Kitchen cabinets

In Espaciohogar we want to talk to you about kitchen cabinets. Although almost all kitchen cabinets are made out of wood, the truth is that over the years they have been updated and now they have a wide variety of styles and designs.

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Kitchen cabinets may vary depending on the decoration or the decorative style of the kitchen. In addition they have a specific function, which would be to store crockery and kitchen utensils. Moreover, we choose them beyond that not only for their design but also for the use we will be doing of such cabinets.

Different types of kitchen cabinets

  • The truth is that the type of kitchen cabinets that will best fit the available spacce and will obviously have to blend in with the rest of the kitchen furniture. In fact, we can even say that there are different types of cabinets depending on the material that was used to made them.
  • For instance, we have for example the cabinets, and furniture, made in formica which will have the doors of agglomerate completely ready and covered with a layer of Formica. They are perhaps the most economical and in fact can be found in various designs and colors.
  • We will also have PVC cabinets (or polylaminated), which will have a pvc layer for the door. They are more or less expensive though very easy to clean. You have them in a wide variety of colors as well as in all kinds of shapes. And they tolerate the humidity well enough.
  • Another style of kitchen cabinets will obviously be those made out of wood. A common material in many homes and in the kitchen area. However, we should also point out that wood is not in style anymore.
  • Among the wooden kitchen cabinets we can find some that have several layers of this material known as “marine board” and have timbers that will prevent the wood from bending over time.
  • Lacquered cabinets are perhaps quite popular at the moment among many people. They have different types of shapes and styles as well as colors and thanks to lacquering, it seems that the final result looks so much better.

Tips when choosing the perfect kitchen cabinet

  • The best thing you can do before you choose a kitchen cabinet that may be too large or small or a kitchen cabinet that does not blend in with the rest of the kitchen, we should point out that it is always best to buy the kitchen with evereything integrated. A good idea would be those modular kitchens, which are modern, functional and also have furniture with the same design.
  • On the other hand, space is also essential and above all we should know if we will be needing many kitchen gadgets that we will have to store inside the cabinets to see their true capacity.

Photo gallery of kitchen cabinets

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