Ideas to decorate small and modern gardens

We tend to think that the larger the garden or the patio is, the more we will enjoy it. If not large, we would want the garden to have certain square meters to say the least. Thus, we would be able to place anything we want there. However, we couldn’t be more wrong. Small and modern gardens can also be enjoyed. We even dare say that you might be surprised!

It’s important to decorate the space well, look for the right elements, and let everything flow with a sense of coherence and aesthetic. It may seem like a complicated thing to achieve but spending time in small gardens can be like truly spending time in havens.

The first thing to do when looking for ideas to decorate small and modern gardens is to define to what use would we put the given space:

  • Do we want to be able to use it for meal or dinner celebrations?
  • Do we want it to be a place we can relax in and enjoy?
  • Do we want to spend some time gardening?

Once you know your family expectations as well as your own regarding the garden, which is an added value for the house, it will be easier to find the ideas you need. And that’s precisely what we’re going to talk about here at

Ideas to decorate small and modern gardens

Small and modern gardens can have different purposes. The decoration will therefore be determined by the use you will be giving the garden. For example, you may want the garden to be a place where you can have dinner, or maybe you want the proper intimate atmosphere that you can enjoy as a couple and not a place where many friends can gather.

If an intimate atmosphere is what you want, the best thing you can do is to look for a romantic and discreet style, with a pair of comfortable chairs and a table. All surrounded by flowers and plants in harmonic colors. You will see how lighting a candle is impossible to refuse while enjoying a good glass of wine.

On the other hand, you may have a large family or you may like to get together with all your friends from time to time. In any case, we recommed you decorate the place while leaving an open space, seeing that the number of guests will tend to vary. Putting continuous benches in a couple of areas of the garden and the rest of the space free will make moving around easier. A wide table for drinks and appetizers will always be a good choice.

If instead of leaving lawns you want to place tiles in the garden, so it looks like there is a lot of space left, choose tiles that are large and light colored. This will make everything look wider. We advice you to consider buying a speaker, or any device that allows you to listen to music. Your guests will be more than pleased!

And if your are all about the plants, we are certain you would love creating a small greenhouse. Whether you are maintaining the lawn, or betting on different flowers, plants and terrariums, you will be able to enjoy that little oasis in contrast with the asphalt and the urban life.

Small and modern gardens | The plants

We talk about plants. There are no specifics for small and modern gardens. However, you can truly choose them according to your taste.

If you want to enjoy the space of your garden, we recommend you place your plants around the fence. Thus, you can choose shrubs and plants with large flowers, without having to worry about people ruining them by walking too close or touching them.

But if you want to take advantage of the extra space to place furniture or play games with your children, you can forget about planting anything special on the floor! It is much safer and the plants last longer if you use flowerpots. We love the following idea: hanging flowerpots. Not only do they take up little space but they also let you have many plants.

For small and modern gardens with fences, another great solution might be the vines. They will leave the ground free, and you can still enjoy the vegetation of a garden.

Small and modern gardens | The furniture

Let’s look at the options we have when choosing furniture for small and modern gardens. If you are one of those people that wants a romantic and private place you can choose metal garden furniture. They are light and easy to move. With the right treatment, the furniture can overcome any inclement weather conditions. And if one day you need to make some space for other uses, you can fold the pieces of furniture so there is room left for whatever you want to do in the garden.

For those who’d rather use the space as to enjoy it and be relaxed, nothing like a good outdoor sofa. You will have to remember to remove the cushions when it rains to be able to maintain them. But it will be worth it when you are enjoying reading your novel with a good coffee, while being seated in your garden feeling the rays of the sun.

And among the most demanded trends lately: furniture made with pallets. Surely you have seen many options on the Internet. This kind of furniture is actually very famous due to the most important characteristic: they adapt to the space. This type of furniture is made with boxes, which means they don’t follow the standard measures and you can actually build them with the measures you need.

Tips to decorate small gardens

As you can see there are many options when choosing how to decorate small and modern gardens. The choice depends on your taste the needs you might have. However, there are certain general tips that are quite common and that can be useful for all spaces:

  • Use treated wood when it comes to furniture. This will better withstand the inclement weather conditions.
  • Do not overload the space.
  • Look for comfort and warmth. It must be a space you can enjoy.
  • If you do not want to devote too much time to the vegetation, do not discard tiling part of the garden.
  • Select durable, easy-to-maintain exterior plants.
  • Install a pergola if there is so much sun you can’t enjoy the garden during the summer season.
  • Use light colored elements in order to give depth.

And above all, do not forget the most important thing, that isyou. Find a way to enjoy the garden. It should only include what you need and what you want, and profit from this garden from the very beginning.

Having a garden, whether large or small, is a privilege. Do not put it aside and start enjoying it right now.

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