Kitchenette: ideal for small kitchens

Kitchenette or small kitchens are integrated, functional and simply perfect for small apartments, studios or flats. Good ideas for the kitchen at and more about kitchenette with videos.image0031

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The kitchenette concept

  • In the cover photo you see a kitchenette of the Bof i company, with ceramic hob, mini hob, mini fridge, drawers and storage space. Closed is elegant yet simple in white, open can’t be more practical.

  • In the United Kingdom the concept of Kitchenette was also used to name a small place outside the kitchen of the house where they could heat or prepare food quickly. In a house with several floors there may be a kitchenette on the upper floor or attic or in a games room.

  • In the photo below, another Whirlpooll Kitchenette model. Ideal for small kitchens, with two-burner stove, sink, refrigerator and cupboard in the lower part. The measures are 91 high by 100 cm wide and only 60 deep. The sink is stainless steel, the fires are electric and the fridge has space for everything. You even have a small countertop space between the fires and the sink.


  • In this type of kitchen, organization is paramount. They usually have fewer cabinets and more shelves on the walls, as well as panels to hang kitchen items, which actually turns the place into a bigger one.


Kitchenette designs on tables and chairs

  • The designer Marta Antoszkiewicz uses the kitchenette idea in this original table that houses four comfortable chairs. It is the concept of functional furniture, where space can be maximized without losing comfort.

marta-Antoszkiewicz-kitchenette-table marta-Antoszkiewicz-kitchenette-table2

  • The table and chairs have a minimalist design in white and red. Up close they look like a cube that can be in a children’s bedroom, a play room or a living room.

  • The table and the chairs are made out of enameled metal and the base of the chair has a cushion on it.


Again Marta Antoszkiewicz surprises us with a practical design based on the Kitchenette concept. The light bulb table. Nobody closed it because if you leave it open it is a nice white table and four chairs. The design has curved shapes and is even simpler than the previous design. Ideal for having a table and chairs in any small space, such as a small room or in a children’s beedroom.marta-antoszkiewicz-bulb-table-chairs-bulbmarta-antoszkiewicz-bulb-table-chairs-down The 60 year style table with round foot in white create a contrast with the burgundy chairs. Each chair has a slit that is integrated into the table to close is an integrated piece of furniture that you can place anywhere.

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