More than 100 Photos of garden decorations: Ideas on how to decorate the garden

When the good weather arrives, we like to enjoy the outdoor areas of our home. If you are lucky enough to have a garden, we have prepared a series of ideas illustrated with photos for garden decorations.

The garden is a very cozy area of our house where we can enjoy the good weather with friends and family in spring and summer. Therefore, it’s important to maintain the garden in a good state. That way we will find truly agreable the time we spend there.Garden decoration

Small garden decorations

You want your little garden to look larger and have some more space? We will show you photos with examples of landscape designs for small gardens that will help you make your garden bigger.Small garden decorations

As we see in the example above, we have a well separated garden area that shows a very pleasant landscape and sense of breadth at first sight. The plants have their own place that is separated from the part destined to the dining area of the garden. We do this so the plants can grow and we can access the plants, thanks to the path of stones that crosses the garden, which actually is quite practical.

Decoration of small gardens with plants

Garden decorations-small-with-plants

The small gardens can also have a luxurious decoration. The eastern culture related to zen gardens not only is quite beneficial, but also useful if we want to make the area look larger, in particular for those outdoor spaces that are not so big.

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Small garden decorations with a minimalist design


Taking full advantage of the free space and doing it efficiently through leveling is the best way to make the gardens look bigger. The leveling can be teak, as you can see in the example above, and it is used to isolate the part of the dining room from the garden.

Small garden decoration with teak wood pergola

Garden decoration-small-with-pergola

One of the most important elements to take into account in our garden is the wooden pergola. In gardens that are small that wooden pergola looks pretty good, like the one you can see in the image above, and it can turn the place into a beautiful space that combines different styles, but it can also delimite the relevant function of each and every one of the garden spaces.

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Small garden decorations with a landscaped design

Garden-decoration-small-design-landscaperIn addition, we have the possibility of creating boundaries with ornamental elements for our small gardens, as can be the case of the above photo with decorative strips of stones, gravel or pebbles. The only function it has is to beautify and make a much quieter garden, mixing textures and different materials.

Now we leave you the following photo gallery with small garden decorations:

Small garden decoration – Photos

Rustic garden decorations

Garden decoration-rustic-tree

We continue with the goal of turning our garden into a beautiful place with different styles and atmospheres. If what you are looking for is decorating the garden and turning it into a much more comfortable environment, the garden decoration style you are looking for is the rustic decor.

The first thing you need is rough wood and/or wicker furniture that, on top of rustic fabrics and tablecloths or pillows, can create a relaxed atmosphere and a much more rustic atmosphere.

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On top of all the details we’ve already mentioned, you can add any rustic accessory that you might like: lanterns, used tools, candles, horns hunter style, wooden tables, stone paths…

Garden-decor-rustic-way-to-sofaWe will also give a few tips on how to decorate the garden or patio with a rustic style. In fact, just with a few elements or touches we will have a nice garden.You can not forget the color green, that is, thanks to the fact that we will be hanging plants or vines we will achieve that natural and rustic touch we are looking for.

Wood is another very important element, because it always looks good. For instance, if we want to create an intimate and beautiful area, some wooden curtains can help us achieve that. If you are unsure about the curtains and you want to separate such space from the rest of the garden, you can always choose some wood trunks so they can form a pergola. That way you will be decorating your garden in an original way.

Garden decor-rustic-wood-house

If we have a large garden or patio, a good idea may be to make a path surrounded by plants or a garden with flowers to bring a new light to the patio. Also, if we plant flowers or aromatic plants the patio will smell nicely.

We like everything that’s nature related or forest related, you can place wooden ceilings with a lot of vegetation that is an added value for our patio.

If you want to make dinner for your friends and family or you just want to have a nice time and you need a break from the city life and the pollution, you can make a stone path that takes you to a large table. Plus, if, on top of that, you have an open view of the wilderness we are certain that you will be at a loss, because it will surely look like haven.We can also achieve this effect with a table, a couple of chairs annd a rustic wooden pergola.

Garden decoration-rustic-table-and-views

Another way to disconnect can be to put chairs, so we will have a place where we can relax as well as an opportunity to create a cozy yet different space. If you have little space, you may like the idea of putting some hammocks and two old wooden benches, which will also be cozy.

Below you will find examples in the gallery with photos of rustic designs to decorate your patio or garden.

Pictures of Rustic garden decoration

Garden decoration with swimming pool

One of the most important things when decorating a garden with a swimming pool is the location of such pool. It has to be a place WHERE from the sun and away from strong winds, that is, a place where you can relax and enjoy a pleasant atmosphere. Once we have it well placed we are going to see a series of elements that we can place in our gardens so that our decoration is perfect.

How to Decorate a Garden with a Pool: Plants

Decorate-a-garden-with-pool-palm trees

Plants are essential in the decoration of a garden, nature always looks good but you do not need to look like a jungle. Adding pots with natural plants or planting some tree like palm trees is enough, so we can enjoy a place where we can rest after bathing.

We can also choose exotic plants so that our garden is different. These plants should be nice and easy to place anywhere in the garden. Wherever you plant them you, will create that different yet original space.

How to decorate a garden with swimming pool: Pergolas and sun loungers


You want to get a place in the shade, to disconnect and be able to enjoy some quiet, the best you can place is a pergola with a large table with chairs to prepare large meals outdoors after a morning at the pool.

If you want to enjoy a very good nap to disconnect from everything, you can also put several sunbeds that you can use to sunbathe and to rest in the shade. They are also comfortable, beautiful and our back will thank us.
You can see a wide catalog of pergolas here.

How to Decorate a Garden with a Pool: Walkways

Decorate-a-garden-with-pool-deck chairs

A walkway with deckchairs or by placing in an area, can be very decorative and useful in the garden, Any materials: stone, wood or cement. A walkway near the pool will create a changing area where we will be able to move from garden lawn to the material we choose.

On that path or walkway we can place more elements like umbrellas, pillows or any element that promotes a good time in the pool and garden.
What do we use in order to decorate a garden? There are trends in landscaping that can help you improve your garden by saving money. Oriental gardens, cottage-style gardens or Mediterranean gardens. If you have a garden, make it the best corner of your home. This article will give you a general idea and help you make decisions, but you must read it till the end and go step by step in order to learn new ideas to decorate the garden.

Garden Decoration: Fabulous Ideas

To decorate the gardens and patios in an original, neat and beautiful way has its trick, now we are going to give you some fabulous ideas to be able to decorate our gardens and surprise our neighbors and friends.


The details matter, they give that original touch to the garden and we can make them with materials that we all have at home and we no longer use, for example a tricycle that we will use as a pot, a wheel that we will use as a garden planter, old chairs, a lamp … Everything is reusable and we can get a nice and original garden.

Garden decorations-flowers

If we have a large garden and we want to put some sofas to create a pleasant place to relax and drink, we can create them or get the rustic style through wood, which will look great.

Garden decoration-sillon-for-outdoor

For the little ones, we can also create an area, a children’s corner where they can play and have fun at home. If you want to see more examples to decorate your garden and be the envy of all the neighbors, you definitely have to take a look at the following gallery of photos. In here you will find the most fabulous ideas for your garden.

Before you keep reading, we recommend you consider a very innovative and popular trend for the garden:

Garden fountainsIdeas-to-decorate-the-garden-2015

Decorating the garden and where to start

To decorate-the-garden-by-where-we begin

Before we begin to see what ideas and trends we can offer you to decorate your garden this summer, we want to help you answer the question that we are certain many of you have been asking to yourselves: where to start?

In matters of gardens and decoration, sometimes choosing change or innovation can lead to something more complicated than just redecorating the living room or bedroom. It is not a matter of painting and that’s it. We should consider that any garden, however small, will seem to be quite large compared to a room.


The first thing you have to do is decide which elements you need and which ones you do not need. Knowing what kind of plants and flowers are appropriate depending on the space and, in particular, depending on the incidence of the sun, because you can plant something that is receiving sunlight all day but that ends up dying or has to be constantly watered.


It is also important that you bet on elements that allow you to enjoy your garden to the fullest. It will be of little use to buy a whole bundle of tumbosa or a large table with chairs if you can only fit two or three. It is also essential to know what kind of shade we have in our garden and take full advantage of it so that it is in the areas where it most affects where we place the furniture of rest, or those plants that need.

Let’s see what ideas we find for garden decoration so you can have the garden of your dreams, regardless of the size.

Garden decoration 2015

When starting to decorate your garden, as I said, you must start knowing exactly how much space you have. If you have a small garden, you have to take advantage of it to be a space full of plants and trees. A small garden is often associated with a short distance to the next house, so you may be interested in creating a garden that gives you privacy. If you are just starting out, the best option is fast growing plants: vines or bamboo. Also a small tree or a large tree without any other, may be a good choice.

If you have a large garden you can create different zones delimiting them with decorative stones, fences, pergolas, gazebos, different heights, pools, fountains. Obviously the possibilities will be endless since we can begin to take into account trends such as those gardens full of lights that are so beautiful at night, or have a water mirror.

If you want to put a barbacoa or a wood oven, you can have an area to eat, another chill out area to relax, an area for the children. All this in the same space but divided by sectors.

In addition you can take advantage of if it has circular form or square form to enhance a larger or smaller space. We can place the elements and decorate it also according to the incidence of the sun on the ground and how we want to “take advantage” of its light and heat to illuminate certain areas.

If you have a square garden, it is always good to place large plants in the corners, so that we blur the lines. This is frequently used in gardens and you can take advantage of the space towards the center to place a pool, a water source or dedicate yourself, for example, to place furniture such as a table with chairs, sun loungers…

Rustic Garden Decorations


One of the most current decorations is the decoration of rustic gardens, because this decorative style provides a very romantic look. Plus, truth be told, we have many options to help us achieve this style.

The decoration of rustic gardens is characterized by being a decoration that reminds us of green areas and natural fields. So what we have to do is to get the plants, herbs and flowers that we have to grow in the most natural way possible.


Next to the plants and flowers that we can place, it must be said that the rustic gardens also have rustic furniture and details . The furniture can be, for example, in wood and if they are somewhat worn much better because with that we will get the rustic look that we are looking for.

Stone garden decorations


If the soil in your garden is all even or uneven, if the soil is good for planting or you need to enrich it, if you want all the lawn, if you want rustic soil … Every single one of these are options you have when decorating the garden. However, the truth is that one of the most fashionable options we have is currently to do with stones and that is a real change that can totally modify the aspect of your garden.


If your soil is not leveled it is necessary to level it, the lawn or soil will come. Artificial turf is a good choice in order to decorate the garden without the drawbacks of conventional turf, which tends to become uneven over the years, but, of course, it is not the same thing. We can add to all this a series of stones that can cover everything. They can either cover the grass or the surface that we have chosen, or we can simply place them next to the plants and flowers that decorate the garden.


On the other hand the decoration of a garden with stones allows us to be able to asphalt precisely with those stones and, while doing so, we can create a path that does not have to be irregular but that we can level by placing stones of approximately the same size in a line. Another option is to choose to use the stones simply as a decorative element. This is the reason why many choose to place first a completely smooth floor.

In order to see more photos of gardens with pinchad stones, click on the following link:

Place the soil before you place the stones

There are many options when it comes to place a floor, but we recommend the stoneware for its resistance and also because it can help make a simple garden that is easy to maintain. If you prefer to use wood, pay special attention to the type of wood you choose (there is no place for saving money) and you also have to make sure that the person in charge of assembling the pieces is an expert. If that it is not the case and it is not correctly assembled, in spite of the wood being of the highest quality, the furiture can end up being broken in less than five months . A material such as wood expands and contracts, which is something you should always take into account.

Nevertheless, if you are unable to even the floor, you can always choose to plant certain types of flowers or plants that can help fix wherever it is uneven or at least hide it with stones.

Minimalist garden decorations

Another idea is to decorate the garden with a minimalist sense or style. This will be an ideal decorative style for gardens that are not very spacious because it is based on being able to get simple lines, with little decoration, using neutral colors, like white or black in contrast and betting on plants that do not need a great maintenance and elements that do not stand out too much. Also the large and large gardens can benefit from this type of decoration as it will allow them to look even larger.

One of the many aspects you should take into account in order to create this type of garden is that we will have to have a space that although small is ample. In fact, we can rely on a decoration that is not excessive.


As an inspiration, you can look at Japanese gardens, as they have elements such as water that are of great importance and look perfect in minimalist gardens. In order to do so, you can choose a fountain that doesn’t have to be too large.


You can also bet on the idea of putting some lights in your minimalist garden that can be either “hidden” or indirect light as you see in the garden above. Everything will be more romantic and with that “zen” feeling provided by this type of gardens.

Outdoor garden decorations


If you live in a Mediterranean warm area or if you live in a wetter and cooler area, your garden must adapt to the weather since, in this sense, weather can highly influence the decoration of outdoor gardens.

The climate is vital when it comes to choosing the right trees, plants and shrubs that, besides fulfilling a decorative function, must also adapt to their surroundings. Orientation is also key. A garden facing north will be great for cooling off in summer, but will require plants and trees that can survive the direct light of the sun. A garden with south and west orientations, requires plants capable of withstanding large amounts of sun in summer. This type of garden is more frequent in ¡the northern hemisphere.


On average, very hot climates need plants and trees that are temperature resistant. In a very hot climate nothing will grow, just as in a very cold climate there will be trees and plants that will not adapt. Ask for advice in garden centers or nurseries on which plants are best and on how much sun they are able to hold.

Anyway, and although climatology is essential when choosing our garden plants, it does not have to be a determining factor when choosing a type of flower or plant that we’d like for the decoration of an outdoor garden. We can put a greenhouse, so that we can have any type of flower or plant and the temperature and humidity it requires.

Your style


If you like classic, modern, Japanese style gardens, this is a good way to start. In garden furniture you have plenty to choose from and many prices. There are rustic furniture as we’ve mentioned before, teak wood, natural fibers such as rattan, forging. Something that never goes out of style is wicker furniture, which brings an atmosphere of great warmth to the garden, and also exist in different styles, both classic and modern.


Modern furniture in teak, aluminum, or metal with braided fiber, in imitation of natural fibers, is the latest trend, in addition to being very resistant and beautiful furniture.

The plastic furniture is practical, inexpensive and you have many designs you can choose from.

White chairs and garden table

Blank furniture for the garden is becoming more and more popular, so you better choose models like this one you see above. Spectacular and very trendy.

Exterior-center table

Also choose models of furniture to decorate that are made out of materials, such as aluminum. This way you can save some money (since it is not as expensive as other materials) and it is also trending.

Plus, our style can be defined in the garden decoration through details that seem as simple as, for instance, a simple planter.

The budget you have

Your budget has to adapt to the type of garden you have. For instance, if your garden is small, start by planning the space you are going to use. If you need a pergola or a garden umbrella, table, chairs, wooden latticework for plants or flower pots, you can go looking for deals in different malls.


But if, on the contrary, your garden is large, you can go in phases if you want to create different spaces, such as a romantic or chill out area or a Moroccan style area.


You will achieve spectacular results just by putting metal pergolas so that the plants become entangled, and create a trellis of flowers. Or you can put outside columns creating a garden-style gazebo, or if you prefer a shed in the garden for guests or children, or a fountain.

We can decorate a small place with quite a small budget. Moreover, with the garden furniture of increasingly economic shops with affordable prices that we will be mentioning shortly.

For larger budgets, when we have a small garden, there is no need to place too many elements. In spite of the money, a small garden can be easily saturated.

Take advantage of what you already have

This is a good way to save and create a custom garden. If you have planters, wine barrels that you can use for plants, wooden stairs, iron furniture, antique fountains …

Lanterns can make your garden unique. Choosing the lighting you want, using flowerpots that can be old. An old table that you can cover with a nice rubber tablecloth.

Video of ideas on how to decorate the garden

A photogallery of ideas to decorate the garden

If you want to better understand the different methods to decorate the garden:

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