More than 100 small, modern and comfortable living rooms for all budgets

Ideas to decorate small rooms. Just because your room is small it doesn’t mean that it can not be functional and elegant. Up next we will be showing you more than 100 photographs of small, modern and comfortable living rooms.


Apartments, studio apartments, small flats… The question would be the following for all of them: how can we decorate if we have limited space? There are some ideas that can help you optimize your living room space so you can fully refurbish it.
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One of the trends regarding space -and one of the needs we all have- is to properly take advantage of the space. Moreover, when we are talking about small rooms. Taking advantage does not mean putting a lot of furniture without thinking and, thus, reducing the sense of breadth.

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The first thing we should do in order to learn how to decorate the living room, whether it is big or small, is to take into account the space we have and, furthermore, be aware of which furniture is essential and which pieces of furniture are the ones we can let go in order to start optimizing ressources (in this case, optimizing square meters).


On the other hand, we should point out that some styles, such as the minimalist style, actually stand out among the small room decorations available for this year. After the rustic style “fever” in decoration during the past year, this year they’ve chosen modern living rooms with simple furniture that will be well illuminated.

Up next, we will be showing you new ideas so you can choose among the different options and achieve the most current decoration for small living rooms.

Light and colors for small living rooms


If your room is small but you have good natural light you already have a lot in your favor. In case your room is not very bright, color can be the perfect ally.

Betting on light colors

In small spaces, light colors give a greater sense of breadth than dark colors and best of all, they are now a trend so do not hesitate to choose them.

Therefore, you can choose between colors such as white, ivory, pearl gray or silk gray. Soft colors that capture well the light will definitely help you create a greater sense of breadth in a small room.


If your room has a lot of light you can use colors that you like in a light shade and, whilst we are on the subject, pastel colors will definitely be the best option.

Choose shades such as pale green, salmon, peach, blue sky, or pale yellow. Actually, light can make colors have nuances so a pale color will add joy without overloading the space. They are the shades that are quite popular this year.

Choose mirrors to give a feeling of breadth

In addition to what has been said about colors, using mirrors as well as satin and bright finishes can capture light and will provide a greater feeling of brightness. Placing a mirror that captures a hallway or other nearby room will add depth to the room.

Light colored sofas are the best option


We have already talked about betting on light colors in order to achieve a greater breadth in the rooms that are small. Therefore, you can choose sofas in white shades.

The truth is that this color is currently trending when it comes to sofas and for all house decorations. It may be a color more or less “problematic” as it is easily stained, although today there are many cleaning products we can use. Plus, these sofas are made of materials to be able to get rid of all types of stains altogether.

Furniture for small rooms


In a small room that you want to decorate in detail you must have functional furniture that can be used for varied, different things.

This can be very comfortable and cozy, the best of all is that they are a trend. You have them in stores like Ikea, where they really bet on decorating while taking full advantage of the space.

Among these functional furniture of which we speak, we can choose for example, the coffee tables with space to store objects or with retractable trays that can be raised to eat or dine if you want to watch TV.

center-functional tables

If you want, you can also get a sofa bed and also take a lot in decorating small rooms. You have a sofa with an extra bed and also space to store, blankets, towels or whatever you want.

The transparent furniture is ideal for small spaces, in the cover photo you can see transparent tables and armchairs. They are elegant, versatile and give a feeling of lightness. Transparent furniture is very fashionable, you can find them in Ikea, Conforama and similar stores.


Another option for furniture for small rooms, are modular furniture. To them, you can add modules according to your storing needs: books, decorative objects, showcase, television.. Everything can be located in a compact piece of furniture.


And we also have to highlight those that are compact furniture style kitchenette, tables that integrate chairs can also be very useful in small rooms.

You only use them when you need them and you can save space at the same time.

Photos-living rooms-small-with-sofa-two-chairs

We can also bet on the chairs, which accompany the sofas and do not usually take up too much space.

That way you will not only be decorating the room with a current style, but you will also ensure that your small room has the necessary seats for family and guests.

How to take advantage of spaces in small classrooms


We have already talked about the concept of “saving space” in the decoration of small rooms, but we want to have an impact on it since the intelligent use of space can help you get more out of your living room.

In the photo above you can see how in a corner of the living room you can take advantage of shelves that can be used to place there all kinds of objects. It does not take a lot of space, since it is the same wall but now there are shelves where we can put books and other objects.

Take advantage of the vertical space, high furniture with space to store, in studios or floors of a single room a loft-type bed in the living room is an ideal solution to take advantage of the space.


On the other hand, sometimes we have two rooms of the house in the same space. This is the case of the rooms that are shared next to the dining room.

You have an option, which is to know how to choose the decoration that jointly makes the space look unified, although with each side differentiated.

If you look at the image above, betting on neutral tones is a success. However, each wall of the living room and dining room still has a different color, so that the room goes green, and the dining room blank.

Other tips to get the most out of your small room

Bet on the lamps

Small living room sofa

As already indicated, light is very important when it comes to making a room convey a feeling of greater breadth and size.

But, although natural light is the best option, it is not always a possibility. In particular, if we live in an indoor apartment. If this is your case, you do not have to give up the possibility of your room looking bigger. Simply, you must go to the second best option in order to have light, which are the lamps.

There are a lot of floor lamps, table or ceiling that, in addition to providing you the light you need, will help you to make your living room even more elegant.

For small rooms we recommend that you use ceiling lights, because they provide a source of light that seems more natural. Plus, they do not take up space and make the ceilings seem higher, thus increasing the sense of breadth.

Take advantage of technological advances to save space

Television hung rooms-small

Technological improvements can also help us a lot in this area, especially in the case of televisions, which remain one of the key pieces of any room.

Thus, a very useful option that is becoming very fashionable in the case of small rooms is to hang a flat screen TV on the wall instead of placing this device on a piece of furniture or on the table.

This action, in addition to giving the living room a very modern touch, will allow you to free all the space that was previously dedicated to hosting it. This is something that will come in handy if you have a small room.

In addition, try to store also all those additional devices that go with the television, such as the DVD, to also save all the space you can with it.

Finally, if you have several devices that are connected to the computer, such as specialized speakers, a video game console or a DTT device, you can put some small shelves next to the television. A modern and aesthetic way to save space without giving up anything!

Backless sofas and chaises longues


As with television, sofas and armchairs are other fundamental parts of any room.

What you can do to achieve a greater sense of breadth is to decorate it with backless sofas, chaises longues and small footrests that can be used as chairs if necessary.

In this way, the lack of support for these seats gives a greater sense of breadth to your room, since there are no outstanding components to disrupt the overall vision.

As we understand that making all your seats lack of support will be very uncomfortable in the long run for the people who live in your house, we recommend that you choose to place a normal sofa next to the wall and that the other seats follow a uniform pattern lacking support, so that the feeling of uniformity and breadth is not lost but also not giving up comfort.

Remember the order

Image: ikea

The clutter and the accumulation of objects always makes it seem like the rooms are filled with stuff and are somehow smaller than they really are.

Therefore, if it is always important to keep a room tidy to give a good impression, with more reason you will have to put this principle into practice with a small room. So, in addition to keeping it tidy, make sure you do not overload the space by placing small figurines, boxes or other decorative objects on the available surfaces.

Straight lines and a diaphanous space are always the best allies of a small room, so make sure you do not fall into the mistake of filling the room with too many decorative objects.

Bet on wood


And this is already an advice that has to do with the latest trends in decoration. We are talking about the use of furniture, in which wood is an essential element. In this way, you can buy tables like the ones we see above that combine with shelves.

Wood is an essential element in all houses, but the latest trend is to choose furniture in which the wood looks aged.

Bet on the pictures on the walls


Another option is to choose paintings or pictures for the walls, since these are also trend. In fact, these can also be used so that we can take better advantage of the space.

With this, we can decorate properly and also make the space look more complete. Depending on how large the room is, we can place paintings that are more or less large. We should also choose carefully the frames.

Photogallery of small living rooms

So you can continue being inspired by different small rooms, their styles and color combinations, we have created this gallery of photographs that will make things much easier for you.

You only have to click on the first image to start the display of small rooms:

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