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We’ve previously discussed how to make original centerpieces and now we’d like to talk about a different kind of centerpiece that has a modern design and can help you truly decorate instead of just placing a centerpiece at the table. If you wish to discover our suggestions regarding modern centerpieces, keep reading this article. We will be giving you ideas for centerpiece decorations. Here at we will be talking about how to change the decoration in order to make modern centerpiece decorations.

Modern table-top

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Modern centerpieces


  • Every modern centerpiece has a characteristic design that surprisingly has its origin in a traditional or classic design that turned into a completely new thing.
  • The centerpiece in the picture above actually proves that even if we like flower centerpieces, this does not mean that we have to choose the same style every time. For instance, you can buy three cristal centerpieces, with flowers and put one on top of the other.Center-table-modern-jarron
  • Another idea regarding modern centerpieces could be choosing a vase or a flower bowl that stands out. You can choose between a big eye-catching vase and a modern vase. Or you can even place the two at the same time and add candles.


  • Going back to glass flower centerpieces, these can also have a modern design without the need to stack them on top of each other, but have an elongated or rectangular shape and not square like most.
  • If you want spectacular results, put few flowers in the vase. That way it will look modern and trendy. We should also point out, even if you can see that in the photo above, that we can fill this kind of vases for centrepieces with branches and dried flowers.


  • The different centerpiece designs can end up shaping their modern style. Therefore, would you like a large tall centerpiece that surpasses the glasses? This design can be perfect at a table with many guests but we should be careful not to choose this kind of centerpiece for a small table. This would make the table look even smaller.

Modern centerpieces decoration


  • The modern centerpiece decorations can be a good idea if you are looking for a renewed living room with much more style and personality for a special occasion.
  • You can choose to place several centerpieces at the table where we will be having lunch or dinner. However, you can also choose to place them on a shelf or on any other piece of furniture on the living room.


  • Let’s imagine for a minute you’ve recently celebrated your wedding or another important event where there have been modern centerpieces. Why would we throw it or put it away? We can integrate the centerpiece in the room so it can become another decorative element of the house.


  • Moreover, the average centerpieces that are not particularly modern do not tend to have flowers or plants as the main decorative element. Thus, we can use this for a special occasion as a centerpiece and then use it to decorate any other corner of the house.

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