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The wedding venues are those halls where weddings are held and we can usually rent the place without having to worry about anything regarding decoration. However some people that are getting married want to choose their own decoration. Let us see the differences and how they can help us in the most important day of our lives, depending on what we choose.

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Most couples that are about to get married usually rent a wedding venue. That way they do not have to worry about anything in their special day but their guests being comfortable. Basically, couples are looking for a venue were they can celebrate their wedding, their engagement and the subsequent reception.

Advantages and disadvantages of renting a wedding venue:

  • Professional or rented wedding venues are perhaps the best solution if we want our wedding to have everything we can imagine and all we have to worry about is having fun. We must rent the wedding venue with more than enough time. In fact, we could say that it should be the first thing that we rent so we will not have any unexpected surprises.
  • In a rented wedding venue, we can decide where everyone should be seated, what kind of music we want between every dish, the centerpieces… You even get to choose the decorative flowers. Moreover, we have to choose one of the menus they will suggest.
  • On the other hand, in spite of the many options we can surely choose from, there are certain couples that might have unsual ideas or may want a much more personal and intimate celebration. Those couples might find the variety of options is limited if we compare it to what they have in mind.
  • We also have to take into account the budget we have. It is well known that wedding venues are not cheap, the price can go up if we have a lot of guests.

Maybe the time has come to think about doing it ourseslves. That’s why we’ve previously stated that if we have a house with a big sitting-room or a big sitting-room we can rent, we can find a way of “creating” our own wedding venue.

Advantages and disadvantages of “creating” our own wedding venue:

  • If we have experience in decoration or we have a clear picture of how we want our wedding to be like, a good option would be to have a room that we can decorate ourselves.
  • In addition we can also choose the music and hire a team or ask a friend to be our DJ for the day and, of course, hire a catering company or do it ourselves.
  • If we want to organize our own wedding and decorate our own venue, we only have to take into account a key factor: time.
  • Time be crucial is we want to do everything and, simultaneously, deal with problems that might arise.
  • On the other hand, we also have to bear in mind our budget and the money we want to spend so that we don’t end up spending too much due to lack of experience.
  • But perhaps organizing our own wedding is not a good idea because we might end up truly stressed.

Here we leave some photos of both rented wedding venues and, of course, elements that can give you ideas if you want to do it yourself.

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