100 Photos with rustic fireplace ideas

The best pictures with rustic fireplace ideas, another decoration element that creates a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere in the room.


It seems like over the past few years it has become increasingly popular to choose rustic decoration elements for the house.

In order to place a rustic traditional fireplace at home we must have enough space to do so and enough distance with the other elements next to the fireplace so the different decoration elements won’t get too hot.

In case you don’t have that much space but still want to have a fireplace, you can choose other more modern fireplaces that we can put them higher on the wall, instead of putting them against the floor.

If you want to find the fireplace of your dreams, we are going to show you in this article various photos that will allow you to be familiar with the latest rustic trends.

All about rustic fireplaces


Rustic fireplaces are usually characterized by its designs, which tend to be quite big, and also because the main material that is used to make such fireplace either is stones or a combination of stones and wood.

Even though many times the style of these fireplaces is also “vintage”, we should state as well that many modern fireplaces, or a fireplace with an updated design, use the rustic style as an inspiration. This will result in a “modern rustic design” that might just be the perfect choice, if we take into account the current interior decorating.

Anyhow, there is nothing like seeing things for yourself, thus, we want to give you some examples up next so you can have some ideas (you’ll find more in the next photo gallery) and you can find the ideal rustic fireplace that was made just for you.

Modern rustic fireplace in a stone wall


We shall start with a fireplace that has a modern design but that will end up having a rustic style, thanks to that beautiful wall that surrounds it.

Moreover, the type of stones and the shape of those stones in which the fireplace has been placed can tell us a lot about the atmosphere that will certainly take over the room. Notice that the stones are real stones that have been cleaned but stones in which we still see the seams and the edges, which will make the fireplace much more realistic.

A rustic fireplace with a classic design


All in all, those of you that actually wish for an authentic rustic fireplace, you have to find inspiration in designs from the past, like the one in the image above. This fireplace is made out of stone and bricks, which creates a charming design for the room the fireplace is in.

Something we should bear in mind is that the fireplace in the picture above has no door, which will allow most of the smoke and the smell to spread all over the house. For many people this can be a problem, because everything will smell like burn wood, whereas for others it actually is something positive.

Rustic fireplace with a modern design and a wood ceiling


Sometimes it’s just a matter of being able to find a rustic design that has rustic details, so we can state that our fireplace has this style.

For instance, take a look at the fireplace we suggest above. This fireplace has a modern design and it’s placed in a living room with a wooden ceiling, and that’s how we achieve this “rustic modern style” before mentioned and that it currently is quite popular.

Modern rustic fireplace made of stones


In the image above we can see the combination of a modern style with a rustic style. That way the living room will look much cozier with the rustic fireplace made out of stones.

Here we have another way of placing the stones around the fireplace in light stones. These colors have been chosen so the fireplace goes perfectly with the decoration of the living room.

Rustic fireplace with a wooden shelf


This design is actually quite charming, because there is enough space to place wooden trunks that we will be burning soon.

There is also a wooden shelf where we can actually add any sort of decorative element. The fireplace being made out of stone makes it perfect for all those people that are looking for a fully rustic fireplace.

A rustic fireplace with stones and a modern design


We now will show you more designs in which the mixture of the rustic and modern styles results in fireplaces that are truly spectacular.

Maybe the whole design makes us think of a rustic fireplace, but the truth is that the fireplace also has a current style that’s perfect for a rustic living room, either eclectic or modern.

Tiny rustic fireplace


However, even if we’ve previously stated that rustic fireplace tend to be big (due to elements such as stone or wood that usually occupy space), we’ve been able to find inspiration in those designs that are smaller. In the image above we can see an authentic rustic fireplace with a modern style, made out of stone, with truly spectacular wooden shelves.

Rustic fireplace in stone


Here we can be inspired by a completely different style. This fireplace is big enough but precisely because of what has already been mentioned, that is, because we’ve used materials that are already big. These stones that surround the fireplace are of a significant size and, as a result, everything seems bigger. The result is incredible, no doubt. Don’t you think?

Rustic fireplace with an animal head


Sometimes the important thing is not only having a stone or wooden design that can create that characteristic rustic style, but also deciding where to place our fireplace.

For instance, in this image, we can see a room that looks like a play room. A fireplace could therefore be an element that would definitely stand out in this room or that would look weird there. Nevertheless, having placed an animal’s head means that the rustic style is then introduced in the middle of all the other decorations.

Rustic fireplace with marble


On top of stones as a decorative element for a rustic fireplace, same as we’ve been seeing so far, we also have the possibility of trying to combine stones with different materials, such as marble. You can actually see the result is positive, because it adds an elegant touch to any living room, even in the case of a room that has been decorated in a minimalist style.

Gray rustic fireplace in a white wall


We can also make our rustic fireplace modern or vice versa with other colors we haven’t mentioned.

That way we have similar designs if we compare them to the one in the picture above. This design is actually a fireplace made out of stone and bricks, which highlights the color that’s been chosen. The color gray will make the white background stand out more, which conveys an innovative style.

We now leave you the photo gallery with many ideas regarding rustic fireplaces. But before we do so, here you may find an article that we hope you find interesting:


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