Gardens with flowers: 50 photos with ideas on how to decorate your gardens

Doesn’t matter the house we have, gardens are always charming. They are even more charming when the garden has all types of flowers to add color in a wide range of styles. Therefore, we want to share with you some ideas that might inspire you in case you want to enjoy gardens with flowers: more than 50 photos of ideas on how to decorate the garden.

Ideas for gardens with flowers

If you like gardens with a lot of flowers, today is your lucky day because it has become quite popular that the gardens have a wide variety of flowers to add color and  create a certain atmosphere for the exterior of the house.

Whether you like a garden with a modern style, a garden with a porche in which there are tables and chairs, or a garden with a classic or rustic style, we can decorate all of them with flowers that can, on top of everything, have a certain role or that can occupy the space that, in reality, belongs to them.

If you want to see some of the best ideas regarding gardens with flowers, we can show you a selection of images that, there is no doubt, will inspire you. Don’t miss out on the opportunity!

Garden with flowers on tree trunks

One of the first ideas that we want to suggest in order to decorate your garden with flowers, is to choose to follow the trend that consists on a trunk that we will fill with flowers of all kinds, or a specific color.

That way we are going to achieve a very special style for our garden, which can, in fact, have flowers in every corner. Truth be told, a tree trunk like the one above, or the following ones, is quite charming as a decorative element.

In these other photos, we see how we repeat idea of a tree trunk with flowers. This is one of the decorative trends that are more popular right now regarding gardens, thus, why wouldn’t choose to have this in our garden?

Gardens decorated with wheelbarrow full of flowers

Keeping up the idea of tree trunks full of flowers, we can also choose a wheelbarrow, as these are also a decorative trend to take into account for gardens 2018.

Being honest, over the last few years we’ve seen how in many gardens people have chosen this kind of decorative element, either in wood, metal or any other material and we place flowers inside (in flowerpots or cultivated) in the middle or in a corner so that it adds a special touch.

Here you can take a look at another image where you can see a garden wheelbarrow becomes an exceptional decorative element, thanks to those flowers that look just perfect and with a lot of style.

Garden with flowers and a barrel or a can

And what do you think of this other decorative idea in which the flowers of your garden take part in? No doubt this is an original idea, unique even.

Buy a barrel or a can or a carafe that’s big enough, you lie it down and leave it open so it looks like all the white flowers have come out of the barrel.

In order to do so, you should plant first, of course, all the white flowers, the same species and drawing the shape of an “S” like the flowers had actually fallen on the grass.

Decorate trees of the garden with flowers

And why not, we can also choose a tree from our very own garden and decorate it with flowers. In order to do so, we have a pretty simple idea, which consists on hanging flowerpots filled with flowers in different colors.

That way, the garden trees will be decorated like never before and your garden will be the most original of them all and the most fun one too.

Garden with flowers in different colors

And when we want our garden to look exceedingly good, there is nothing like filling it with a wide range of different colors.

That way we can fill the space with light and color and, at the same time, decorate it like never before and with a very romantic style due to the flowers in different colors everywhere.

Flowers that are tall, varied and that blend in with the vegetation, as if in fact, you were in a “wild” garden in which to enjoy your spare time and relax.

Garden decorated with a flower path

Also among the successful ideas for our garden with flowers, we can choose nice stone tiles to decorate but also to avoid people from stepping on the grass.

If you decorate the path with flowers like the ones we see in the image above in white, red and pink, you can be certain that your garden will look like never before and, moreover, it will be awfully charming.

Garden with flowers combined with plants

We also have another option, our garden flowers can be combined with plants that can be of any sort or kind.

This is show we will discover that our garden acquires a very charming look due to the mixture of cultivated plants and flowers that make the garden lush.

However, we must know the type of flowers and plants that will be the best option depending on the kind of ground we will be planting on or cultivating, and depending on the season we are in so it looks better.

Garden with metal flowers

We have already seen how flowers can be really inspiring if we choose them to be a decorative element for our garden. Sometimes we can even use fake flowers.

It is the case of these metal flowers that we see in the image above. That way, we can turn our garden into one that has a really modern and unique style.

Gardens with flowers: 50 photos with ideas on how to decorate your gardens

We’ve already seen some of the best ideas regarding gardens with flowers and how to decorate them. The 50 photos that we want to share with you. Take a look at the following photo gallery:

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