More than 20 ideas regarding minimalist gardens

Although minimalist gardens may sound simple and boring, other people might think they can be simple yet elegant. Truth be told, minimalist gardens can be perfect for any type of terrain and can adapt to everything, whether large or small. Therefore, we want to inspire you and explain how you can turn your garden into a minimalist one. In order to do so, we offer you more than 20 ideas regarding minimalist gardens.

More than 20 ideas regarding minimalist gardens

If we want our garden to be minimalist everything will be directly linked to space and the way it is used.

The commitment to sobriety and simplicity

Following the trends of interior design, the first and main idea that we are going to give you is to use a restricted palette of gardening materials and hard plants, combined with a design of simple lines and sober tones.

Although you might think that a minimalist garden will always be something too expensive, the truth is that it is not quite like that. In fact, you can choose elements that are simpler and follow the guidelines mentioned.

Set limits

On the other hand, if you want to be able to say that you have a minimalist garden, you have to know what the limits of your garden are in order to avoid exceeding them.

Since the minimalist design deals with restriction regarding the use of color in particular, the choice of what we are going to use- whether it is a fence, wall or hedge -might be vital when it comes to the creation of a successful space.

Use neutral colors

On the other hand, neutral colors tend to be the most popular ones as they are quiet and unobtrusive. In this sense, you can decorate it by yourself, like you see in the picture above with unpainted, galvanized panels, whose natural ridges and ridges create the texture and shade necessary to say that our garden is minimalist.

Stone walls

On the other hand, we also have to know what kind of walls are the ones that will give us a greater minimalist style and so, we can choose a wall like the one you see above.

A wall of limestone blocks is the best solution if we want to create the most simple and minimalist limit. It has a large presence in the garden while it is linked to the gravel floor.

The size of the wall and its smooth surface also allows us to use the wall as if it were a cinema screen or a place where you can project the lighting of the garden. The crudeness of this style on the wall also allows great contrasts when used as a backdrop for a strong architectural plantation.

Glass panels

On the other hand, you can also use glass panels that allow light to enter the garden and at the same time, maintain neutral colors at the borders.

The wooden posts that support the panels allow the hardness of the glass to blend perfectly with the adjacent wooden fence.

Shortage of materials

On the other hand, we must also mention the number of materials, same we do with colors, because it is important to achieve a clean and simple appearance for our garden.

Here we see how using the same tone of wood for floors and roofs creates a harmonic atmosphere.

The importance of a good pavement

In addition, we have to talk about how important the pavement is when it comes to having a minimalist garden.

The pavement must be chosen depending on its ability to achieve the kind of perfect finish we see here. The gray finish of the pavement creates a wonderful background that matches the darker gray we see in the seats, the large pots and the window frames.

This attention to detail can make your garden look like a minimalist one that will actually seem the work of a professional.

The importance of knowing how to lay the grass

One of the pillars of the traditional garden design, the grass, can be an important surface element for our minimalist garden, which also combines with other natural surfaces, such as stone and wood.

In a minimalist environment, placing a carefully prepared and level grass floor to create a lawn that resembles a rug will be one of the best ideas.

Use a limited pallet of plants

On the other hand, there is little need for plants in this particular garden style, but they are still key to any design.

The plants help soften the design, so you can choose either one or two of them to bring a lot of style to your decorative garden.

Thus, we can choose for example those known as Buxus or boxes, which have a very characteristic design, ideal for this style. Its perennial foliage provides a monochromatic color throughout the year and can be trimmed in strong shapes and clear.

Unify the garden by placing plants in groups

Using a consistent color scheme, plants should be grouped in pots, such as the ones you can see above, which should be contemporary, with a clean and elegant finish.

Bet on water

The truth is that the water element in minimalist gardens tend to be underestimated. If you want it to look good and for the water to fit in properly, it should be part of the general scheme rather than an added ornamentation. Even with the movement they provide, they should create a sense of relaxation.

This simple water source, with an almost industrial feel, is made out of concrete, giving a very minimalist style to our garden.

Photo gallery

A minimalist garden has to have a strong line and a clear purpose, very well executed and with great detail. It is not easy to achieve but if you follow the guidelines or ideas that we have offered so far you will surely get it right.

In addition, we can see other minimalist garden ideas in this photo gallery that we leave here and that will surely end up inspiring you.

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