More than 25 photos of charming small gardens

If you have a garden however small, you can always count on it having a very special, charm thanks to all kinds of ideas that are currently trendy. Therefore, we want to introduce you to some of these ideas that will surely inspire you. Up next we will be showing you, throughout this article, more than 25 photos of small charming gardens.

More than 25 photos of charming small gardens

Having a small garden already implies that we can consider that the garden can have a special charm. This is why we can find ideas that from the placement of certain types of flowers, plants, among other things, to having stones or a fountain, which can always add more charm to this area of the house.

If you have a small garden or a corner of your terrace that you want to enable as a garden, take a look at some of these ideas with a series of photos that will inspire you and that will be of great help so that we know the kind of garden you can achieve. Do not miss out!

Light your garden

One of the first ideas that we want to show you is how to make your small garden look charming. The first thing you should do is bet on the lighting.

That way you can also take advantage of the garden at night, even if it is small or it occupies only a small space on your terrace.

As for the lights, one of the trends that are becoming more and more popular is the one of the balloons like the ones we see in the image below.

Colorful lanterns are also a good decorative idea if you want your garden to have a lot of charm. In this way, you can buy lamps like the ones in Leroy Merlin, which will make the garden look more special at night.

Small modern charming garden

As for the different styles that we can choose for our garden, however small, we have the option of making it look modern.

In order to achieve that style, we recommend that the garden is not full with plants. Moreover, you should take into account that our plants also have to blend in nicely, that you should leave a free space and you should join your terrace and your garden, so that you can move the party outside, that is, to the exterior of your house.

To bet on stones in a small garden

On the other hand, we have to say that having stones in the garden has become a trend even for small gardens.

In this way, we can count on a small garden that actually is as charming as the one we see in the image above. You can see a garden in which stones are combined with a little grass, and of course, you should be careful when it comes to locating plants that are tall or of a considerable size. This will save us having to go locating those that are smaller all over the place.

A charming little garden with water

Water is also an element that is fashionable in the gardens of 2018. We can choose to place a fountain, or a pond but is this a good idea for a small garden?

Well, the image above proves that the answer is yes, in spite of having little space, water has a very special place in all types of gardens. Plus, you have to take into account how good it will look if it is accompanied by other decorative trends, such as the stones above-mentioned.

In this other photo we see a very similar idea, with a small garden which, in addition to plants and trees, also has a passage area, another lawn, and even a small pool.

In your patio or terrace you can also have a space devoted to create our own garden, including a little water.

To make the most out of the space you have, you can bet on plants that are aquatic and of course, decorate with a few rocks and stones that will provide more space.

A special corner in your garden

Having a special corner in our small garden is one of our charming ideas we will be suggesting today.

Thus, if you have some favorite plants, or you want to grow some flowers that you like a lot, you can devote a corner to this by adding a small fence, like we see in the image above.

Bet on colored plants

We know that in any garden, whether large or small, the color green will be essential, but we can also add the color of the many plants and flowers we will plant there.

This way, your garden will look more charming than ever, and you can get the color scheme that really brings your small garden back to life.

A garden on an urban terrace

Another one of the photos that we want to show you with ideas on how to decorate the exterior of the house proves that we can have a garden even if it is actually on our terrace.

If you like plants and want to have a garden, you can adapt your terrace for it, either completely or partially.

Thus, you can place a few plants, or flowers, and all arranged in an organized way so that the corner has the appearance of a small charming garden that also hardly occupies space.

In this other image we can see how a terrace can count without any problem with a space that is dedicated to the garden.

Thus, if you decide to choose to have one of the sides of the terrace full of plants and stones and even a small fountain, you will achieve the following: the time you spend eating or dining out will become one, always with a lot of charm.

Photo gallery of small charming gardens

If you want to see the rest of the photos of small gardens with charm that we have prepared, you can find them in this complete gallery of photos below:

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