Toy Christmas catalog El Corte Inglés 2020

Christmas is around the corner and we would like to show you here at one of the most basic catalogs each Christmas. We are talking about the El Corte Inglés Christmas toy catalog, of course. Every year this store launches a brand new catalog. We are certain your kids have seen it already, but we leave it up next so you can take a look at what they want and the latest trends regarding toys.


El Corte Inglés Christmas toy catalog 2020


In the New Chistmas toy catalog 2020 we will find a great number of articles that are perfect for this holiday, because the catalog targets all sectors and age-groups. We will be able to find articles for babies, stuffed animals for everyone, but also toys to play outside or at home, or accessories to learn how to do the chores or take care of the family.
Catalog-toys-christmas-the-court-english-2016-17The little ones in the family will have a great time with the toys that El Corte Inglés has in store for them this Christmas 2020. We will not only see educational games and games that help you develop, but also games that can make you believe you are horseback riding a really fast horse while swaying uncontrollably.

Catalog-toys-christmas-the-court-english-2016-13And for more relaxing moments, there’s nothing like fluffy stuffed animals that can convey the sense of security and protection. When we were kids we all believed our stuffed animals were bodyguards! That’s why kids take the stuffed animals everywhere, because they are so fluffy.

The El Corte Inglés Christmas catalog 2020 doesn’t include just toys but also books and movies, something that every kid should have. That way the can learn to read and to submerge in the fantasy worlds described in books, which can actually be a great source of knowledge, but also inspiration, in particular, for play time.

The one thing that can’t go missing in a El Corte Inglés toy catalog would be baby dolls, those little babies that every kid wants, so they can learn how to take care of the baby doll. This ability is quite important regarding the kid’s learning process. For instance, some kids from a very young age learn to take care of their younger brothers or sisters or cousins, which helps them realize the importance of educating other members of the family.
Catalog-toys-christmas-the-court-english-2016-100From a very young age, many kids will decide what they want to be when they grow up, thus, the catalog also has a great number of costumes and toys so kids can dream they are doctors or architects, as well as the accessories that you can see everywhere in the house, which we can call chore toys. Nowadays, it’s basic to teach our kids to know and be familiar with the various household chores and also understand everyone has to help around the house.

However, when the weather is nice, kids enjoy going out on the streets, sun and nature. This is the perfect time to take out the goalposts, the rackets, water guns and a football, basketball, baseball or rugby ball. But it’s also the perfect time to take out our skates, scooter or bike. Nothing like a Sunday morning!


El Corte Inglés Christmas toy catalog 2020 photo gallery

El Corte Inglés Christmas toy catalog from previous years


For those of you that already know the kind of toys you can find at El Corte Inglés but still want to be aware of the latest decoration trends, we recommend you click on the following link to access a decoration catalog:

Christmas catalog


The El Corte Inglés Christmas toy catalog shares all the latest fashion regarding toys for kids of all ages. A 300 page-catalog that you kids will believe to be absolutely sacred these days, because, among those pages, we can find from dolls to action figures that currently are quite popular, such as board games, construction games, puzzles, stuffed animals, bikes and even books and films so kids can make the most of their free time.


We can actually find all the products are sorted out depending on the age or the type of toy. This is how, towards the beginning, the kinds of toys that kids from 0 up to 4 or 5 years old have are stuffed animals, for instance.


When they are older, they start asking for toys that are more concrete, toys that may be advertised on television and belong to their favorite series and movies. This Christmas will undoubtedly sweep everything related to the Star Wars saga, which is back in fashion and occupy with a special section in the toy catalog of El Corte Inglés.


This year, we have a wide range of gifts and toys for kids we can choose from. But in spite of the newest toys, there are some classics that we can never forget. For instance, the Barbie dolls, the Lego construction games or the Nancy dolls that, for decades, have been the dolls of boys and girls. We should highlight, for example, the collection of “World adventures doll” with Nancy dolls dressed like they were ready to travel and see the world.


However, El Corte Inglés catalog promotes the idea of kids having fun with classic toys. These kind of toys can let kids imitate adults. You actually might think that the latest technologies are what’s fashionable. Nevertheless, you just need to place a kitchen such as this one wrapped next to the Christmas tree and you will see how the kid spends the whole winter cooking by using their imagination.


We can also find in El Corte Inglés Christmas toy catalog different suggestions for the little ones so they can familiarize with crafts. Here at we truly value that this catalog has a specific section just for crafts and we are certain your kids will be pleased if this Christmas they receive a gift like the one we can see in the picture above.


And for every kid out there… What do you think of board games? Maybe it doesn’t seem like it but in between dolls, construction games and electronic devices, the board games are often lifesavers whenever we want to avoid a boring afternoon being a couch potato. There are board games such as the Monopoly, Parchís and other board games that are quite frequent each Christmas, the new El Corte Inglés catalog actually has the latest brand new board games such as the treasure of the snake, unexploded cow or Ghostbusters: the board game.


Video games are also a huge deal in El Corte Inglés toy catalog. We can find the latest trends in any of the stores, such as Battlefront (the latest Star Wars game). Moreover, you can also find the videogames that are actually launched precisely for Christmas, such as the new PS4 in a “pack” that also includes the Assassin´s Creed or the already mentioned Battlefront videogame. The latter is one of the video games that kids and adults will definitely like the most.


We should also point out that if you pay attention and you plan ahead in order to buy all the toys your kids wanted this Christmas, you can actually win an “extra” gift through this catalog. Some of these toys include special offers. For instance, if you buy any products related to Peppa Pig, a funny pig that has a very successful TV series among kids) and you buy products that cost 29 euros in total, you will take home with you a Peppa Pig glass. But you better hurry! There are only 4.000 glasses, because it is a limited edition. Other special offers are applied to different products that appear on the catalog.

El Corte Inglés Christmas toy catalog video

We’ve already mentioned before that every year El Corte Inglés launches a campaign for their toy Christmas catalog. Kids are obviously the main protagonists of this campaign, like you can see in the following video:

El Corte Inglés Christmas toy full catalog

El Corte Inglés catalog is very thorough. We would like you to enjoy the full experience of reading every single page, thus, why we leave it up next. You will be able to see for yourself that is has everything we’ve mentioned and so much more. We are absolutely certain that your kids will spend their hours trying to choose what to ask for Christmas. Moreover, towards the end you have a letter you can download so your kids can write it and send it to Santa Claus or The Three Magic Kings.

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