More than 100 photos of small and modern kitchens for 2020

In this post we will tell you how to get the most out of small kitchens and give you new ideas for 2020. Without losing that sense of harmony, this can be a place you enjoy yourself cooking and that can generate a greater sense of breadth.

small kitchen-color-houseabril

Small kitchens with island


We all think that in order to include an island in our kitchen we must have one that is quite large, but, on the contrary, we can include an island in our small kitchens with the appropiate design. What we have to take into account is that the design of our kitchen should be functional and, above all, quite logical.

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Our kitchen island will be the perfect place to place the washing and cooking area. Moreover, we can take advantage of the island and place behind it a small area destined to have an informal lunche, diner or breakfast, by placing as well high stools. A clear example would be the following photo:

kitchens-small-with-stools-highTo locate an island in our small kitchen it is important to take into account the minimum distances between the kitchen furniture or the wall and the island which, at least, has to be of one meter (ideally, be outside 120 centimeters) so that you can pass near that area comfortably.

kitchens-small-with-island-white-black stools

When it comes to distributing the kitchen furniture, we should take into account the characteristics of the island. Depending on those we will place the furniture around the peninsula or island differently. In the next gallery you can see how we can distribute them with more examples of small kitchens with island. But if you want to give a personal touch to your kitchen, the best thing you can do is change the color or material of the island or peninsula, giving a greater contrast.

Small kitchen in “L”


Small “L” kitchens are the most popular and this is due to its functionality since it saves space by distributing the furniture adequately. This type of design allows you to have more space and, thus, optimize the cooking and cleaning process.


Small kitchens usually need more storage space. Our kitchens tend to lack space to store kitchen products and this translate into us leaving everything on the countertops. This can be truly overwhelming when it comes to cooking. A good solution is to add a central island, as we have already seen in the section above, so we can store products below or put what can’t be fit anywhere else or on the counter and use the central island as a dining room or a working area.


In the following photo gallery you can get an idea of ​​the “L” shaped kitchens that will help you design and decorate your kitchen, depending on your needs.

Small kitchens inside the living room

small kitchen-integrated

In many cases, small kitchens are integrated inside the living room to increase that feeling of space and breadth. However, we can not forget that a kitchen with breakfast bar is currently trending and it is one of the most accepted and desired, so it also becomes a perfect choice to enjoy a house spot on when it comes to fashion.

We show you below a gallery of images where you can see different photographs of kitchens integrated inside the living room. Just click on the gallery if you are interesting in seeing them:

Small separate kitchens

small kitchen-the-parisien ktichen

Those who have a separate kitchen and want to know what the latest trends of this season are, how to make the most of such kitchen and get inspired with the best pictures of small kitchens, you’ve come to the right place.

The independent kitchens have the advantage that the odors do not expand through the living room and that you can cook without an audience most of the time.

Then, as in the previous case, we leave you a photo gallery with the best independent small kitchens:

Long narrow kitchens

small kitchen-close

On many occasions we find long narrow kitchens in which we have to squeeze to pass two at the same time, if possible. In this case, you have to consider whether it is better to put high shelves, some very narrow furniture in the opposite wall or if you’d rather gain some extra space regarding the kitchen.

We leave below a gallery of images with some photographs of narrow kitchens. As you will see, some kitchens are not small, but they could have stayed small if you do not take advantage of the space:

Design small kitchens


As we have seen throughout the article, if you have a small space you should come up with a very particular design: the kitchen should have functional elements that are beautiful and decorative as well. This is why it is important to give the kitchen our personal touch, always depending on the style of our house. This is how we will get the perfect design for small kitchens.


Lighting plays a very important role, whether its natural or artificial. If you do not have a kitchen window do not hesitate to put artificial light, thus, you will achieve a brilliant effect throughout the kitchen.


There are times that, in order to have a kitchen design, we just need elements that turn the kitchen into something special, modern… In particular, with a good design we make a kitchen simpler, functional and modern. Take a look at this shelf in the image above, which is perfect for storing everything.

small kitchen-shelving

To give you an idea of ​​small kitchen designs we now leave the following gallery with several photos so that you can design your kitchens to your taste but always being functional and looking beautiful.

Decoration tips for small kitchens

If your kitchen is small or very narrow do not despair, there are kitchen designs that can help you gain space and comfort. In floors of few meters every inch counts and that is why it is important to have clear ideas as to what elements are necessary and how they should be placed, in particular, when it comes to spaces that we frequently use, such as the kitchen.

Kitchen – Furniture

The furniture you choose and the style you want for your kitchen can become as important as a good distribution of the furniture.


Our first recommendation would be to choose cupboards with vertical storage. You will see how much space you can gain and how comfortable it can be.


Kitchen furniture with outside shelves can be used as a pantry. This is a fantastic idea that can make your small kitchen more practical and, above all, it will allow you to have everything organized. Sometimes we don’t know how to put everything in order, which might reduce the available space too. And if you like a rustic style, the baskets can be used for storage while decorating the kitchen.

small kitchen-with-wood-shelves

The open cupboards and shelves in the kitchen can be definitely used to make the most out of the space we have. There are even corner cabinets that can be custom made so you do not miss a single inch and can contain removable drawers to reach the bottom of it in a comfortable way.


If you want a kitchen table, one of the best options would be a folding table. You can open it only when you need it and close it again easily. Of course you have to take a careful look at the different models because there are also tables that have their own storage space in between two table legs, which will translate into us having the perfect place to store tablecloths, napkins and so on. That way we can save a lot of space!

small kitchen-storage

Another option is to have a small kitchen island, which can be a storage space and a working area, depending on what you need. You can even have a kitchen island with wheels, which can turn out to be a waiter that you can move around wherever you need it and put it away when it gets in the way. We think this is one of the most useful elements, because it provides extra space to cook and store in the kitchen. They are currently used a lot in larger kitchens, but we can also find some models for small kitchens.

Small Kitchen – Lighting

Lighting is one of the most important keys when it comes to having a kitchen we can truly enjoy, a place where you feel like cooking and where you want to be.

Having proper natural lighting would be essential: not only will the room ventilate but, on top of that, it will give us a feeling of breadth.


The space below the window is very functional and desired because it can become the perfect place to put a table and eat (folding table, kitchen bar with stools, wider table, etc). Nevertheless, we should warn you that many people like to take advantage of that natural light so it can be projected on the sink or side of the kitchen.


You can also use it to place shelves next to the window, where the light can enter properly, and place shelves where to put your own aromatic and spice garden. The plants are great in the kitchen, both as decoration and as gastronomic products.

small kitchen-lighting-with-window

In case you do not have natural lighting, select the areas where you are going to place the lights. It is important that the kitchen is well lit to make it pleasant to be in this place of the house.

There is something that we should always keep in mind, which is that if we have a great lighting but we have not selected the colors of the cabinets, walls and tiling well, we are not taking advantage of what we have.

Small Kitchens – Colors

As we mentioned in the previous section, lighting and color go hand in hand in order to achieve an effect of breadth and harmony in the room. Therefore, when we talk about colors we are referring to both furniture and appliances, walls and floor.


One aspect you should always consider, regardless of the room you are decorating, is that the light colors give a greater sense of space. Of course, this does not mean that you should always paint in white or with very light colors, because you can also learn to make a nice combination that gives you a sense of breadth.

If you like intense colors we recommend you use them in small kitchens and only for some household appliances or other decorative elements. This small selection will give a completely different style to the room, a very striking color touch but not too extravagant. For example, we can choose the color of the walls and ceiling white, whereas the refrigerator could go in gray.

small kitchen-how-to decorate

The lining of the stainless steel walls polished in chrome and gold along with the metal household appliances conveys a feeling of brightness to the kitchen, which helps it look more breadth.


If you prefer a furniture in wood or with a wooden effect, you can create a more cozy kitchen but we should warn you that it usually gives the feeling of being smaller. One solution that you might find practical is to choose an integrated kitchen, where all the elements are put together; also choose dull wood shades, such as the one provided by natural wood, because it makes everything look more realistic and is not so charged.


Anyway, our main recommendation for a small kitchen is that you always choose light tones. Only with these tones can you achieve kitchens that, even when they are tiny, still look as bright as the previous photo.

Small Kitchens – Shelves

It is considered that shelves are essential when it comes to small kitchens if we want to orderly storage a large number of objects in a small space. One of the advantages of the shelves is having no door, because this means that you will see everything and you will gain space for objects that did not fit in the closet. In fact, these are actually objects that you have to have within reach while you are cooking.

small kitchen-shelves

Putting shelves in the areas that are closer to the roof is another one of the “tricks” that will help us distribute the space in our small kitchen. Besides, that will avoid stuff getting in our way while we are cooking and will help us have everything organized.

kitchens-small-with-wood shelf

If you are interested in seeing the best wooden shelves click on the following link:

Using transparent shelves can increase the brightness and the sense of breadth of the kitchen, actually making believe they are almost nonexistent elements. Therefore, these useful elements will help you store objects on the walls, free space for other things you might need to store in the kitchen, will let the light go in and will convey a smooth and magical vision even, because your guests will be under the impression that objects are almost floating in the air.

kitchens-small-with-shelf-of-dark-woodAnother option when it comes to shelves is to use walls with cork panels where we can hang pots, pans and all kinds of objects. If this option does not immediately cath the eye of your guests, you can always add some bars and buy some hangers to do it by hand or fix them directly on the wall with other kitchen utensils.

Decoration trends for small kitchens

In the previous sections we have already pointed out several tricks that can help you make your kitchen as elegant and functional as possible, in spite of its small size.

In fact, there are more and more tricks, recommendations and furniture that aim to make any kitchen seem as wide as possible. Thus, here at we want to show you some of the latest trends in the decoration field regarding small kitchens. We truly hope it makes you think about carrying out some of these ideas in your very own kitchen in the upcoming months.

Small Kitchens – Mirrors


You will probably have read or heard at least once that mirrors are a very common resource in order to achieve a sense of greater breadth and brightness for any kind of rooms, such as living rooms.

Kitchen cabinets with mirrors

However, up until now, it had not been used regularly to give a feeling of greater space inside the kitchens, as it was considered that their presence in them was strange and impractical if we think of what we use this room for. However, this new idea has taken a radical turn lately, so you can now find very fashionable cabinets or furniture for small kitchens whose doors are actually non-stick mirrors.


With these elegant cabinets with mirror doors you do not have to sacrifice a single inch of wall to achieve the same feeling of breadth that is achieved in other types of rooms through properly placing mirrors. Thus, you will have a brighter kitchen and, having a few new and surprising products will actually give your kitchen an interesting original and modern touch.


Decorating small kitchens – Ceiling

In many cases, small kitchens might have high ceilings that we can use to increase the sense of breadth, especially if the furniture we have chosen for the kitchen does not completely cover the wall.

small kitchen-ceiling

For this very same reason it is becoming a trend to take advantage of that tiny space between the furniture and the ceiling to increase the sense of breadth of the room and add a touch of elegance to the ensemble. Thus, you can take advantage of this small space to create long rectangular windows that add light to your kitchen, to create interesting designs with tiles or wood that attract attention or even use wallpaper or different colors.

small kitchens-with-high ceilings

By taking advantage of this forgotten space, your kitchen will gain meters in the eyes of the people who step on it and you will get to give it an original and personal touch that will really make it stand out above the others.


Decorating small kitchens – Transparent chairs

Transparent plastic chairs have become a trend precisely because, unlike those made with other materials, they let the light through and thus make the kitchen look wider.

small kitchen-with-chairs-transparent

Therefore, high chairs made of transparent material have become very fashionable and they actually are a comfortable alternative that does not block the overall view of the kitchen. It also allows you to make the most of the light entering the kitchen, while adding a modern touch to the kitchen.


Moreover, these chairs are usually very easy to clean and a lot cheaper than those made out of other materials such as metal or wood, which makes them truly attractive. If you decide to renew your kitchen, do not forget about these transparent chairs!

Photo gallery of small kitchens

Now we will be showing you designs from previous years and other new designs that can make your kitchen look sensational. Sometimes an image is just what we need to inspire ourselves, to find that kitchen that looks like ours or find a style that we like.

I order to check out our photo gallery you only have to click on the first image, so you can see the entire gallery:

IKEA small kitchens – Catalog


IKEA offers many possibilities if you want to design your small kitchen as you want, according to your tastes and needs. You can create many combinations and take advantage of all the spaces to get that functional kitchen you are looking for.

If you want to see more about IKEA and its small kitchens we think you might find this link interesting:

Small Kitchens IKEA Catalog

The prices are affordable, so anyone can design their kitchen. It is always helpful when we know the steps we should. Just by measuring our kitchen we can ask for a budget, thus, we can figure out how much it will cost us to decorate our kitchen.
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