Kitchen Handles

In Espaciohogar we want to talk to you now about those who are kitchen handles that are nothing more than the knobs or handles we see in the kitchen furniture, such as cupboards, drawers, doors…

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Although the vast majority of kitchens today have a functional and modern design, the same happens with the handles and they have varied enough in shapes and styles to be able to adapt them to the furniture of integrated kitchens that are so worn now. Anyway, we still find a wide variety of styles that will adapt perfectly to the type of cuisine we have.

Types of kitchen handles and the different styles

  • Chromed steel handles: Although the kitchen handles have almost always had an elongated design that allows us to place them in quite large drawers that are the ones that we usually find in kitchens. We can currently find handles of a similar style which seem to have a much more elegant design thanks to the chrome that is actually present in almost all handles that are currently in the market.

  • Square handles: Although elongated handles will perhaps be more comfortable for the functionality that you want in the kitchen, we can also find square shaped handles, which are perhaps more suitable for cabinets. The model of the upper image, for example, is also very thin and made of zinc.

  • Circular handles: In the same way that we can find square handles for kitchen furniture, we have to say that you can also find the circular ones, present in many kitchens of the past and that have now also been renewed in models like this one with a matt chromed and The detail of taking a few points.

Bar Handles : One of the most modern designs for kitchen handles that are made today will be those that are known as “bar handles”. They have a design that is comprised of a single piece of stainless steel which is easy to find. Moreover, we can find it in different sizes, depending on the furniture where we will be putting it or the type of kitchen we have.

  • Another model of bar handles that we can find and that you will surely love if you have a kitchen that has a modern design, are these handles of varied colors made of plastic that are sold at Ikea.

As you can see, the kitchen handles are mostly of a simple design but can be adapted to the modern style that is frequent today when it comes to kitchens. They are also easy to install and have a variety of colors that can be combined with kitchens that feature bright, contemporary colors such as red and blue.

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