How to make a bouquet

The bride’s bouquet is an important part of her attire and should be in accordance with the overall style of the wedding. One way to save money is to make your own bouquet.


To make bouquets you must take into account several elements:

The type we choose for the bouquet: The roses are the most frequent choice due to its resistance. Other flowers are more easily ruined. It is best to buy them as close to the wedding day as possible. In order to increase the shelf life of the bouquet can be kept cold until the time of use. Another option is to use silk flowers, to make the bouquet a permanent memory.

The size of the bouquet: When making a bouquet you must take into account the kind of dress the bride is wearing. If it is a complex and loaded design you will need a larger bouquet than if it is a simple dress.

The color of the flowers: The bouquet should go well with the dress and decoration of the church and with the venue where the party is taking place. This does not mean that everything should be idential, but that harmony among all these things should be emphasized. For example, in an environment decorated with pink flowers, a red bouquet will look great.

Once you’ve gathered all the elements to make the bouquet, take advantage of the suggestions and ideas the Internet provides and follow one of the relevant steps in order to achieve a beautiful and original bouquet.

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