table-flowers-3
  • The final result should look like the cardboard in the shape of a rose you can see in the picture above. If it is your first time doing this and you haven’t had any practice, the spiral can end up being much more open than the one in the picture or much more open or it can even look less “solid” once you are done. Thus, we want to share with you the following trick: once you’ve started rolling, you have to make sure that it is tight enough to hold.
  • Once you’ve made the first flower, you can start making the others in other colors, and you can also make the roses out of a material different from cardboard. Nevertheless, be careful because if the material is too thin it might break.
  • In order to glue each flower to the branches you shall use a little bit of glue or you can also use double-sided adhesive tape, which will be even more effective if the flowers weigh a lot.

How to make an original centerpiece with candles



  • Glass jars
  • Thick lace tape or lace straps
  • Spray adhesive
  • Rope
  • Candles

How to make a centerpiece with candles step by step:

  • Measure and cut the lace fabric so that you can roll up each can with it. The lace tape must match the width of the glass jar.
  • Apply the spray adhesive (which you can find in fine art shops) onto the lace tape and then glue it so that it surrounds the entire glass jar and the lace tape is completely centered.
  • Last but not least, take the candles and insert them inside each glass jar. If you want to make sure the candles won’t move, you can put a few drops of glue in the base of every candle and, thus, glue the candle to the jar.

Video on how to make centerpieces:

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