Zebra trends

Decoration trends, zebra prints. There are some patterns that imitate zebra skin in black and white stripes and other colors that are currently in style.

Rugs, cushions, wallpapers, fabrics can imitate zebra stripes. In Espaciohogar.com we will tell you more about this decoration trend, which is the zebra trend.

The zebra trend

Decorations have always been inspired, one way or another, by nature. For instance, animal skin. We can find  zebra, tiger, leopard, cow skin in almost any piece of clothing, as well as, decoration inspired in animal skin.

Centuries ago skins were considered hunt trophies, they were used as rugs or upholster furniture. As time went by, people started imitating the eye-catching zebra stripes in order to create decorative elements.

In the photo above, you can see a living room where the zebra trend stands out. We can see in the photo we were showing in the previous section a rug in the following color combination: vanilla and black; a chaise longue couch in white with a wide vafriety of black and white cushions. You can also see a painting with zebra motifs on a white wall.

Sum of trends

The black and white combination is quite a popular style, geometric prints are the latest trends when it comes to minimalist style. Animal prints are not a perfectly geometric print if they have a repetitive pattern.

The zebra trend symbolizes glamour, it looks good on any soil as long as it is smooth. Wooden floors, marble, ceramic. On a dark ground or shade a clear ground.

Add contrast to decoration

There is no need to spend a lot of money in order to add a little change to your decoration. In the picture above there are some zebra type of cushions on the chocolate colored chairs. The print of the cushions combines with one of the carpet, also a zebra drawing. The wall is painted in a light color instead.

Low table, stool type upholstered with a zebra fabric imitation. The rug is also a zebra skin imitation. Although the zebra drawing is striking it combines well with almost all colors and materials. Wood, glass, methacrylate, wicker, rattan. What you have to avoid are different stamped to not overdo the decoration.

Zebra print in colors

Although the most frequently used print is the traditional black and white print, it is also worn in other colors, such as green, blue, pink, silver…

In the photo below you will see a folding screen with a zebra print in a combination of an apple green color and a beige color. It can be used as a frame with a mirror with a wengué design.


  • If you like and you design a mirror with zebra print in turquoise, it will become an original and very decorative element.

A theatrical touch

There are objects in decoration that become a trendy style, that don’t go unnoticed because they add a theatrical touch. We can check below they chandelier finished in glass and in black that’s hanging from the ceiling and a carpet with zebra prints that’s on the floor. Decorators know how to use these theatrical touches so they can bring dynamism to the decoration.

Create different environments

In the picture below you can see a living room in neutral colors, a living room with smooth walls, furniture in light  and peaceful colors… In the area near the couch there is a rug with zebra stripes on the floor, which is a big contrast if we compare it to the rest of the living room decorations.

Rugs or carpets that emulate zebra stripes are, without a doubt, the most popular option regarding decoration.

Small great details

If you like the zebra trend there is a whole range of options. You will see it in fashion, footwear, fabrics, wallpapers, bags. In the picture below you can see this design in an upholstered wingchair. The wall is in a chocolate color, a dark wood chest of drawers and a silver mirror.

Different objects of the zebra trend would be boots, decorative balls, even martini- inspired zebra bowls.

You can also choose to own two pufs in a shape of a square upholstered from the base in zebra style fabric. The colors of the room should be black and white, so the two pufs can provide style and contrast. In another color, surely, they would have blend in as well, but in a zebra print, they will catching their eyes as soon as people entered the bedroom.

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