Wedding souvenirs

Wedding souvenirs and how to choose the best one.

Do you want your guests to remember your wedding? It can be special for them too. With certain wedding souvenirs you can surprise your guests. They can get a souvenir of that unforgettable day that is your wedding. The wedding souvenirs are those objects, small personalized gifts, you’ve chosen to honor your guests. Those gifts are your way of saying: thank you for coming! Here at we will show you a wide range of wedding souvenirs.


Where can you find more than 50 establishments throughout Spain that are specialized in weddings souvenirs and events? In Bodaclick, being a user of Bodaclick means having many advantages and being informed, having discounts, promotions… Becoming a user is free, you register fast and you can access quickly all the information.

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While we are discussing wedding souvenirs, you would be surprised the things you can find at a good price. It goes from a casual souvenir to a much more exclusive gift.

Light globes

For instance, could you imagine the expressions on your guests faces if you gave them from watercolors to a pair of glasses that yoy can put on and see hearts? Being a bodaclick user is free and will not take you more than a minute. Once registered you have access to all the advantages. It’s that easy!

In Bodaclick you can see photos of all these wedding souvenirs. There are beautiful, original and very funny things here. You can also buy the invites, which can have many designs or can be personalized, the envelopes and the souvenirs…Even if you want to write them by hand, you can find the most modern and fun designs or the most classic and elegant designs. You have where to choose from.

Wedding souvenirs

  • Personalized pens.

  • Engravings and watercolors.

  • Souvenirs with natural flowers.

  • Photo Album for guests. Details wedding-1

  • Canvas shoes in different colors.

  • Luminous balloons that the guests can then release.

  • 50cl good wine bottles wrapped as a gift.

  • A personalized cake of the bride and groom’s faces.

  • Mirrors.

  • Fans.

  • Photo holder.

  • Candles with different scents.

  • Soaps.

  • Fragances.Latita-caramelos-personalizables-detalles-bodas-300x253

  • Earrings.
  • Bracelets.

  • Decorated chocolates.

  • Special chocolates prepared as a wedding gift.

  • Special candies prepared as a wedding gift.

  • Special truffles prepared as a wedding gift.

  • Small flowerpots with plants.

  • Glasses that when you put them on you see hearts. Your guests will be surprised with this one.

  • Keychains with exclusive details.

  • Travel size perfumes.

  • Exclusive felt souvenirs.

    Wedding details
  • Here at bodaclick you have all this and much more… You only have to sign up on their site. It’s free! Bodaclick is a vital tool to organize your wedding.

From weddings weddings we wish you all the happiness in the world!

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