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If you have to celebrate a party for kids and you are looking for new centerpiece ideas to decorate your table, maybe the best option would be to bet on a very well-known character beloved by children of all ages. For instance, Mickey Mouse is the most famous mouse in the entire world, and that’s why here at espaciohogar.com we want to surprise you with Mickey Mouse centerpiece ideas that will help you get inspired and have a kick ass party.

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Mickey Mouse centerpieces


Mickey Mouse is a well-known character that can be easily recognized through his shape or silhouette. This is the reason why we can find many centerpieces that have been made with this beloved cartoon as the main character. You just need to put something that has both red and black as main colors (which actually are the colors of the cloths of the most famous mouse) and you will begin the making process of a Mickey centerpiece.

This is why we can, for example, take the image above and imitate the design by using a flowerpot and painting it red, plus adding a pair of buttons like the ones Mickey is wearing.

We can later put eye-catching flowers, such as this sunflowers that we can see above, and, to conclude, we can elaborate a silhouette of Mickey Mouse’s head (with black porexpan ears).


Another similar idea to what we’ve already seen is to create a Mickey Mouse party for a one-year-old. The only thing we have to do is either buy or get various flowerpots in color red (if you don’t have them in red, you can paint them), we can glue a pair of white buttons (they have to be big enough so they can stand out) and then proceed to fill up each flowerpot with foam or black paper. We can also put in each flowerpot a tiny Mickey Mouse head that we can make with a balloon, a cardboard or even porexpan black spheres. Don’t forget to nail in the flowerpot a pair of white gloves that can pass as Mickey Mouse’s hands, like the ones you see in the picture above (you can do them with a cardboard or with foam).


A flowerpot can also be used as a Mickey Mouse centerpiece that will look nice in children’s party. An idea could be, for instance, grabbing several drawings of this character and glue them to several chopsticks that we will then nail in the flowerpot (in order to do so you will be needing foam from a florist shop) and that we will then cover with various colored papers.


We can also find Mickey Mouse centerpieces elaborated with all kinds of festive and shiny elements. We can even add some balloons to this type of centerpiece. Surely, it will look great in the middle of any children’s table.


Another idea on how to make a Mickey Mouse centerpiece that we believe to be quite easy to make. The one thing you need is a crystal vase that we can fill with flowers, cupcakes, red foam, or even candy. Then you can grab several wooden chopsticks, like skewers, for instance, and in each end you can glue a Mickey Mouse head that you can make with cardboard and painting the age number of the kid for their birthday.


We also have other ideas that can be a little bit more creative. You can see for yourself in the image above how great this idea is. It won’t be an easy task, thus, we will be explaining how to do it step by step:

  • You can either get a red flowerpot or paint a flowerpot in red. You can fill the flower pot with colored paper so these papers look like they were wrapping the inside of the flowerpot and creating layers in different colors.
  • You can nail a chopstick in the middle and wrapped it in colored paper or EVA foam.
  • You can place a big balloon (that will be the head) and two smaller ones (the ears) so you can put together a Mikey Mouse.
  • To finish it up, you can cover the whole balloon with candy or, if you want, you can cover it with small round pieces of EVA foam. All colors have to combine, of course.

Maybe you find this example that we just gave you way too complicated, this is why we will be now teaching you how to make an easy Mikey Mouse centerpiece.

How to make a Mickey Mouse centerpiece


After having shown you some Mickey Mouse centerpieces ideas, we would like to suggest that you make one like the one you can see in the picture above and that we assure you that can be easily done.

  • The only thing you need to make this centerpiece is some porexpan spheres that will allow us to create the silhouette of Mickey Mouse’s head, some balloons, a tray and something that can make the figure taller.
  • Grab the tray, which can also be a shallow plate, and start placing colored balloons that can be attached with an adhesive spray.
  • You can add something that can be used as a base that will elevate the figure of Mickey Mouse’s head, which can be, for instance, a small glass (like a shot glass, for example) and that will be hidden thanks to the balloons.
  • Grab one big porexpan sphere 1 and two smaller ones, paint them in black and then glue the two smaller spheres to the bigger sphere so the whole thing resembles the head and ears of Mickey.
  • As a final touch, you can add a sign or any other detail, such as the colorful springs you can see in the picture above.

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