Wall decorations

In other articles of espaciohogar.com we showed you some of the best ideas regarding modern bedroom decorations although it is also importat that you pay attention to the bedroom walls, or the rest of the walls of the house. This is why we would like to show you now some options and trends relevant when it comes to wall decorations.


wall decoration

Wall decorations


We can consider that the inside walls of any house are the frame of all the furniture. We know this because when you change the decoration of the wall, it completely changes the look of your house. In fact, many times we get to choose the furniture and the decorative style by deciding what color the wall should have, or if we are going to place a frame, box or any other decorative ornament.

There are many options regarding wall decorating and some are not at all expensive. Change the look of your house with the ideas we will be suggesting up next, which stand out because they can be useful, plus, you can enjoy the most varied styles.

Years ago almost all the apartments had walls with the classical Spanish gotelé style, long before the the wallpaper existed. Today you can use wallpaper, paint and many other options that will allow you to choose between various decorative styles.

Walls with spectacular finishes that look like marble and lacquered walls with metallic effects or giant photo murals that will turn your living room into the Brooklyn bridge, a forest or a big wave.

Wall decorations: painting, paper and fabrics


The current trend is to have very smooth walls with different finishes. Stucco, mat, glaze, sponge finish, mopping, marble, the Japanese technique, among others.

On the other hand, wall decoration can also be done with paper. In fact we find trends of different types of decorative papers that have prints that can become a trend, such as flower or striped prints.

Also the walls with fabrics, known as scrims, are a good decorative option. They became a trend years ago, and today come back as a sophisticated style that is becoming more and more popular.

Wall decoration with mirrors


Mirrors are ideal if you want to expand a space, you also have different types of finishes in mirrors, some smoked, with drawings.

Mirrors can be hung from the wall and are small or, on the contrary, choose full-body mirrors, for example, in built-in cabinets and occupy a large part of the walls of the rooms.

Also between the mirrors, we can include the crystal decorations. With enamelled glass panels or with different effects. They let light pass but they split the atmosphere.

Wall decoration with wood


Wood covering. Wood covering adds warmth to the decoration. Mahogany, oak, pine, wenge. The English style uses a lot of wood. In particular for offices, libraries and halls.

They are ideal for everything that is rustic decoration, and even vintage, in which the wood is a very important element.

Wood is also a very good choice for cottages, because wood will protect us much better from the cold.

Wall decoration with natural stone


Wall coverting in stone. Stone and wood are wall coverings that are used in the rustic design. Natural stone is a booming trend for bathrooms and living rooms or kitchens.

Another option for country houses or cottages, also involve coverings that are not even really stone and that imitate this material perfectly and without the cost being so high.

Wall decoration with “face” bricks


A decoration style that imposes decoration with exposed bricks that you can later paint in a different color, ideal to wear walls in any style, combines with modern or rustic.

Wall decoration with decorative panels


Precisely the decorative panels have become very fashionable since they are made with plastic materials that imitate stone or wood. Panels with metallic, geometric effects. There is all you can imagine: waves, different colors and textures you have in decorative panels.

Wall decoration with tiling or tiles


Lately it has become fashionable to use tiles when it comes to wall decoration. In fact, tiles have become a trend in the bathroom.

Tiles that imitate crocodile skin, rustic tiles that imitate stone, tiles with metallic effects, relief tiles. You will discover a world of wonderful designs that will help you decorate your walls.

Wall decoration with vinyls or decorative murals


Geometric figures, children, trees, flowers, cars, words or phrases. The variety of designs in decorative vinyl is enormous. They are very easy to put on and they are cheap. This is actually an interesting option if we want to change the appearance of a wall or a corner that hardly stands out at home.


Spectacular, one of my favorites! Why? Because of how easy it is to put these vynils or murals and for the spectacular result. Your bedroom can easily turn into a beach, a fairy-tale children’s bedroom or a living room with a picture of Paris? They don’t just decorate, they can even make any decoration go from dull to spectacular.


New ideas in wall decoration

  • The walls throughout our home have received a lot of special care and attention from different designers around the world. The great amount of products and ideas that we’ve learned during previous year encloses from decorative vinyl to techniques related to decorating walls.
  • In order to prepare for this year we need new ideas regarding wall decoration. Plus, we will take a look at the best articles related to this topic, which we have been over in espaciohogar.com. We want you to get some ideas regarding wall decoration, techniques for decorating walls, how to decorate walls naturally and even teach you more frequent finishes for walls.
  • Do you remember the decoration of walls in 3 dimensions? If you do not remember it is a good time to think about it. We also want you to learn some safety tips for when decide to paint the walls of the little ones, and we will even show you stamping techniques to decorate your home walls.
  • The new wall decoration will come with a thousands new ideas that we will be describing everyday in our specialized blog in home decoration. We are ready to welcome this new year and there is no doubt this will be a special year. New technologies at the service of this activity will be a hot potatoe as well as new ways of making our walls interactive. Paintings, designs, vinyls, wall lamps, and new ideas we will be sharing with you in the near future.

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