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The celebrations of the Quinceañera have their origin in Latin America, although they are becoming more popular all over the world. Thus, we can choose several designs related to the Quinceañera celebration. We’d like to show you then beautiful centerpieces so you can get inspired. Here at espaciohogar.com we will show you the best table centerpieces for the Quinceañera, but before we have to suggest you read another post in which we explain what centerpieces are and how they are made:

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Flower centerpieces for Quinceañera parties


Flowers are always a safe option for all kinds of centerpieces. And, in the case of a Quinceañera celebration, flowers can also allow us to have a centerpiece in which we can also include details that will surely please the quinceañera. For example, if we take a vase and fill it with stones and flowers you will surely have an ideal centerpiece, but if you add a few dolls, like these bunnies that we see above, you will make your creation become an appropriate centerpiece for a Quinceañera party.


Another good idea to get a nice centerpiece for a quinceañera party will be to choose small centerpieces that do not stand out too much and can be a souveir. Centerpieces that the guests to the party can even take home as a way to remember the celebration. For instance, you can go for flowers such as carnations that are pretty and decorative and you can place them inside small vases and even (this is a good idea) within a few cups. Add some bright and clever details! You will have the most beautiful centerpieces for the quinceañera.


Also as a centerpiece with flowers for a Quinceañera party, we can select models that are very simple and that are “fresh”. Ideal for spring, which is the time in which these parties are usually held. Being 15 years old is still the age of innocence and simplicity so a centerpiece in light tones and with spring flowers, or flowers that convey gentleness may be ideal for the table and for this celebration.


Another idea for a centerpiece of a Quinceañera party would be a vase of a “retro” style, painted in a silver color, and inside we put roses, of white color or of a light color, such as green. It may sound too simple, but that’s precisely the key to success. This type of party is not a prom, even if it seems so, or a great wedding, but something simpler and with a special charm so that requires centerpieces that might not look too eye-catching they are the right ones.

Original table settings for Quinceañera parties


Candles are also a good idea for the centerpiece if we want to celebrate the birthday girl is 15 years old. You can pick up several candles that have an original shape, like the ones we see above in a rounded shape and place it in the base of a glass that’s been put inside out. As a detail we place a loop in the center candle and the number 15 so that in a few minutes and for little money you can get your centerpiece for the Quinceañera party. They are pretty and very decorative.


Although girls who turn 15 no longer feel like one and may actually feel like young women, nothing is more successful than a 15-year-old centerpiece in which color and sweet elements stand out. There is no age limit when it comes to candy. A 15 year old can like candy, thus, among the original centerpieces for this celebration we can choose a certain style, like the one we see in the image above in which they have placed a few ice cream cookie cones and where there are all sorts of candies as well.


Here you have another type of centerpiece for a Quinceañera party, also made with candies. You can’t say it is not perfect for a party of these characteristics and also very easy to achieve. The only thing you have to do is take a vase or a glass of ice cream like the one you see above, fill it up with candy (of different colors or it ca be the same) and add a straw to put the name of the protagonist of the party or some affectionate message.

You can also choose to add balloons. You might think it’s more childish than any other option but you see how well they can go with a Quinceañera party. It is a matter of choosing the right color and if, for example, you choose balloons in white, silver and even transparent they may look great as a centerpiece (better than colorful balloons, which is more advisable for kid parties).


Putting aside the Quinceañera centerpieces that we can find in the market, there are companies that have designs that have been created specifically for Quinceañera parties . In the photo above we see one of the company Wanderfuls and they are dedicated to make these centerpieces from which we can choose, size, colors and even the candy we want because if you look it is made of paper flowers whose stem is stuffed of candys.

Video of Quinceañera party centerpieces 

After having seen some photos and ideas for your centerpieces for the Quinceañera party, we leave this explanatory video in which they show us how to do one step by step.

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