Wedding table centerpieces 2016: the best wedding table arrangements

After having seen some decoration ideas for a centerpiece, we now have to talk about a specific centerpiece that can be one of the hardest to choose or even make ourselves (in case we want to save some money). The table centerpieces for weddings can vary a lot and have different styles. This is why we’d like to show you some of our suggestions and give you some advice that can help you make your decision and pick the perfect centerpiece. Here at, we will now show you a wide range of table centerpieces for weddings.

Table-to-wedding centerpieces

Here you will find the utter best Centerpieces.

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  2. How to choose a wedding centerpiece
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Various centerpieces for weddings


  • The wedding centerpieces can be as varied as we want them to be since they are usually chosen depending on the type of celebration. The day of our wedding, for instance, we might want to include in them a specific detail of our engagement.
  • On the other hand, when we are going to hire the place where the wedding party is going to be celebrated, we can suggest different types of table centerpieces. Perhaps the most traditional or “typical” centerpieces are quite similar to the ones we see in the photo above.
  • Flower centerpieces are perhaps the best choice for a wedding, although within this style we can choose from a wide range of centerpieces such as flowers and dry branches (number 1), the white roses centerpiece (number 2) or the bouquet of flowers centerpiece(number 3).


  • If you are one of those who’d rather have a wedding centerpiece that is more “classic”, you can always choose the floating candles as an option. It is a style that can be used to celebrate an engagement outside as well as outside. Moreover, there will always be a guest that asks if they can take as a souvenir one of the candles or petals (as we see in the photo above), elements that complement each other perfectly.


  • And for a wedding at night what better choice than choosing candlelit centerpieces. We can also choose different options within this style. In fact, you can put loose candles that give a romantic touch to each table plus a series of candles and floating flowers centerpieces that we can see above. Again, we’d like to highlight that these are the most traditional centerpieces that we can choose for our wedding.

How to choose a wedding centerpiece


  • Choosing a centerpiece for a wedding can be tricky if we haven’t fully decided on the style we want for our wedding party or if we do not know whether to choose the centerpieces we are offered along with catering or if we’ve decided on buying the centerpieces and bring them to the celebration.
  • There are companies or florists that are currently dedicating their activity to the making of flower centerpieces for weddings. Then we can choose designs that are more personalized or even have our initials added to the centerpiece, for example, like in the photo above.
  • On the other hand, we will have to decide if it is better to have a table centerpiece that is flamboyant and one for each table, or small and individual table centerpieces (for every guest), which is now trendy.
  • These individual centerpieces can be small candles or flowers that are placed in different bowls or cans. Therefore, the guests have the option of taking them home. It can be a sort of souvenir so the guests can always remember a very special day.

Wedding centerpieces photo gallery:

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