How to keep white walls clean

How beautiful are those pictures of houses or decoration catalog where we see for example a living room with pure white painted walls. Aren’t they wonderful? The truth is white walls not only bring more light and sense of space to any environment but are also very nice (combined with other colors in the furniture), but at the same time they are often easily stained, which is something that you can’t gather from the photos. If you want to know how to clean the white walls of your house, keep reading this article and pay attention, because we will be giving you the best to keep-clean-walls-white

How to keep white walls clean


  • Cleaning and care: these are key to keep the white walls of our house clean since, on the one hand, we always need to pay attention so they do not stain or, moreover, be prepared to clean the stain of ink from the fingers of your son or the drops that have fallen into the wall if we have touched them with wet hands, and the walls do not get dry.
  • It is always good to have a sponge and a cloth just in case there is a drop or stain of any kind and, thus, we can remove it at the moment. Think about it, if we remove the stain when many hours have passed we will have to work harder, thus, by cleaning ourselves we can end up making a bigger stain.
  • On the other hand, in many houses there is a tendency to hang pictures, mirrors, photos, among others, on the walls so that if we spend a lot of time without removing them, there will always appear a stain that may be yellowish and that is not aesthetics (later we will explain what to do with those spots).
  • It is good that you remove from time to time everything that is hanging on the walls so that we check if the white of the wall looks more or less white under one of the paintings we own.
  • We should also be careful if we have animals at home because they are usually leaning against the walls, or in fact many even scratch against them. You will notice that the bottom of a wall is always much more stained so we insist you clean the wall right away.
  • Finally, it is worth mentioning that you better paint the walls once you notice that the color white looks too off. However, it doesn’t matter how much you clean if the sun can end up fading the color or the intensity of the shade of the walls. White paint is not very expensive so take advantage of the fact that summer is around the corner and paint your walls again in white. You will see how your living room or bedroom gains light and looks cooler.

Tips for White Wall Care


  • It is always good to clean the house, and this includes the walls too. Have you ever dusted the walls? Although it may not seem like it, they are usually filled with dust that comes in through the windows or that we lift ourselves up when walking so it will be good to remove the dust from the walls with a duster or a dry cloth. It is also not a bad idea to own a vacuum cleaner.
  • If you have walls painted with plastic paint it will be very easy to clean them because for this you only need a little bit of water with soap (not too much) and a sponge that we will use carefully (do not wet the sponge too much).
  • With another sponge, rinse and remove all the soap that remains if you want to end up with a dry cloth. Repeat this procedure all over the wall to make the cleaning even.
  • For walls with white paper, it is better to use some specific product for wall paper, although you can also use a damp cloth.
  • If the white wall is the washbasin for example or the kitchen and maybe tiles, it will always be much easier to keep clean because with a damp cloth and soap we can clean and then dry it with another cloth that is clean. It is good that you use some degreasing product in the tiles of the kitchen as these are usually stained due to the vapors and accumulations of fats that are produced when we cook.
  • For the pictures, mirrors, photos hung on the white wall that we’ve mentioned before, we can remove their marks with a little milk in a clean rag or simply by using an eraser.
  • If the wall has been stained by something that is difficult to remove such as grease, blood or oil, use a little ammonia dissolved in water with soap. Apply it with a sponge moistened and then let it do its job for a few minutes. Then remove it with warm water and by using a clean rag.

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