How to make original centerpieces

After having shown you some wedding centerpieces ideas, we can keep talking about this element that we can find in different styles or designs and can be decorative. We can make original centerpieces by ourselves but not the “typical” centerpieces  with flowers and candles as the main ornament. Do you want to learn suggestions regarding centerpieces that you’ve never seen before? Here at we will demonstrate how to make original centerpieces.


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Original centerpieces:

Center table-dolls

  • The centerpieces can be as original as we want. In fact, we can take hold of our imagination and think of ideas that may also be related to the theme of our celebration. For example, for children’s parties colorful centerpieces with flashy colors and elements that children like will be a great idea.
  • You can buy glass jars, or use the ones you already have at home, and place some of your child’s dolls next to several candies. With all this you will make centerpieces as original as the ones we see in this photo.


  • You can also choose to use the above mentioned flowers, which are quite frequent in all types of centerpieces, while adding a detail or a new touch that makes it original.
  • You can choose a nice vase with flowers, and place a photo next to it, which can be the person that we are celebrating or a image related to the party we are throwing (Christmas, Halloween, a wedding…)Center-table-tins
  • Recycled table centerpieces are also an original idea for our table. We can choose flowers, which can be natural or made of plastic, and place them in various containers that we already have at home.
  • A bottle with a striking label or a boat that caught your attention can be turned into an original centerpiece like the ones we see in this image.


  • And for those who are classy, we can choose a centerpiece where flowers and candles are present, but also with a decoration that is more original.
  • You can place a small vase with flowers in water, and surrounded by candles as well as with another floral element that surrounds the previous elements.

How to make original centerpieces


  • I have already said that imagination will be our ally when it comes to thinking about original table centerpieces. In fact, the range of possibilities are endless.
  • You can find for example glass jars, or recycle the ones you already have at home for instance, and place a photo inside. This way you can celebrate your parents’ wedding anniversary, your own wedding, or someone’s special birthday.

Original centerpiece video:

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