How to make Halloween pumpkins: Crafts 2020

Now that Halloween is approaching, you might be wondering how to decorate your house accordingly. This celebration has become more and more popular over the years. One of the most traditional elements is the pumpkin related to Halloween. For the same reason, we are going to teach you to do crafts in order to achieve a terrifying pumpkin, regardless of the original, natural pumpkin with other materials (felt, cardboard, among others).

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Symbolism and origin of the de Hallowen pumpkin

Have you ever heard about Jack-O’-lantern?

Halloween festivities are highly linked to Samhain, a Celtic festivity that would celebrate the end of summer and the harvest. It is believed that the arrival of this celebration to the USA was around the year 1840, thanks to the Irish.

Having said that, the name of Jack-o-lantern comes from an Irish legend that actually referred to the story of Jack, and that it has surrounded itself with other similar legends.


Some people talk about a manthat is vengful and evil, so wicked that there was no place for him nor in heaven nor in hell, thus, his soul was left to wander around the world with the sole company of a pumpkin that has a candle inside.

Other people say that he was a stingy, drunk and troublemaker man that encountered that very same devil in an Irish tabern the night of Halloween. The man dared deceive the devil. He offered his soul in exchange for another drink and the devil obviously couldn’t refuse. So they made a deal and the devil turned into a coin that allowed the man to pay for his drink. Jack placed the coin in his wallet along with a silver cross, which would prevent the devil from returning to his original form.

However, the man couldn’t have the devil kidnapped forever, so he made a new deal with him. In order to set him free, the devil would have to wait 10 years to ask for his soul. When the time was right, they would find each other again, just so the devil could be mislead again. The man even got the devil to promise him that he would never ask for his soul.

In the end, when Jack died he wouldn’t go to heaven because he had been a sinner but he wouldn’t go to hell either because the devil had promised he wouldn’t. The devil said that he could wander around the mortal world with his burning coal to light his way. Jack put the coal into a carved-out turnip and has been roaming the Earth with ever since.

The Celts kept this tradition alive and started lighting in this way their tombs but this was after the Irish arrived to the USA and saw pumpkins. Once they saw them, they started using pumpkins instead. This is something people still do today.

How to empty a pumpkin without breaking it

The tradicional Halloween pumpkin is the one that has a terrifying face. If you see it at night, a horrible chill goes down your spine. Up next we will be showing you how to make a terrying pumpkin and how to empty it without breaking it.

Be aware that this activity is for kids of all ages but always with an adult supervising. The tasks we have to undertake regarding this type of decoration entail the use of a utility knife, thus, if the kids are very young, you should take care of this task yourself.


Tips to buy the best pumpkin

Our pumpkin has to be able to stand still on its own thanks to its bottom, so it’s important you pay attention to this before you buy the pumpkin you chose.

You should choose a pumpkin that has a smooth skin. It will be useful when it comes to carving the skin of the pumpkin.

How to make a Halloween pumpkin

In order to empty the pumpkin, you should look at its bottom and, with a utility knife or an average knife, cut and create the lid of the pumpkin. Average knifes are less exact but can still work just fine. If you can to make things easier on you, place the knife in a 45 degree angle.

Once the pumpkin is open and the lid has been separated from the rest of the pumpkin, you can start emptying the pumpkin and taking out every seed and pulp. It’s important that you choose the side of the pumpkin that’s better polished from inside, with a maximum thickness of 2,5 cm if you want the task to be easier.

Before you start cutting and creating the face expressions, you should paint them. That way you will see if the effect you were amining at has been conveyed or you have to change something. Once you are certain, you just have to work with your utility knife and an average knife in order to cut the different pieces.

Cover the edges or wherever you’ve cut the pumpkin with vaseline to avoid or delay it getting dry.

If you want to give the pumpkin the final touch, you just have to introduce a candle inside the pumpkin, light the candle and close the lid.

Pumpkins with candles for Halloween

Candles are crucial Halloween elements that can’t be forgotten during this celebration. Mere seconds ago, we stated you can introduce a candle inside the pumpkin to enhance the horrifying quality of the face you have drawn. Well, you can also create some pretty awesome ghostly shadows for that special night.

The candles you can place inside the pumpkin can be simple, there is no need to get orange candles, for instance. You can also light the pumpkin by surrounding it with candles. Be careful and don’t leave the candles unprotected, that way you will avoid an accident.

Up next, we leave a step by step video so you can see how to create a pumpkin for Halloween (following the previous instructions) and what kind of effect the light of the candle can have on the atmosphere:

pumpkin Halloween: Ideas de decoración

En esta sección queremos mostraros algunas ideas de decoración de pumpkins Halloween atípicas. Todos sabemos que se pueden convertir en una imagen terrorífica -y os enseñaremos a hacerlas más adelante- pero también puedes conseguir una pumpkin muy personal.

Halloween pumpkin in the shape of a cat

Using modelling clay can be a great idea if you want to enjoy this festivity with the kids or make with them something easy to do.

The image we will be showing you now is actually an opportunity to create something cute: a decoration that stands out if compared to the tradtional Halloween decoration. This innovative decoration is a decoration in which you can see Halloween kittens or cats. They are quite easy to do, you just need modelling clay or felt in order to make the face of the cat and then lay it over a natural pumpkin.


Another option we’d like to discuss is the following: you can have kittens, like in the photo above, in a big pumpkin filled with other pumpkins, also with kittens.

In order to do so, you will have to use different types of materials, from fabrics up to markers, cardboards, felt, among others… Be creative!

Halloween pumpkin with a mask


Have you seen the movie El Zorro or ‘The Fox’? If you decide to decorate your house or wear a gangster costume similar to the movie, of the very Fox or Zorro, or through a mascarade party, these pumpkins with funny masks are the perfect choice.

In order to create the perfect mask you can use cardboard or felt, whatever you prefer. You just have to take into account the meassures of the pumpkin, as if we were dealing with a head.

When it comes to creating the eyes, you can always find stickers in craft shops or in 99 cent stores, or if you see you don’t have time to search for it, you can always draw them with a mere marker… It’s not the same, though!

Pirate Halloween pumpkin

You can try this at home with the kids. This is a fun pumpkin, because you can decorate it as if it were the face of a pirate. A little bit of fabric or black felt will be your allies in order to create a pirate hat, a moustache and a patch. You will need a button for the one eye.

Halloween pumpkin with spiders

And for those of you that want pumpkins to slightly scare you, the best thing you can do is decorating them by painting spiders all over them.

You can even try to paint the pumpkin so it loses its natural orange color. Isn’t the color black scarier? To paint the pumpkins like this, the best thing you can do is use a spray that will completely cover it.

Halloween pumpkin- Crafts 2020

Making a Halloween pumpkin 2020 with a cardboard

If you don’t like real pumpkins (take into account the fact that you have to empty the pumpkin in order to decorate it and create a face), you can always choose to celebrate Halloween 2020 with a little bit of cardboard, fishing line and glue.
The only thing you have to do is to cut strips, same as you see in the photo above.

Afterwards, you just have to put them together and make a whole. You have to be able to pass the fishing line through the whole so all the stripes stay put together.

The best case scenario would be just one whole for each end of the cardboard stripes you’ve previously cut. After that you can try to strengthen it simply by placing a small circle that you can also make with cardboard. Glue the circle to the first and last stripe.
Now pull the fishing line so it stays tight between one end of the cardboard and the other end and we can start making a pumpkin like the one we can see above. We can close it with green paper and then we can add a bow so it looks pretty. Easy to do and quite an extraordinary decorative element!

Video on how to make a cardboard pumpkin

Making a Halloween pumpkin 2020 with felt

Hacer calabaza de Halloween 2015 con un fieltro
You can try this with your kids, even with the little ones, if you choose a very specific material to make Halloween pumpkins, often used to make crafts, which is felt.

It’s easy to grab a piece of orange felt and cut it in the shape of a pumpkin and glue it on the wall so the kids can start glueing, in black and green felt, the different areas of the face and the pumpkin stem.

Truth be told, this is maybe one of the easiest materials you can handle and this is why we believe it to be a good option to make a Halloweeen pumpkin 2020 with your kids. They will definitely have fun and you can teach them how to cut the orange piece in the shape of the pumpkin. After that you will need the black and greem pieces, so they can become the face and stems of the pumpkin.
You can even cut felt in many colors, so the kids can let their imagination run wild and decorate the pumpkins the way they like.

How to make Halloween pumpkins 2020 with balloons

Hacer calabaza de Halloween 2015 con globos
Another good idea would be to make Halloween pumpkins with balloons that have an oval shape. We will be able to find, without going through much trouble, this kind of balloons in an orange color. It will be easy.

If you want to “complicate” things a little bit, here is what we propose: you should create a real pumpkin shape, such as the one we see in the video above.

The sole thing you need is an organge balloon and a little bit of tape in that very same color, or in the color black. Place the tape to and fro and all over the balloon. You can also tape the end of the close. You do this until the result resembles a real pumpkin. This is easier that it looks like and it is also a great idea when it comes to Halloween decorations 2020.

Halloween pumpkin made out of papier mâché


You will be needing: balloons, silk paper in yellow and orange shades, glue, paintbrush, scissors, rope or tweezers.

Cut tripes of silk in the two colors.

After that, you can blow up a balloon until it has the size you want. Then, place it on top of a glass and start putting glue on it. Once you are done, start placing the orange stripes -mixing them with yellow ones- from the upper part of the balloon up to its knot.

If you realize that there is not enough color, you can aply glue over such stripe (when everything is dry and it stays put). You can repeat the process as many times as necessary and all over the balloon. If you want to paint a face now it’s the time to do it. Use markers or leaving some areas of the balloon without paint (before doing so, see everything in order to understand the full process).

If you want the balloon to fully dry, you can hang the balloons from a rope and putting a tweezer on the knot of every balloon.

Once the balloon has dried, pierce it but in an area that will not ruin the papel mâché. You can remove it later and voila! The pumpkin is finished!

If you want to light the inside of the pumpkin, please bear in mind that you have to use a battery or electric candle.

Photos of Halloween decorated pumpkins

There are many the ways to decorate your pumpkin, taking advantage of its natural beauty or decorating it by using other types of accessories and articles that will create a terrifying vibe.

In these photos you will also find inspiration in order to create your very own pumpkins with quite a personalized decoration. You will see there are many photographs you can combine so as to enhance the areas that are most scary. You just have to bear in mind that the more complex the design is, the more time you will need.

For that same reason, all of you that decide to leave your pumpkins decorated as natural as possible, we recommend you start the whole process with in advance and with a lot of time so you can perfect the result and modify it as many times as you want.

Halloween pumpkins with spiders


The spiders you see in the photo are from a store, which means you can find them and buy them almost anywhere and for an affordable price. If you want to do it yourself at home, you can also create them with felt or cardboard; and, if you want to make them edible, you can use Oreo cookies with black licorice.

Halloween pumpkin witch


In order to create this witch, you will be needing a little bit of green paint, a marker with a fine tip and some autumn leaves that will be the perfect contrast.

Halloween pumpkins with smoke


In specialized decoration stores you will find fabrics that look like spider webs or fabrics with a smokey effect, if you know how to place them. The light will enhance this effect, so don’t hesitate to try different positions.

Halloween skeleton pumpkin


You will be needing two different pumpkin sizes for this kind of decoration and to be good with crafts in order to make the different finger phalanges.

Halloween pumpkin centerpieces


Halloween punctured pumpkin


I you look carefully, you will realize this pumpkin combines two types of differenciated wholes and symmetric. Use a drill bit so everything looks perfect.

Terrifying Halloween pumpkin


A path with Halloween pumpkins


If you have a garden area, ésta va a ser la mejor decoración con la que iluminar tu hogar para Halloween.

Halloween pumpkin napkin ring


Pumpkins are now considered a secondary accessory in this particular case but they can also become the perfect centerpiece, joined by these terrifying napkin rings.

Halloween pumpkins with decorated faces


If you have no time nor energy to empty the pumpkin and carve it, there is a less tricky option: painting it or work with a litlle bit of felt- which will help us create different facial expressions – like you can see in the photo above.

Jack Halloween pumpkins


Owl Halloween pumpkins


Use pumpkins in different shades in order to create such a funny looking olw.

Cat Halloween pumpkin


Black cats are well known because it is an omen of “bad luck”, thus, they will be absolutely perfect for this special night. Paint the pumpkins completely black and finish decorating with the other accessories: cardboard, felt or pipecleaners.

Clown Halloween pumpkins


This decoration will also be very quick and easy to do. You just have to prepare the decoration and all the aspects regarding the face. All with craft tools: cardboard, felt, glue, scissors… If you feel lik it, you can look in every store or bazaar for articles that will make everything look much more realistic.

Bat Halloween pumpkins


This is quite an original way of bringing pumpkins to life… Use felt for the wings and… There you go!

Halloween pumpkins for a party


Halloween pumpkin calendar


You can use pumpkins some other time, aside from the night of Halloween. In fact, it can also be used as a calendar, so you can do a countdown until a special event takes place. Just be careful where you put it, bear in mind it has to be a calendar/board so you can write the numbers in and earse them every single day.

Halloween pumpkins with spider webs


Make the most out of using glitter. We do it in order achieve a pumpkin with a bright effect. What do you think of these decorations? Glitter plus glue and a pencil to set the drawing will be everything you need.

Halloween pumpkin lamps in the shape of an owl


You can pumpkins, flowers, stones or pumpkins in different shades in order to create the different features of the owl-pumpkins.

Halloween pumpkins with precious stones


You can always glue “precious stones” or other accessories to the pumpkins in order to convey that these are chic decorations.

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